What attracts women to men?

What attracts women to men?

Hey guys! Would you like to know what attracts women to men? Do you want to know how to impress a woman; how to get into a healthy and stable relationship, where both partners will be happy and contented? Read what women look for in a man and which qualities you have to demonstrate to find your beloved lady and make her stay.

What attracts women to men?

What do women like in men?

You are probably wondering what you need to do to be attractive and make women love you. There are some things that men, in most women’s opinion, should work on – both physically and personaly. These are things that you have to pay extra attention to, and not only because you want to find yourself a girlfriend – most of these things are the fundamental characteristics of a nice and sociable person. So, if you would like to improve yourself and learn how to attract women, read on and find out what women usually like in men and which aspects they find appealing.

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Things that attract a female to a male

We will list some primary things that could be important in the long run if you want a long-lasting relationship that will work out well, learn how to be attractive to women.

1. Manners

If you want a woman to like you, you should offer her genuine appreciation, and act respectfully towards her. You can show your manners by suggesting helping her with little everyday things, opening a door in front of her when you are going somewhere, and just being nice in general. Helping your lady does not mean you should appear all the time with your suggestions when she thinks she is perfectly capable of completing these tasks herself. But sometimes it would not hurt to ask, mainly because it would show how much you care. There is a chance that she will get pleasure from helping you in return.

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2. Intelligence

Women like men whom they can hold a nice conversation with. Here are some tips for you on how to be an interesting conversation partner for a woman. First of all, you should not be shallow and have a lot of hobbies, as well as know what is currently going on in the modern world. But you should not talk exclusively about your hobbies – you should be genuinely interested in hers as well. It would be great if you two had a lot in common.

You will also get bonus points if you are really passionate during your talks and your eyes indicate that you care about the subject. Every woman likes it when the man truly understands her. Intelligence also means that you need to have an understanding of psychology, especially female and relationships psychology because this understanding would really help you in solving various kinds of disputes if they ever happen between you and your lady.

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And finally, do not act like you know everything, or even worse, shame the lady for her lack of knowledge. We all have different hobbies, and if she does not know something about yours, you should enlighten her instead of laughing it off or mocking her. If you do this, there is a hundred-percent chance she will be turned off by such behaviour.

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3. Eased personality

Women certainly do not like men who possess a huge ego and always act like they are the best and everyone owes them. So, if you want to get in a good, long-term relationship with a nice woman, you should be sincere and act like yourself, not show off, boast and constantly changing mood.

Do not listen to people who say that women like cold and distant men. The modern ladies feel disrespected if you act this way towards them, so you are strongly recommended to be sincere and honest with her. Show genuine interest in her, ask her questions, and demonstrate that you care about every aspect of her life.

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4. Respect and tolerance towards others

Here is a catch – some men promise mountains to their woman, but allow themselves to make rude comments towards other people and treat them with disrespect. The woman might be thrown off guard at first, but eventually, she will notice that if he acts this way with other people, he will not always show admiration for her as well.

So, if you want your woman to see that you are a respectable man, you should learn tolerance towards other people, especially those who are weaker than you or different in some way. You should be kind and helpful to others instead of judging and mocking them and it is not only because of showing off in front of your woman – it is the basic norm of social behaviour.

5. Respect for your woman and other females

So many social stereotypes teach that women should obey men in everything, but in modern society, we should be way past these convictions. Women are not just pretty faces who are there to satisfy your viewing pleasure, and you are not entitled to pointing out their flaws in a rude way or try to take control over them.

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Not a single woman likes restrictions of her freedom (for instance, constant groundless jealousy, or the desire to control her personal life and tell her who she can or cannot be friends with). This behaviour shows that you are insecure about yourself. She would rather find a man who treats her like a human being and respects her. So, just in case you ever thought of being manipulative, controlling and abusive towards your woman to make her stay with you, drop these ways as soon as possible.

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6. High skills in communication

Sometimes, we see all these movies where a man and a woman, who just met, fall in love and start dating almost instantly, and perhaps even jump into marriage at the end of the movie. This is classified as “modern fairytale”. But imagine if these two realize that they have nothing in common – different goals, interests and personalities. To be compatible, the couple has to understand each other – only mutual understanding helps to avoid disagreements.

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The perfect couple should not have any secrets from each other, and if they disagree on something, instead of fighting they have to discuss it with each other maturely. They have to treat one another not like their “second halves”, but as independent people. The woman has to feel that she can rely on you in everything, and tell you everything that bothers her.

7. Sense of humour

Every person who wants to claim their place in society has to possess a decent amount of humour. There are a few catches to this: if you laugh and joke too much, people might see you as careless, but if you are always grumpy and serious, they will be sure that you are unable to take a joke and are constantly judging them.

It is the same when it comes to the relationships with women. If you are incapable of listening to her without making a joke and constantly laugh off things that are important to her, she will think of you as a clown, not a potential lover. On the other hand, if you are constantly with a serious face, refusing to laugh, even if she is urging you to do it and telling you something funny, eventually the woman will be tired of your boredom.

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So, it is essential to find a good and healthy balance. All we know is that humour and irony is definitely something that should be in a strong relationship because the stressful situations always need to be relieved. The only thing you should remember is that you have to demonstrate your sense of humour exclusively in the situations where it is appropriate and not take your jokes to the extremes, because bad taste in humour may offend someone.

8. Ability to admit to your mistakes and own up to them

There is no need to be stubborn when you certainly know that you are in the wrong, and continue arguing with your partner. All the mistakes are a valuable experience. If you did something wrong without meaning any harm, the best way out would be just admitting your mistake, sincerely apologizing and trying hard to ensure that the similar situations will not happen again.

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If you continue denying your mistakes and refusing to fix them, this will throw the woman off, as she will get convinced that you are not mature enough to be in a serious relationship.

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9. Being able to commit to one woman

There is nothing romantic or cool about “womanizers”, and this is not the best reputation to have if you are looking for a stable union. Every woman wants to find someone who will always be there for her, someone who she can absolutely rely on. She does not want to waste her time only to find out that you are unwilling to commit to her.

If you have been dating for a while, you should show her that you are serious with your intentions and it does not even have to be said – it can be demonstrated to her with your actions. She has to trust you and find you a reliable person, who will not escape from her or cheat on her with the others.

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10. Being supportive and motivational

Every woman loves to hear the words of support and encouragement, especially when it concerns things that she loves and that are important to her. Your girlfriend is a person with multiple hobbies, talents and dreams, and it will be absolutely unfair on her if she has to sacrifice all her time only to you, and tell her that all of her interests are worthless.

11. Sincere emotions

The “real man” does not have to be shut off and experience hardships in expressing his true feelings. Most of the women agree that the silent men who show barely any reactions are really difficult to be in a relationship with since you never know what is on their mind. So, in case you are happy, or upset, or confused, you should confide in your beloved woman.

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12. Working towards your goals

Every woman needs a determined man by her side, the one who certainly knows what he wants from life. If you are lazy, unsure, and keep feeding her with “tomorrows”, she will quickly lose her trust in you and move on to the better potential candidates. The person who is hard-working, decisive and responsible will inspire their partner, while someone who keeps changing their mind every day and going back on the promises will only bring their partner down. Show your lady that she does not have to worry about her future when she is with you.

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13. Appreciating a woman for who she is

There is no single woman who would appreciate a man constantly telling her that she is imperfect and needs to change something about herself. If you constantly go around and be bossy telling her what she should and should not wear, how she should lose or gain some weight or how something about her is not good enough for your standards, the woman will feel controlled.

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1Cooking talents

You should not expect a woman to cook for you all the time – you have to learn to cook at least basic dishes for yourself. You will not regret it if you learn cooking because you will be able to feed yourself in every situation and impress your lover with some delicious dishes.

Are you interested in what usually attracts women physically? Then, you should read further.

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What makes a man attractive to a woman physically?

Here are some things that you should keep in mind about the physical attraction. There is nothing complicated about becoming more appealing to women, you are just advised to pay some attention to these points:

  • Eyes. Women love the eyes – they say that a man’s eyes are like a mirror of his soul. Every woman has a favourite color. However, for many women, it does not matter if the eyes are blue, green, brown or of some other color. They just want the man’s eyes to be kind, understanding and caring.
  • Hair. A well-groomed hairstyle is a large bonus. Do not expect to get a regular girlfriend if you wash your hair once in a few weeks – she will be disgusted. Looking after your hair is self-respect, respect for your woman and for everyone who surrounds you, as the hairstyle is one of the most noticeable parts of the image. Your hairstyle does not necessarily have to be super original and creative – just try for your hair not to be scruffy and dirty.
  • Clothes. Same goes for clothes. Remember what we said about respect in the previous section? If you show up on all of your dates wearing dirty old clothes that you never wash, your woman will be more concentrated on them than you, and in the end, we doubt that she will express a desire to go on another date with you. This does not mean that you should choose your clothes only in fashionable stores. This is about self-care – you are supposed to wash your clothing, regularly renew the wardrobe, and dress appropriately for the occasions. Every woman likes it when her man’s outfit is chosen with taste, and no one wants to see a sloppy guy by her side.
  • Smile. When the man smiles a lot, it shows his optimistic worldview. Obviously, faking a smile is not recommended. Instead, try to find even the smallest reasons to smile around you, when you are with your lady: her beauty, the beauty of your surroundings, good weather, a cute dog that passed by, etc. This way, your smile will be genuine, and you will not look like a dissatisfied old man who thinks the world is doomed.

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  • Jawline. It is a good sign if you receive a lot of compliments on your jawline. According to the surveys, women like when this part of your face is distinct.
  • Tattoo. This does not mean you should have tattoos on your entire body. The surveys just showed that some women actually like it when the man has tattoos. But then again, this is a personal preference, and if you do not want to get a tattoo, you certainly should not get it just to impress the woman.
  • Height. As research shows us, a lot of women enjoy being with tall men. However, you should not be desperate if you are short. Maybe you will find a lady who will be shorter than you or the one who will not mind your height. After all, the research results do not speak for all women without exception.
  • Body. Why do so many men go to the gym nowadays? One of the reasons is that they want to be fit and healthy, and the other reason is understanding that they have a bigger chance to get noticed by women. A good body is an important factor because most women would like to have a man with biceps, muscles, six packs etc.
  • Personal hygiene. Would you like to have a girlfriend who never showers and smells like sweat, does not brush her teeth, has greasy hair, etc.? Women do not want to have this kind of boyfriend either. So, you should really pay at least basic attention to your personal hygiene. This way, everyone around you will know that you are neat and tidy and women will notice this fact, too.

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This was a guide to being attractive to a woman. Basically, many of these things should be done not only with the purpose of finding a girlfriend, but just for yourself and for the sake of becoming a better person. Once you improve yourself and become the man you want to be, you will not get rid of female attention. We really need more good men nowadays, so good luck to you!

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