Tinubu’s Intervention: 'By Law, Akeredolu’s Deputy Already Acting Ondo Gov', Barr Sowore Speaks

Tinubu’s Intervention: 'By Law, Akeredolu’s Deputy Already Acting Ondo Gov', Barr Sowore Speaks

  • Ondo-born lawyer, Barrister Allen Sowore, has said Olamide Oladiji, the speaker of the Ondo state house of assembly, is deliberately twisting facts to suit a certain interest
  • Sowore, in a chat with Legit.ng, alleged that Oladiji misinterpreted the resolutions from the stakeholders' meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja concerning governance in Ondo state
  • The president had summoned stakeholders in Ondo state, including lawmakers, deputy governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, and party chiefs to Abuja in a bid to diffuse the tension created by the absence of the governor, Rotimi Akeredolu

Legit.ng journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 6-year-experience covering politics in Nigeria

Akure, Ondo state - Legal practitioner, Barrister Allen Sowore, has said Olamide Oladiji, speaker of Ondo house of assembly, "misinterpreted " the facts by asserting that there was no agreement to transfer power to the deputy governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, following the prolonged absence of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

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Sowore accused Oladiji of churning out half-truths "in an attempt to delay or abort the implementation of the directive of President Bola Tinubu".

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Sowore not impressed with Ondo Assembly speaker's posture. Photo credits: Rotimi Akeredolu Aketi, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa
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Sowore tackles Ondo House of Assembly Speaker

He said the speaker intentionally distorted the facts and Tinubu's intentions to favour and perpetuate the interests of the cabal members, "aiming to continue unrestricted exploitation of the state's resources".

He told Legit.ng:

"In my view, the Speaker intentionally distorted the facts. He claimed there was no agreement to transfer power to the Deputy Governor, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, or authorize him to oversee the state's affairs during Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON's extended absence.
"The Speaker reiterated the major conditions presented during the meeting, emphasizing the retention of the Cabinet, Assembly leadership, and Party leadership as presently constituted in the State. However, he conveniently omitted that these conditions were contingent upon Aiyedatiwa assuming acting governorship or coordinating governance without expressly pronouncing him as Acting Governor.

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"Typically, a Deputy Governor lacks the constitutional power and political authority to dissolve the State Executive Council. This authority is vested in the Governor and can only be exercised by the Deputy Governor when officially designated as Acting Governor.
"Hence, it is reasonable to interpret the President's truce as contingent upon securing His Excellency Lucky Aiyedatiwa's commitment not to dissolve the Cabinet or alter the leadership of the Assembly and Party, with the expectation of his elevation to Acting Governor.
"By legal implication, the deputy governor is already the acting governor in the state."

The lawyer said out of humanity, President Tinubu acknowledged that Akeredolu remains governor and Aiyedatiwa his deputy.

He said:

"However, given the prolonged absence of the governor and the ensuing vacuum, the Assembly should not hesitate to empower Aiyedatiwa to act as Governor until Akeredolu's return – a sacred duty that must be fulfilled!"

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Furthermore, Sowore stated that "regrettably", all of President Tinubu's gestures to secure a smooth transition of power were "misapplied by the dogmatic members of the state cabal".

Sowore said:

"The Speaker mentioned that Aiyedatiwa was requested by the President to sign an undated resignation letter, but he conveniently omitted that this commitment was tied to the Deputy Governor assuming the role of Acting Governor. The undated resignation letter was a safeguard in case he refused to relinquish power upon Akeredolu's return or became harsh and vindictive."

The erstwhile special assistant on new media to Agboola Ajayi, former Ondo deputy governor, said it is evident that the speaker "erred by disregarding the resolutions when he disseminated half-truths, attempting to delay or derail President Tinubu's directive".

Tinubu wades into Ondo political crisis

Earlier, Legit.ng reported that President Tinubu waded into the feud between the ailing Ondo governor, Akeredolu, and deputy, Aiyedatiwa.

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A source said President Tinubu invited members of the Ondo assembly to Abuja.

Sowore reacts to vote of confidence on Akeredolu

Legit.ng also reported that Sowore said the primary reason behind the fresh vote of confidence on Akeredolu is to divert attention from the speculation that the Ondo state governor may have left Nigeria for further medical treatment.

According to him, "reliable sources suggest he (Akeredolu) was initially admitted to a hospital in Lagos — Dutchess (sic) Hospital — to stabilise his condition before departure". Duchess Hospital is in Ikeja, Lagos state.

Source: Legit.ng

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