PDP Crisis: Atiku’s Rift With Wike, G-5 Govs Beyond Reconciliation, Analyst Spills, Reveals Way Forward

PDP Crisis: Atiku’s Rift With Wike, G-5 Govs Beyond Reconciliation, Analyst Spills, Reveals Way Forward

  • The crisis rocking Nigeria's main opposition party takes a new dimension in the polity on a daily basis
  • In fact, it has become a worsening situation as all hell has been let loose following the declaration by the G-5 governors headed by Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state regarding whom they would support in next month's presidential election
  • Meanwhile, a legal practitioner in a chat with Legit.ng advised PDP flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar to move on from the crisis rocking the party after his failed attempt to reunite with the aggrieved PDP governors

As the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lingers on, the Governor of Rivers state Nyesom Wike has made it clear that he is not supporting the ambition of the party's presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

In fact, Wike recently cautioned those issuing threats in Abuja to have a rethink, else they will have problems.

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Atiku Abubakar, PDP crisis, Governor Nyesom Wike, 2023 presidential election, Rivers state governor, PDP G-5 Governors
Amid the crisis rocking the PDP, Atiku has been advised to move on and try his luck in the coming polls. Photo credit: Atiku Abubakar, Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike - CON
Source: Facebook

Speaking further, Wike insisted that the Integrity Group of the PDP and the G-5 Governors will not support Atiku's candidacy until their demands are met.

Reacting to this development, a legal practitioner who also doubles as a political analyst, Barrister Liborous Oshoma, noted that the crisis rocking the PDP is beyond the G-5 Governors' demand.

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PDP crisis: Atiku's rift with Wike, G-5 Govs beyond reconciliation

In an interview with Legit.ng, Barrister Oshoma said he does not see any reconciliation between the PDP, Atiku and the G-5 Governors, noting the aggrieved would not sheathe their sword to work for Atiku in the forthcoming general elections.

He said:

"First and foremost, I do not see the PDP and Atiku able to resolve the G-5 crisis. Because it is obvious that apart from the issue of the party chairman, the G-5 has an axe to grind with Atiku, that is talking about zoning the presidency to the south. Because for some of them, it will be injustice to the south for a northern Fulani to also man the saddle eight-years after the northern Fulani.

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"Because it is give and take. Because it is the thread that has continuously hold down the ethics of our political fabric. so abandoning that thread for them could mean kissing Nigerian practically goodbye. So I do not think the issue is about Iyorcha Ayu, relinquishing his seat or it is about personal injustice in the party, it is deeper than that.
"So, I do not see them working for Atiku even though they are not going into an alliance with the APC."
Atiku Abubakar, PDP G-5 governors, 2023 general election.
The PDP G-5 governors insisted they have not endorsed Atiku for president, a few weeks before the 2023 general election. Photo credit: Atiku Abubakar, Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike - CON
Source: Facebook

Lawyers position on Atiku's response so far to the G-5 govs

Interestingly, the aggrieved PDP governors which consist of Governors Samuel Ortom of Benue State, Okezie Ikpazu of Abia; Seyi Makinde of Oyo and Ifeayi Ugwuahi of Enugu state have been solidly behind Wke insisting the right thing must be done by the leadership of the PDP.

The political analyst said:

"Atiku has long ago made his point on reconciliation clear. I like the silence. he has consistently pursued the act of reconciliation and peace. But it is obvious Atiku understands that crisis is beyond reconciliation. It is about his ambition.

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"Atiku would not want to relinquish his ambition or sacrifice his ambition at the altar of trying to satisfy the yearnings of the G-5 Governors. It is just like telling the former President Goodluck Jonathan then in 2015, to kiss his ambition goodbye; the same way Atiku would rather want to go to the poll and try his luck.
"So, that is why he is reaching out to other people especially in the north outside of the G-5 governors.
"So at this stage, you can't tell Atiku to try and reach out to the G-5 because what the G-5 practically are asking for even though is not said is like telling Atiku to drop his ambition. And we also know that Atiku cannot drop his ambition.
"So, that is what is leading to all of this crisis, every other thing is secondary. And I also think really, it could have been equitable for the PDP presidential candidate to be zoned to the south-south and then micro-zoned to the southeast. But since that didn't happen, now some of the governors have agreed that the PDP has not been fair, to those of them in the south, it ios now left for them to take a decision on what they want to do, which they are currently doing anyway."

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Advice to aggrieved PDP governors

While they have continued to make their grievances known to all, Atiku has also made efforts to appease them. The PDP flagbear's move has, however, continued to hit brick wall. The governors have insisted their demand must be met or no peace in the PDP.

The lawyer advised Atiku, the aggrieved governors, on what would be in their best interests as the election draws near.

Barrister Oshoma opined thus:

"As a Nigerian and as a watcher of the political events in Nigeria, we also have personal ambition, the G-5 governors also have political parties that are stronger in their domain.
"What individually they should look at is the demand of their people and let them flow in that direction. Like Ugwuanyi and Ikpeazu, the best they can do for APC, even APC outside of the PDP is to have bench for 25%. the dominant party in their region, is the PDP but the presidntial candidate that everybody is rooting for is the presidential candixdate of teh Labour Party, Peter Obi. So, what individually they should look at is what is the demand of their people and let them go in that direction.

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"For somebody like Makinde, an alliance with the APC would naturally birth him a second term in the office, because if he suuceed at entering an alliance with the APC that would mean that the APC will suppport his candidacy and that is if the candidate of the APC, senator Folarin agrees with all of those terms. even if Folarin does not agrre, some membners who still respect the leadership of teh APC might back him up and this could work for him."

The lawyer advises Wike

"Wike has constitently held down Rivers state politically. He can decide to do whatever he decided he wantys to do. He can decide to support teh APC, he can decide to support Labour Party, since it is obvious difinitely, he would not want to support the PDP.
"But the southeast are loyal to the PDP and they have been like that but now they also want the prwsiency and they are shouting for labour.

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But even though the political class are sayuing that they would vote for the PDP but we would see how that would go. It is a battle between the political class and the non political class.
For those governor, it would have been betetr for them to just flow in the direction of the yearnings and the articulation of their people, that's for Ugwuanyi and Ikpeazu.
"But for Makinde, it would be better for him to enter into an alliance with the APC.
"Ortom had alraedy endorsed Peter Obi for presidency even thugh he belives that his party would win the governorships election in Benue state.
"All in all, they should not put their head in one bsket, let them endorse whoever they want to endorse," Barrister Oshoma urged.

Final words for Atiku

The analyst urged the PDP flagbearer to move on and focus on the tasks ahead, a few weeks before the presidential election.

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He said:

"It is obvious Atiku cannot reconcile with the G-5 governors. But he should look beyond the G-5 like he is already doing and work assiduously to be able to achieve his dream; that is if the grievance of the aggrieved governors would not dent his ambition. He should work harder, and see if he could beat the APC in the coming polls, that would be my best advise for him."

Again Governor Wike breathes Fire, Explains Why He Is Angry with Atiku, PDP

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state expressed his displeasure with key leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The governor alleged that the party leaders failed to nip the crisis rocking the PDP in the bud for a lasting solution.

According to the governor, he will not stop saying the truth until all the anomalies within the party and his members are tackled squarely.

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"Everyday Wike dances like village masquerade on live television," Atiku's right-hand man blasts governor

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state had earlier been described as a failed Tik-Tok comedian desperately trying to amuse Nigerians.

This description of Governor Wike was given by Phrank Shuaibu, a special assistant to the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar.

Shuaibu said that Wike needs to grow up and respect the office of Rivers state governor which he holds.

Source: Legit.ng

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