How to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you?

How to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a girl fall in love with you? Are you constantly watching beautiful and smart ladies get snatched by other guys? Learn how to toast a girl and win her love today. With these helpful tips, you will never lose a lady to someone else again.

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If you experience an absolute loss for words whenever you see a lady you like, and start thinking “she will never like someone like me”, this article is definitely for you. We will help you to learn how to toast a girl face to face or even online. Of course, you cannot “make” someone love you, but with these tips, you will have a bigger chance that she will like you back and this may lead to a potential relationship.

So, here are some essential tips on how to approach a lady, what to say when toasting a girl, and other things that will help you win the heart of the one who caught your eye!

How to toast a girl: the ultimate guide

Want to know how to toast a lady? Sure, no one way works for every girl, but there are some common practices that usually attract ladies. Read these tips – they will help you understand women better.

The first stage – the beginning

So, how do you start toasting a girl? Here are some tips:

1. Do not rush her

First of all, do not come off as being too pushy. You will creep a woman out if you attempt to push her into something – they do not like it.

Keep in mind that relationships develop gradually, so she will not fall in love with you at first sight, but if you continue showing your good qualities, you may stand a chance later on.

2. Be brave and confident

Women like men who act and speak with confidence. This should not be confused with having a big ego – if your only purpose is showing how awesome you are, you will come back with nothing.

Being confident means being courageous enough to start a simple conversation with a woman and keep it up without stuttering and confusion.

Do not attempt to be “charming” and speak in an unnatural flirty voice – this will throw her off. Just be yourself and show her that you are genuinely interested.

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3. Hang out with other girls

One thing that could make a woman trust you is having some female friends. This does not mean that you need to flirt with them, just have girls in your company.

This will be a hidden message that other girls find you trustworthy and nice. You can also attempt to make friends with her female friends, because after all, she will often turn to them for advice, and you have to be sure they think highly of you.

Remember, no flirting with them, just casual relaxed conversations!

4. Take care of your hygiene

This step is more important than you think. Most women take pride in looking neat and smelling nice, so they appreciate men who think the same way. If you are careless when it comes to your hygiene, be prepared for rejection.

Clean hair, clothes, and body are absolute must-haves if you want to impress a lady. No matter how well you can hold the conversation, she will just feel disgusted around you if you are smelly, sweaty and have bad breath.

5. Make her laugh

If she laughs while she is with you, this is a good sign. However, you should not take advantage of this.

Before attempting anything more, let the girl become your friend and make her trust you. She has to know that you are not planning on breaking her heart and that you care about her feelings.

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6. Be sincere and open with her

None of the compliments and flirting actually matter if she feels unsafe around you and does not trust you. If you compliment her, you should do it from the bottom of your heart, speaking of things that you truly like and admire about her.

You should not be afraid of disagreeing with her, as long as you respect her opinion, provide good reasons why you think a specific way, and do not threaten her into agreeing with your beliefs.

Who knows, maybe she will develop more respect for you because you are a bold personality who is not afraid to speak his mind.

7. Prove to her that you truly like her

There is a difference between a simple crush or lust and actual feelings. She should see that you actually want to know her better and discover her personality.

Ask her questions about her life and talk to her a lot when she is up to it. Listen carefully to what she is saying, and always look her in the eye – this is an indication that you are listening.

8. Compliment her often

Of course, if you go overboard with the cheesy and sickly sweet compliments, the girl will not be satisfied with these empty words. Instead, you should find the right time, place, and words to compliment her sincerely on what you like and admire about her.

Praise her on what is important for her. For instance, if she thinks that she is an athletic type, you should put emphasis on her leadership skills and competitive spirit.

Do not give her too many compliments about her looks. Women like feeling pretty, but they also want to feel that you like them for more than just their appearance, so focus on their personality.

If you want to give her an appearance-related compliment, usually stick to complimenting her eyes, hair, smile, lips, and sense of style.

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The second stage – getting to know her

Now that the hard part is over, let's move on to the second stage - getting to know her better.

1. Memorize her eye color

Look into her eyes as often as you can when you are talking to her. To train your memory, try to memorize the eye color of every person that you meet.

2. Practice your flirting skills

Obviously, you have already started flirting with this woman with the help of compliments and sweet talk. But now, it is time to take it to the next level.

This does not mean that you should do something inappropriate – do not even try! We are only going to give you a few tips on confidence.

First of all, you should visualize your success and be sure about your ability to win her heart, especially if you know that she definitely likes you back but is too shy to voice her feelings.

Touch her gently, but in safe areas – like, touching her hand gently when you are talking to her, rubbing her back, putting a hand on her shoulder when you are willing to get attention from her, etc.

You can also tease her playfully about something she loves or is good at (do not tease her about her insecurities and weaknesses!). For instance, if she is good at playing sports, tell her that you would not want to play a game against her, because she would not give you a chance to beat her.

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3. No playing games!

All good relationships are based on honesty, truth, and sincerity. You cannot start a good relationship by lying to her (for instance, saying that you previously had a lot of girlfriends when you never had one, or telling her stories about your possessions that are non-existent).

Also, be honest about what you need from this relationship because otherwise, this is just a waste of time. If you strongly feel like she does not want the relationship to be serious, talk to her honestly and voice your concerns instead of playing along just to keep her.

Also, note that the “cold and unapproachable man” attitude is not going to get you far. Do not play hard to get, because she may mistake this behavior for coldness towards her.

4. Be reliable

Every girl wants to have someone who she can always trust and rely on. Let her know daily that you are interested in how she is doing without being too pushy, jealous or controlling.

For instance, if she attended some important event, ask her how it was, or if she met some new people, show interest and ask her about them. This way, she will feel that you like her, and you will not even have to say it outright.

5. Do not make empty promises

No one likes people who talk a lot and promise mountains but then back off. If you want to do something for her and have told her about it, be sure to follow through your promise.

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6. Give her your jacket when she is cold

This is a really simple tip, but it always works on women. Giving her your jacket when she is cold is a sign that you care about her well-being. She will feel safe and protected by your side. However, make sure that your jacket is clean and has no unpleasant smells.

7. Always show interest in her hobbies

Ask her how her day was, and when she starts talking about something that she loves, demonstrate an interest in it. For example, if she is into horse riding and is really enthusiastic about it, ask her questions about horses and competitions.

A huge red flag for a woman is someone who diminishes and makes fun of her hobbies and interests or tries to control what she should like and what she should not. Do not be the guy who does this – it will not put you in a better standing not only with women but with anyone.

The third stage – making the relationship official

What next?

1. Share her emotions with her

If she looks really happy and excited, then share this happiness with her and be cheerful. Do not tell her that her reasons for happiness are silly – you will risk upsetting her and losing her trust.

If she has had a rough day, tell her that you understand and feel her pain and that the only thing you want is for her to feel better. Ask her whether you could cheer her up in some way.

In case you know some special way that would definitely make her feel better, use it. For instance, surprise her with her favorite food, take her out on a date, or offer to play her favorite video game with her.

No matter what it is, go out of your way to cheer her up. But if she just wants to be left alone, do not be pushy and let her have her alone time.

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2. Love her for unique little things

Perhaps she has some traits that she is insecure about, but you find them very special and unique. Show her that you like everything about her looks and personality, and not just like her in spite of something.

Be careful if she has any insecurities: you should never emphasize them, especially in front of other people, or compare her to others.

3. Make her feel beautiful

Continuing the previous point, you should always make her feel like she is the best lady in the entire world. You can even say this directly when the right time comes. Every girl loves when she is complimented. Make sure that you are pointing out both her inner and outer beauty.

4. Develop your communication skills

Everyone likes it when their partners are interesting people who have a lot of exciting stories to tell. Share stories about yourself and people you know that you find exciting and worthy to tell about.

If she shares her vulnerabilities with you, it would be fair if you share yours as well. In good relationships, conversations flow naturally, so if this is happening between you and your girlfriend, this is a really good sign.

5. Always let her know that you love and care about her

This is the most important thing in any relationship. Love her for who she is, and constantly keep proving your love by showing it. Instead of repeating “I love you” a thousand times, demonstrate it with your actions.

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How to behave appropriately with a lady and maintain a successful relationship

  • A little secret on how to make her want to kiss you: when you are talking to her, first look at her mouth, then raise your eyes, so they meet hers, and then look back at her mouth again when she is talking to you. Nonetheless, do not get lost too much in thoughts, and listen to what she is saying.
  • Do not seem too eager. If both people want a relationship, they should contribute equally. Send her messages regularly to know that you are thinking of her, but if you send her messages too often, especially cheesy ones, and expect her to reply instantly, she can quickly become annoyed with you because it shows you do not care about the fact that she has a life.
  • If you know her well enough to make a move, go for it. Use eye contact as an indication that she wants to kiss you. In case it feels like she wants to wait, let her take her time. Do not make her scared or uncomfortable.
  • For those who would like to know how to toast a girl on Facebook or via any other online channel, please note that sending messages online can create a mysterious aura around you. But you should not be too keen on texting, because live communication is still much more effective.
  • Move forward by spending time with her without putting her on the spot. For instance, you can go see a movie with your mutual friends or study together. It can be difficult and awkward to advance too fast, so just be patient.
  • Always respect her and her wishes. Never try to force her into something or try to change her mind.
  • Even if you are fighting, be polite with her and do not throw insults at her – you will regret it later.
  • Be playful and tease her. Of course, you should be careful and do this when it is appropriate. If you are always in a bad mood and have no sense of humor, she will quickly get bored with you.
  • Get close to her relatives and make a good impression on them.
  • Do small things for her like doing the dishes or taking out the trash.
  • Bring a red rose on your first date. It is a romantic and sweet move, without being too suggestive.

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Things you should not do

  • Cheating on her is a huge no.
  • Rebounding with someone right after you broke up with your previous love interest is unfair to the person you use as a rebound. Take some time after a breakup and do not jump into new relationships too quickly.
  • Gossiping about her, especially with people who know her, is something you really should not do.
  • Finally, if she does not like you, she will say no. Do not take it personally: perhaps this was not meant to be. A “no” means no, and you should never stalk her, convince her to love you, or threaten her. This will only make both of you unhappy. Just move on and find someone else who will be much better for you. Do not get obsessed with one woman and take it as the end of the world if she rejects you. Maybe she is not what you expect her to be. There are billions of people on planet Earth and among them, you will surely find your soulmate.

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Romantic toasting messages

Here are some messages that you can use when toasting a girl:

  • They say love is a risky thing for the unprepared. But I am so eager, and I want to take that risk with loving you.
  • If I were asked to name the ten greatest wonders of the world, you would be nine of them, and the tenth would be how the world manages to contain you.
  • I have searched everywhere, over and over, but I cannot find the right words to describe you.
  • Darling, give me your hand and let me take you to the world of no return where there is only the two of us forever in eternity.
  • My heart will always be wherever you go. And whenever you sit to rest, there I find joy, peace, and laughter.
  • Hey, girl. It’s been a few months since we’ve known each other, and I’ve loved every moment since I knew you. I think there’s a lot we can do together. That’s why I’m going to ask you to be my girlfriend. Will you?
  • They call your name and all of a sudden, my mind is upside down. I smell your perfume and my brain becomes messed up. I see you and that’s just even worse because it starts to feel like they sucked off all the air in the room. I can’t breathe without you. I want you to be my girlfriend.

This was a list of tips for those who want to know how to toast a girl online or face to face. We hope they will work for you.

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