Top 50 best hairstyles for girls with pictures for 2022

Top 50 best hairstyles for girls with pictures for 2022

Every little girl wants beautiful hairstyles that make her stand out from her peers. They watch marvellous hairstyles on TV and wish to wear some. Make your child's fantasies a reality and inspire her to love her ancestry through African hairstyles. Below are the 50 best hairstyles for girls of colour.

best hairstyles for girls
Best hairstyles for girls. Photo: @Jacky's African hair braiding & weaving NOLA, @Syrobi’s Styles, @blackbeautiful, @Red Bone, @africastyles, @TouchedByMissy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Decorate your kid's hair with something more imaginative than the monotonous hairstyles she wears year in, year out. Some styles are expensive at saloons, but your daughter is worth every penny. She also needs protective hairstyles for African girls to prevent different environmental factors from ruining their natural hair.

50 best hairstyles for girls

Here you will see some of the most relevant and interesting hairstyles for African girls. Spot out the one you and your little girl love the most, and help her create a masterpiece on her head. And never forget to ask her if she really likes the hairstyle – after all, she will be the one wearing it!

Mohawk baby face hairstyles

beautiful hair style girl
Mohawk styles. Photo: @Extrememakeover, @634070256720550, @MimiBraiding, @sandyafrican, @ClenterkaDenise, @Aichioushair, @GreezieLove,@EntleNtlhe, @LeKishaWatt, @Brenda Alexander (modified by author)
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African mohawk hairstyles give little girls a modern and stylish vibe and make them feel classy and trendy. You can blend natural cornrows with hair extensions to create a beautiful Mohawk style. Kids who usually complain about their long hair getting in their faces will love mohawks.

Mohawks draw people's attention because they are incredibly creative and beautiful. You can have your shy daughter wear them to build her confidence and self-esteem. People rarely hold back from giving cute compliments to an adorable little girl with mohawk hair.

Cute pigtails

children hair style girl
Cute pigtails. Photo: @JasmineWilliams, @africastyles, @KyraousRobinson, @NeaishaQuintoria, @ReikaKnows, @salonA.O.W, @LoveeLes, @Keke'sKidStylez, @thedonsstudio, @Syrobi’sStyles (modified by author)
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Mums love it when their girls wear natural-hair pigtails and ponytails because these hairstyles go well with different scrunchies and outfits. They are also the best styles for events.

African pigtail hairstyles also last longer when braids are mixed with natural hair. Do this on school days because you might not have time to regularly change her hairstyle.

Interweaving asymmetrical and symmetrical cornrows creates unique hairstyles. Add some hair decorations like beads, if the school allows them. Choose small and lightweight beads for the little girl's tender head.

Buns and ponytails for girls

baby face hairstyle
Buns and ponytails. Photo: @Red Bone, @kmachiellethestylist, @TouchedByMissy, @Andrea Styles, @SalonEclassZambia, @Allaboutfashion09, @Bstylelife, @Allaboutfashion09 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Braid your daughter's hair into thin or medium-sized cornrows. Use braids to make hair extensions at the end of each cornrow and tie the extensions into a bun, twin buns, or three buns. Alternatively, let the extensions hang to create a ponytail style.

These styles make a little girl feel like royalty. There are various cornrow patterns to choose from, or use your imagination and creativity. You can also make buns and pigtails on natural hair using artificial hair extensions.

A ponytail or bun looks sweet with scrunchies. These are the most convenient hairstyles for girls who have energetic and playful. Let them play as much as they want. They will not ruin their hair because these hairstyles remain intact for weeks.

Maxi cornrows for girls

hairstyles for african girls
Maxi cornrows for girls. Photo: @Jacky's African hair braiding & weaving NOLA, @African hair (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Create a beautiful hairstyle for girls with two big cornrows running from the front to the back of the head. Adult women and young girls love the Dutch braid style's refreshing look. It also adds volume and extension to the hair.

Crown braid styles are two cornrows forming a crown-like shape. You can creatively make different Ghanaian cornrow crown styles using multicoloured braids.

Creating the Dutch braid style or African crown design takes less than an hour. Adding thin cornrows to these styles will take about two hours.

Braids for kids

Braids for kids
Braids for kids. Photo: @KerraScott, @AriyannaWilliams, @TrulyAmazingStyle, @Quannah Ralo, @HairByDulca, @102670121309102, @UAmyhair, @braidsbyfatimas, @africanhair, @africastyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kids love long braids with curls or beads because they capture their agemates' attention. Braiding is a universal children's hairstyle for girls. Kids wear long, short, multicoloured box braids and other styles. You can tie the strands into ponytails, buns, pigtails, etc.

Every girl is a princess and deserves to feel beautiful. Allow your child to experience this and enjoy her childhood by letting her have braids if that is what makes her happy. She will grow into a confident, lovely, and enchanting lady.

If you cannot create the masterpiece your child desires, leave her with a qualified hair stylist to do the magic. Chunky braids are attractive but might be heavy for your child's head.

Black kids' hairstyles with beads

kids hairstyles with beads
Beaded hairstyles. Photo: @uniquebirthmark, @African, @SOWIGS, @blackbeautiful, @AgnesNjovu, @AfroDeClaudine, @kidshairstyles, @Fabulosityparlor, @1001855956537540, @Africanhair (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Beads enable hairstylists to create interesting hairstyles. Every natural hairstyle with braids can be beautified with beads. Bring out the playful vibe in your daughter by decorating her hair with colourful beads. Allow her to choose her favourite colours.

You can buy more beads for her to match with different outfits. It is unlikely to find an exact hairstyle on other kids if you use the beads creatively.

Which hairstyle is best for a girl?

  • Cornrows tied into a bun, two buns, or three buns.
  • Cornrows tied into a ponytail or several pigtails.
  • Braid strands tied into a bun, two buns, or three buns.
  • Braid strands tied into a ponytail or several pigtails.
  • Cornrows with a bun(s) and bangs hanging at the front of your head.
  • Braids with a bun(s) and bangs hanging at the front of your head.
  • Cornrows with a ponytail or several pigtails and bangs hanging at the front of your head.
  • Braids with a ponytail or several pigtails and bangs hanging at the front of your head.

What hairstyle looks best?

  • Cornrows with a mohawk design.
  • Braids or cornrows with beads.
  • Cornrows with bun(s), ponytails, or pigtails made from synthetic hair extensions.
  • Natural hair tied in a bun(s), ponytails, or pigtails made from artificial hair extensions.

How do I look cute in hairstyles?

You can look beautiful in any hairstyle that matches your skin tone and face shape. You should also wash your hair, apply oil on the scalp, and moisturize your hair before braiding. Dirty hair and scalp make a trendy hairstyle look messy. Lastly, buy enough braiding materials and look for an experienced hair stylist who knows how to make the style you want.

Have you enjoyed the compilation of the best hairstyles for young girls in Nigeria? Feel free to suggest ideas if you have found a new way to style your little girl’s hair!

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