33 pranks to do on friends that are fun for everyone involved

33 pranks to do on friends that are fun for everyone involved

Engaging in pranks with friends adds a touch of excitement and laughter to your life. Whether it's a clever surprise or a witty text message joke, their playful spirit strengthens the bonds between friends and fosters a sense of camaraderie. Let the laughter begin, and explore the world of pranks to do on friends.

Pranks to do on friends
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Friendships are an important part of people's lives, for they foster shared experiences and a sense of belonging. Pranks and jokes easily strengthen these bonds. Playing pranks on your friends has positive impacts on friends by fostering laughter, bonding, and creating memorable moments.

Fun pranks to do on friends

There are several prank ideas for friends to do on weekends, during Halloween or at home. You can use any of the options below to bring laughter and love to your friends circle.

1. The classic whoopie cushion prank

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The classic Whoopee cushion is a timeless way to play a practical joke your friends. To execute this, simply place the whoopee cushion on a chair, preferably a cushioned one, and cover it with something.

When your unsuspecting friend sits down, the cushion releases a funny, flatulent sound, creating a hilarious and embarrassing moment. It's a light-hearted way to add some laughter to your social gatherings.

2. Fake bug prank

How to prank your friends with a fake bug: start by placing the realistic-looking insect in a strategic location, like their desk or bathroom. As your friend encounters the bug, their reaction will be a mix of shock and surprise, creating a humorous and memorable moment.

3. Auto-correct prank

One of the funny pranks on friends is the auto-correct prank. To pull it off, sneakily access your friend's phone and change a few commonly used words in their auto-correct settings to humorous or absurd alternatives.

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When they type messages, they'll be in for a surprise as their words get replaced with unexpected and comical suggestions, leading to laughter and confusion in your friend group.

4. Birthday wishes prank

This is a classic way to play a practical joke on your friend. Make a long and heartfelt post on their page wishing them the happiest of birthdays, even though their birthday is actually months away. They will be surprised to see their wall flooding with birthday wishes from friends and relatives.

5. Balloon avalanche prank

The balloon avalanche is one of the creative pranks to pull on friends. To execute it, simply fill a room or their car with a massive number of balloons, and when they open the door, they'll be greeted with a delightful and unexpected cascade of balloons, creating a fun surprise and memorable moment.

6. The fake remote prank

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The fake remote is one of the easy pranks to do on friends. All you need is a convincing-looking fake remote control. When your friend tries to use it, they'll be puzzled as it doesn't work on the TV or other devices, leading to moments of confusion and laughter.

7. Multiple alarms prank

Secretly set multiple alarms on their phone or clock to go off at different times throughout the day (don't set any for the night!). Watch as they struggle to silence the unexpected alarms, creating a humorous and slightly annoying surprise.

8. Hand sanitiser prank

Take a small hand sanitiser bottle and clear glue. Empty the hand sanitiser from the bottle and let it dry thoroughly. Refill it with clear glue and leave it to dry overnight. Give this modified hand sanitiser to your friend. They'll keep squeezing, but it won't dispense, leading to a comical surprise.

9. Caramel onions prank

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This plan involves covering onions in caramel to make them look like caramel apples and then offering them to your friends. The unsuspecting victims bite into what they think is a sweet treat but are met with the unexpected taste of onions, making it one of the funny pranks on friends that can create memorable moments.

10. Cracked screen prank

The fake cracked screen is on the list of simple pranks for adults. To execute it, take a screenshot of their home screen or desktop, add a realistic image of a crack on top, and then set it as their phone or computer background. Once it's in place, watch their reaction as they think their screen is broken.

11. Bald head prank

This is a classic prank that has become very easy to pull off with realistic AI-powered filters. Inform your friends that you've gone for a full head shave, and watch their reaction. If they demand evidence, use a Snapchat bald filter to add some amusement. After a few hours, reveal that it was all in good fun.

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12. Krispy Kreme cauliflowers prank

Krispy Kreme is a popular doughnut and coffeehouse chain known for its sweet treats. This is a good prank to pull on your friends when meeting as a group. You will be deemed generous until they open the box and discover cauliflower and other vegetables drizzled with a chocolate glaze instead of the doughnut.

13. Switcheroo prank

This practical joke involves swapping everyday items with unexpected substitutes, causing surprise and amusement when your friends realise the switch, such as replacing their toothpaste with mayonnaise or their lipstick with novelty erasers.

14. Cheesy orange drink prank

This is one of the most entertaining pranks to do on your best friend. You can prepare it by replacing their usual orange juice or soda with a beverage like melted cheese or a cheesy sauce. When they take a sip, their reaction to the unexpected taste is sure to provide laughter and a memorable moment between friends.

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15. Toothpaste Oreos prank

Take a few Oreos and remove the yummy cream filling, substituting it with white toothpaste. Offer these to your friends or family, and picture their letdown as they take a big bite or taste the frosting, only to discover they're enjoying a refreshing, minty toothpaste surprise.

16. Invisible rope prank

One of the good prank ideas is the invisible rope prank. To execute it, find a quiet street and stand on one side with a friend while pretending to hold an invisible rope across the road. As unsuspecting drivers approach, act like you're pulling the imaginary rope tight, making them stop or slow down.

17. Soap won't lather prank

This prank is a light-hearted trick where you can cover your friend's bar soap with clear nail polish. When they try to use it, they'll be puzzled as the soap won't produce lather, creating a comical and mildly frustrating situation.

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18. Replace the picture frames prank

This is among many humorous and harmless ways to prank your friends and even family. Discreetly switch the photos inside their picture frames with funny or absurd images, like funny memes or pictures of celebrities. When they notice the unexpected change, their reaction can be quite amusing.

19. Accidental story prank

This is a creative and fun trick to play on friends. To pull it off, you can craft a fake or absurd story and then pretend it happened to you. Share this story with your friends convincingly and seriously, making them believe it's real. As they become engrossed in the tale, tell them it was all a joke.

20. Post-it note prank

Gather a significant number of sticky notes and wait for your friends to leave their room or workspace. Then, cover their entire room or office with sticky notes, sticking them to walls, furniture, and objects. If you cannot be bothered to do it to a whole room, focus on certain parts, like a PC or wardrobe. When your friends return, they'll be greeted by a sea of sticky notes.

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21. Bathroom emergency prank

This is among the good prank ideas you can pull on friends. It involves pretending to have a sudden and urgent need to use the bathroom when with friends in a public place, like a crowded mall or park.

You can make it seem dramatic and humorous, creating a sense of panic. When your friends scramble to find a restroom, you can reveal that it was just a playful ruse and nothing more.

22. Door prank

Attach a strip of newspaper from the top of the door frame to the wall above the door where someone is sleeping. Then, place lightweight items like popcorn, foam peanuts, or small paper balls on the newspaper. When the person wakes up and exits the door, they'll be amused as these items fall on them when the newspaper tears.

23. Confetti fan prank

Obtain confetti or cut paper into tiny pieces and position them on the ceiling fan's blades. When your friend turns on the fan, it will release a shower of confetti onto everyone in the room. However, be prepared to be roped in the cleanup process, as those tiny paper bits won't clean themselves!

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24. Fake cake prank

This involves creating a cake that looks real but is made from inedible materials like cardboard or sponge. You present it to your friends for a celebration, and they are surprised and confused when they try to cut and serve it. However, make sure you keep the real cake aside for them to enjoy after the spectacle is over.

25. Lemon juice surprise prank

This is one of the pranks to do on friends at home. It entails putting a few drops of lemon juice into your friend's drink when they're not looking, creating a tart and unexpected taste when they take a sip, resulting in a playful and amusing surprise.

26. Tattoo prank

Think about obtaining a realistic and amusing temporary tattoo that appears genuine before meeting your friends. Then, gather your friends and tell them you have something important to share. Observe their response and amusement.

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27. 'I know your secret' prank

If you are looking for pranks to do on friends over text, this is a perfect one. Send a message suggesting that you've discovered something mysterious or incriminating about them, but instead of revealing the secret, keep them in suspense. Sit back and enjoy the curious and amusing feedback.

28. Bot prank

This is one of the good pranks to pull on friends. When your friends message you, respond like an automated bot by repetitively copying and pasting their message, or replying with command prompts, leaving them in a state of puzzlement.

29. Freeze prank

This is a very hilarious practical joke that takes a lot of strength to control a laugh. To successfully execute it, you instruct your friend that, upon your signal, they must freeze and stay completely still, as if time has stopped.

Then, you act out a scenario or make amusing comments while your friend remains frozen, often in a humorous or ridiculous pose. When you give them a release signal, they will have a good laugh.

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30. Frozen cereal prank

This involves preparing a bowl of cereal with milk and freezing it overnight. In the morning, serve the frozen cereal to your friend. They'll be surprised as they try to eat the solidified cereal, creating a humorous and unexpected breakfast prank.

31. Salted cookies prank

This prank requires you to replace sugar with salt while making cookies. This will make the cookies taste salty and weird. When your friends take a bite, their reaction to the unusual flavour can be quite amusing, resulting in a light-hearted laugh. Make sure you have good cookies afterwards for them to enjoy.

32. Scary spider prank

If you are looking for pranks to do on friends at home, look no further. A scary spider practical joke is perfect for such moments. Hide a realistic-looking toy spider in a place where your friend will come across it unexpectedly, like under a pillow or in the bathroom. When they encounter the spider, their startled reaction can be both amusing and memorable.

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33. Mentos in coke prank

This involves secretly dropping Mentos candies into a bottle of Coke, causing an explosive and fizzy reaction when opened. When your friends open the bottle, they'll be surprised by the sudden eruption of soda, creating a comical and unexpected moment. Make sure you do it in a park and have enough wet wipes, as nobody likes a sticky mess.

Pranks to do on friends can be a fantastic way to inject humour and playfulness into your relationships. Feel free to use any of them on your friends as you embrace the spirit of fun with your friends.

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