How to prank him over text? Fun and harmless jokes for your partner

How to prank him over text? Fun and harmless jokes for your partner

Gone are the days people used to make prank calls or use farting noise apps. Today, pranking a boyfriend, or another person, has become increasingly challenging because everyone is on their toes. You need a subtle cunningness to catch someone off guard. However, you can learn how to prank him over text without harming him.

How to prank him over text
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Do you miss your boyfriend? Instead of sending him a normal text, master how to prank him over text without harming him. If done correctly, a prank text will leave the two of you in stitches. Ensure he is in a good mood before pranking him to avoid unnecessary arguments or straining your relationship.

How to prank him over text

Check out these amazing ideas if you want to mess with your boyfriend via text. As you do the pranking, ensure you do not say anything to jeopardize your relationship or hurt the man you love.

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Best prank over text ideas for him

Check out these fun ways to create some fun memories with your boyfriend.

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Send him a flip text

To do this, type a message on your phone. Next, use a text flipping app or website to flip it before sending it to your significant other. He will go crazy trying to figure out what you need him to know.

Meeting his ex-girlfriend prank

Send him a message saying you will be meeting his ex soon. No one wants their current partner to meet their previous partners due to the fear of the unknown. Doing this will, undoubtedly, put him on high alert.

Observe how he responds to the text. However, do not let this joke linger too long as he may end up texting or calling his ex.

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Matching tattoos

You can text him that you have scheduled an appointment to get matching tattoos. After this, send him a picture of weird tattoos you come across online. Let him know that you will get what is on the bizarre picture and wait for a response. This prank will work best if he does not like tattoos.

Oopsy! Contact name changed

Pretend his contact is no longer saved on your phone. Question who is is and what he wants from you. When he responds, tell him someone changed your contacts to Star Wars character and you are texting Darth Vader.

Ask him to prove his identity and have fun making him remember all the exciting details of your relationship, for example, the first present he got you.

Wish him good luck in a non-existent event

Send him a message wishing him good luck and success during his interview, game, or wedding to someone else. Doing this will automatically prompt a response because he will be confused for a second.

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How to prank him over text
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Pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text

If you are looking for new ways to prank your boyfriend over text, check out the suggestions below.

Trip with his best friend

Send an SMS to him saying that you have left home to go on a trip with his best friend. This will, without a doubt, leave him with unanswered questions. When was the trip planned? Why was he not involved? What are the two of you up to?

Although this is a fun way to trick him and command his full attention, do not let it go on too long. You do not want him fighting with his best buddy, and neither do you want your relationship to end.

I bought an iPhone for you

iPhones are the in-thing now, and everyone wants the latest release. Prank text him that you have bought him the latest edition of this phone, and see how excited he will be. Beware that he will be a little disappointed when he discovers it was just a prank.

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This is not working anymore

Breakups are tough on people and are worse if done via message. You can prank him that things are no longer working between the two of you and you should go separate ways. The text will hit him hard and make him question what he did wrong.

Ask to meet up for an explanation soon, then tell him it was just a prank. Watch how relieved he will be.

Weird picture on social media

Message him that you accidentally posted a weird picture of him on social media, and your friends and relatives have already seen him. If you can, explain how the picture looks and what he was doing when it was taken.

This will throw him off guard and make him a little irked. Let him know it was just a joke before he goes mad.

Babe, I got a makeover

Tell him that you passed by a makeup and hair salon and could not resist a makeover. After this, send him a picture of another person with rainbow-coloured hair and heavy makeup. Wait for his reaction.

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How to scare your boyfriend through text

Looking for pranks to do over text to scare him requires you to make things a little more serious. However, do not overdo it to avoid adverse outcomes.

House intruder

You can text him that you feel a stranger's presence in your house or apartment, or you think someone has broken into your home. Tell him you are scared and hiding in a specific room.

This prank text will scare him, and he is likely to show up at your doorstep within no time. Besides, it is a good way to test how deeply he cares for you.

Property destruction on a night out with friends

Send him a message that you went out with your friends, got drunk, and destroyed some property in the hotel or nightclub. You can add that the police have been contacted and are on their way over.

This message will make him come to your location within no time to resolve the matter.

Babe, I am pregnant

This is a commonly done prank, but it never gets old. If you and your boyfriend are not planning to get a baby soon, lie to him that you just found out you are pregnant. Wait for his reaction.

I haven't been honest with you

Send a simple message saying, "Babe, I have not been entirely honest with you." This message will make his mind think about wild things, and he is likely to respond within no time asking you to explain yourself.

Our parents just quarrelled on the phone

If your parents have already met or know each other, prank him that they have argued on the phone and want to break you up. This message will make him scared for your relationship. Make sure you let him know it is a joke before he contacts or confronts his parents.

How to prank him over text
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How to prank your crush over text

Trying to prank your crush over text is somewhat a risky thing to do because you do not want to chase them out of your life.

Pretend to be someone else

Send messages to him as someone else, maybe as an old friend, relative, or classmate. To do this, you must have some background information, for example, the school he went to. Allow the conversation to progress to reasonable levels, then reveal your true identity.

Crash his car prank

Text him that you accidentally hit his parked car. He will be furious and immediately rush he parked it last to see the extent of the damage.

Transform yourself into a bot

This one requires dedication as it needs time to craft the messages. Come up with a text that resembles one made by a bot. If he has your number, he will wonder why you are sending him bot messages and reach out.

Get lyrical

This prank has been doing rounds for a while now. Choose a song with short sentences or questions and send them one by one. If he knows the jam, he will figure out which one it is.


The airdrop feature is only available on iPhone devices. You can use it to send your crush a random funny photo. Ensure that it is not inappropriate because you do not want them to block you. With the right image, it can be the perfect prank that will spark a conversation with your crush.

Re-send them the same text over and over

This is not the most creative prank, but it will catch your crush's attention. Simply send the same phrase again and again with no explanation. It will annoy him, but it will make him talk to you to find out what is happening. You can then explain it was a weird connection.

Learning how to prank him over text is a fun way of creating memories with your boyfriend. Harmless jokes will leave the two of you in stitches and are a great way of connecting. However, you should always be cautious to avoid undesirable repercussions.

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