50+ strong female names and meanings to give to your child

50+ strong female names and meanings to give to your child

Powerful and strong names depict a sense of will power and unwavering determination. Choosing strong female names for your little daughter will inspire her as she grows up. Strong girl names have an unspoken power that resonates beyond letters on a page. Have a look at some of these incredible names to give to your little girl.

Strong female names
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Every parent always wants a unique name for their child to stand out among the rest of the names. If you are looking for a list of names that evoke a warrior princess's strength, this is the ultimate collection.

Adorable strong female names

Have a look at some girl names that mean strength.

  • Adele - Means nobility
  • Aeon - Vital force, Life or Generation
  • Aila - Bringer of light
  • Aimilios - Strength
  • Alexa - Defender of man
  • Althia - With the healing power
  • Amelia - Is the defender
  • Andrea - Brave
  • Arabella - Means yielding to prayer
  • Aretha - Excellent or beauty
  • Arya - Noble goddess
  • Audelia - Noble strength
  • Aza - Means powerful
  • Bernadette - Brave as a bear
  • Briella - Means God is my strength
  • Baldhart - Bold
  • Benny - Blessed, brave bear
  • Berna - Strong, brave bear
  • Bernadina - Brave
  • Bernessa - Victory bringer, brave bear
  • Bernette - Strong
  • Blyana- Strong
  • Brielle - God is my strength
  • Bryndis - Of strong armor
  • Bali - Strength
  • Barbara - Means traveler
  • Bast - Heat, fire
  • Beatrix- Means traveler or voyager
  • Billie - Strength or determination
  • Braelynn - Honorable or virtuous
  • Bree - Strength, vigour, power, and virtue
  • Bridget - Meaning strength

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Girl names that mean strong
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  • Cassandra - Unheeded prophetess
  • Diana - Divine, heavenly
  • Dree - Strong, manly
  • Earhart - Bravery, honor
  • Ebba - Strong
  • Edrei - A woman of great strength
  • Eirene - Peace
  • Emersyn- Son of a powerful and brave one
  • Esther - Star
  • Etana - Strength, dedication
  • Gertrude - Strength, spear
  • Gesa - Strength of Spear
  • Kaimana - Means the power of the ocean
  • Karleen - Womanly strength
  • Keren - Ray of light
  • Leona - Lion
  • Louisa - Renowned warrior
  • Luana - Graceful warrior
  • Lucy - Of light
  • Mae - Goddess of motherhood and growth.
  • Maya - Illusion
  • Melisende - Strong in work
  • Millicent - Strong in work
  • Minerva - Intellect
  • Minka - Strong-willed warrior
  • Nike - Goddess of victory
  • Nina - Fire
  • Phoenix - Dark red
  • Rainey- Vision of beauty
  • Sandra - Defender of man
  • Serena - Clear, tranquil, or serene
  • Solveig - Strong house
  • Storm - Storm or violent weather
  • Tetsu - Iron or strong as iron
  • Trace - Brave
  • Trudy - Universal strength
  • Valencia - Healthy or strong
  • Xena - Warrior Princess
  • Zora - Dawn

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Powerful female names from the Bible

When we think of the Bible, we think of great ancestors who were followers of God. The Bible and Christian history are rich with intriguing female Biblical name options for babies.

Tough girl names
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Picking a strong Bible name for your little angel is a blessing to the baby. Babies are gifts from God; hence giving them one of these names will surely be more blessings.

Have a look at some of these unique girl names.

  • Abigail -Described as intelligent and beautiful, Abigail was married to Nabal, who was ungrateful to King David. She is regarded as a prophet.
  • Abihail - The father of strength. This unisex name refers to several people in the bible, including the daughter of David's brother, Eliab.
  • Adah - An assembly. Adah is one of Lamech's wives and mother of Jabal and Jubal.
  • Adina - Slender and dainty. The name was used by a solider in the Old Testament, but in modern Hebrew, it is actually a girl's name.
  • Anna - Hebrew for grace. Anna is the only female prophetess in the New Testament and was present when a young Jesus presented at the Temple.
  • Agnes - Means pure. It was a top name at the turn of the 20th century and seemed poised for a comeback.
  • Ariel - The literal meaning is the lion of God, but in the bible, it is a name given to the city of Jerusalem, and in that context, it means victorious under God.
  • Artemis - Whole or sound. Artemis was a hunting and wilderness goddess of the Ephesians.
  • Atarah - A crown.
  • Bernice - A Greek name meaning one who brings peace. Bernice was the daughter of King Herod Agrippa I and a sister of King Herod Agrippa II.
  • Bethany - A village town record in the New Testament and home to Lazarus. It is Hebrew for the house of song.
  • Bethel - The house of God. A town in the south of Judah between Benjamin and Ephraim.
  • Beulah - Means married. Used in the Bible as another name for Jerusalem.
  • Bilhah - Means who is old or confused. Rachel's handmaid, whom she gives to her husband Jacob, to bear their family children.
  • Clare - Means bright.
  • Elizabeth - Means consecrated to God. It was John the Baptist's mother in the bible, and Elizabeth Seton, the first American saint.
  • Magdalene - Is connected to one of the more interesting women in the New Testament, a follower of Jesus. The name means tower.
  • Mary - One of the most enduring baby names of all time is Mary, the name bestowed upon the mother of Jesus.
  • Noelle - This sweet name literally means Christmas.
  • Theodora - Means the gift of God. Theodora is connected to an early martyr and royalty from the Byzantine Empire and Greece.
  • Veronica - Is the woman who wiped the face of Jesus as he dragged his cross to Calvary (her cloth was instantly imprinted with his face). The name means victory bringer.

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Girl names that mean strong

Girl names that mean strong
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Check out these unique names that mean strength:

  • Ava - Refers to a bird or glamorous
  • Avery - Is the elf counselor
  • Aria - Means lioness
  • Aubrey - An elf ruler
  • Addison - Meaning son of Adam
  • Aaliyah - Meaning ascender.
  • Allison - Meaning noble.
  • Bella - Meaning beautiful
  • Caroline - Means small and strong
  • Charlotte -Is strong
  • Camila - Indicates a young ceremonious attendant.
  • Chloe - Refers to booming and chic
  • Claire - Meaning clear
  • Ellie - Meaning the bright and shining one
  • Evelyne - Is elegant
  • Emily - Indicates an industrious person
  • Ella - Refers to a beautiful fairy
  • Emma - Means universal
  • Grace - Refers to calm, graceful and elegant
  • Hannah - Is sweet and angelic Elenor
  • Harper - Means harpist
  • Hazel - Refers to hazelnut
  • Isabella - Refers to God's oath
  • Lucy - Means light
  • Layla - Means night
  • Lilian - Is the lily flower
  • Luna - Is the goddess of the moon
  • Mia - Meaning mine
  • Madison - Is the son of Matthew
  • Nora - Meaning light
  • Natalie - Was born on Christmas day
  • Olivia - Is graceful.
  • Paisley - Means church
  • Penelope - Is a weaver
  • Riley - Means valiant
  • Sophia - Is wise
  • Scarlett - Refers to deep red.
  • Stella - Is a star
  • Skylar - Is a scholar
  • Samantha - Meaning asked of God
  • Victoria - Means victorious.
  • Violet - Indicates the color purple

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Girl names that mean warrior

Below are names meaning warrior that will be suitable for your baby girl:

Girl names that mean warrior
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Here are some female warrior names for your girl would love to bear:

  • Aesira - Warrior
  • Ailith - Seasoned warrior
  • Aife - Great warrior woman of myth
  • Alessia - Defending warrior
  • Alexa - To defend
  • Aloisa - Renowned warrior
  • Alvara - Elf warrior
  • Armina - Soldier
  • Bellatrix - Hand of Orion
  • Boyana - Battle
  • Dealla - An early invader; protector
  • Dustine - Thor's stone
  • Clodovea - Famous warrior
  • Cahira - A woman warrior
  • Eferhild - A warrior who is as strong as a bear
  • Elda - Warrior
  • Gertrude - Spear of strength
  • Griselda - Dark battle or Grey maiden warrior
  • Hilda - Battle
  • Harimanna - Warrior Maiden
  • Harimanne - Warrior
  • Kelly - Descendant of Ceallach and warrior
  • Louisa - Famous warrior
  • Lois - Superior
  • Luijzika - Renowned warrior
  • Malou - Bitter or renowned warrior
  • Marcheline - Warrior
  • Tillie - Mighty in battle
  • Sasha - Defender, helper of mankind
  • Sandra - Defender of man
  • Truda - Warrior Woman
  • Zelda - Dark battle

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Powerful girl names

Powerful female names
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Have a look at some of the perfect powerful names for conveying just how strong your little darling is.

  • Adira - Meaning strong and mighty
  • Alcie - Meaning strength or as strong as a horse
  • Ailith - Warrior
  • Audra - Means noble strength
  • Breanna - strong
  • Casey - Means brave in battle
  • Gesine - Meaning spear of strength
  • Ida - Meaning industrious or hard-working
  • Imara - Meaning firm and resolute
  • Kelly - meaning fighter
  • Millie - Mean work, gentle strength, or labor
  • Matilda - It means strength in battle
  • Moxie - Means force of character, determination, or nerve.
  • Rudie - spear of strength
  • Tiger - Strength and fierceness
  • Valencia - Means strong and vigorous

Tough girl names

Tough girl names
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Check out some epic names to give your girl.

  • Aila - From the strong place
  • Bali - Strength
  • Bedelia - Strength or exalted one
  • Bidu - Strength or power
  • Bree - Strength or exalted one
  • Fortney - Strong one
  • Gertrude - Spear of strength
  • Imara -Firm
  • Imiza - Universal strength
  • Maude - Powerful battler
  • Philomena - Friend of strength
  • Riella - God is my strength
  • Trudy - Spear of strength

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Which of the above strong female names was your favorite?

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