50+ happy birthday dad in heaven quotes to celebrate his memory

50+ happy birthday dad in heaven quotes to celebrate his memory

A parent is the first superhero for any kid as they depend on them from day one. A dad is the greatest support system of your life, and having him around is one of the greatest blessings anyone can ask for. However, the world can turn upside-down when he passes on, and sometimes you can feel like life is meaningless. You should always remember to celebrate your dad in heaven on special occasions like his birthday. Generally, happy birthday dad in heaven quotes will help you commemorate his special day.

Daughter remembering dad on his birthday quotes
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Losing a dad is difficult, and his absence hurts the most on his birthday. The best way to keep his memories alive is by celebrating his birthday. This is also a great time to reflect on the memories you've shared with him. You can post or share quotes to wish him a happy birthday in heaven. Here are good happy birthday dad in heaven quotes to celebrate his memory.

Happy birthday dad in heaven

The loss of a dad causes a hole in one's heart that cannot be filled. You can, however, lessen the pain by sharing quotes by celebrating the day he was born. Here are some great happy birthday dad in heaven quotes to celebrate his special day.

  • You may have crossed over, but your memories are still here with us. We miss you so much on your special day, but we know you are no longer in pain and you are in a better place up there.
  • Losing a dad is one of the worst experiences of my life, but I have to accept it. I wish you were here to show me love, cuddle and treat me on your birthday. Thank you for all the memories and laughable moments you shared. Have a fantastic birthday up there!
  • Happy birthday in heaven to the world's greatest dad. You taught me how to read, ride a bike, and tie my shoes. Though you are not here in body, you are with me in spirit. I will never forget your love and dedication to me, and I cherish our time. I will see you on the other side.
  • You showered us with love and care and ensured we would never be lost when you were no longer around. Thank you for everything, dad. We love you. Happy birthday.
  • I know life is short, but I didn't know you would leave us so soon. Today its your birthday and I wish you a super one as you celebrate with your new pals in heaven!
  • Dad, to have had all those years with you as a father was truely a blessing. The many things you taught me have grounded me in your absence. Even though you're gone, I carry on your legacy and guidance daily. You are truly missed and happy birthday in heaven.
  • You have been an amazing dad and were are always grateful to have had you in our family. Thank you for all the beautiful memories, and happy birthday.
  • A great dad is not the one who provides expensive stuff and luxuries to his kids. A great dad instils exemplary values in his children and make them be able to live on their terms. I am proud to have such a dad in heaven. I miss you, dearly and happy birthday!
  • There's no better experience than being with God, but still I feel the urge to send you my love. I know you have everything you need but I still want to share my love with you. My heart aches today because its your birthday so I am celebrating your memories.
  • Happy birthday to the best dad in the world. You may not be with us physically now, but I hope God will tell you how much we miss you and cherish our memories together daily. I love you, dad.
  • If you were still here, I would have hugged you tightly for being the best dad. You fulfilled my wishes, loved me unconditionally and imparting great knowledge in me. You were and will always be my world. I love you and have a great birthday in heaven.
  • Dad, many years have passed without each other but my love for you is greater than ever. Time does not exist between us and we will always be together in spirit. Today I want to toast to you on your birthday and hope you are enjoying eternity.

Happy heavenly birthday dad messages

Happy birthday in heaven dad
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If it's your dad's birthday, finding the right words for him on his special day can be challenging. You can pour your heart out and wish him a great day in heaven with these amazing happy heavenly birthday wishes.

  • Hey, daddy, your absence is killing me as I crave your hugs, advice, guidance and gentle scoldings. You must be having a ball today in heaven with the angels because of your good deeds. Happy birthday to my daddy in heaven!
  • Even though you are here, I know are protecting and blessing me from above on this special day. I ask God to give your soul eternal peace and joy it deserves. Happy birthday in heaven dear dad.
  • I still remember how you used to take us outside on picnics at all the festivals. I miss all those moments, dad. I wish you a happy birthday, dad! Love you.
  • One day, we will meet again, and then we can celebrate your special day together.
  • Today is the happy birthday of the most respected and beloved man I know. It was my father's birthday; he was a barnstorming human being, a true lover of life, and valued human relationships greatly.
  • Nothing is more precious on earth than being with your dad on his special day. We miss the stories you used to tell us and we are wishing a happy birthday today!
  • I wish you a happy birthday to you dad in heaven! I love you and can't tell you how much I miss you today.
  • Happiest birthday to my beloved dad in heaven. I know its special because you are surrounded by God's majestic angels. Try not to annoy them with your horrible jokes, will you?
  • I still cherish all the memories we made together. From first day in school to teaching me to ride a bike the list is endless. I miss you today on your special day and I hope you are happy in heaven.
  • Love has all the meaning in this world. You are another meaning of it. Wishing you a happy birthday dad in heaven!
  • In most cases I control my emotions when I reminisce about you. However, I cannot control my feeling on your birthday. Thank you and have a blast in heaven!

Happy birthday in heaven dad

Remembering dad on his birthday
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Sharing a sweet message for your dad in heaven will bring you and your loved ones more joy on his special day. Below is a list of quotes to wish your dad a happy birthday in heaven to celebrate him.

  • I'm sure you don't miss how much I would tease you every time your birthday rolled around, Daddy, but I sure do. It does give some comfort to know you are happy and whole in heaven, though. Happy birthday, my favourite angel.
  • Dad, your jokes were terrible, but I wish I'd known how much I'd miss those jokes now that you're gone. Happy birthday, dad. We miss you, and we'll always love you.
  • You used to love mom's homemade chocolate cake, so today, I made a double recipe just for you. I know you can't enjoy it this year, but don't worry, I've got you covered. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Your birthdays, Dad were the best as we used to have so much fun. Although we always did the same things every year, it was always special every time. Happy birthday papa.
  • I hope it will get easier, but to be honest, I miss celebrating your birthday with you. Enjoy your birthday in paradise.
  • Happy birthday to the man who taught me why I know I'll get to see you again one day: Jesus.
  • You taught me to be strong, honourably, and humility. We always had a good time and now I can't figure out how to do that anymore. Happy birthday and have a blast in heaven.
  • My loss for you Daddy was devastating and that makes this day even harder. I miss you and can't wait to celebrate with again one day. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday in heaven to a caring and devoted father. I close my eyes and pretend I am giving you one last hug. I try to feel your strong arms around me and hear your voice telling me you love me.
  • We imagine you'd be playing angel soccer up there with the rest of your fallen pals. You can watch over us between the games too. Happy birthday, dad.

Emotional remembering dad quotes on his birthday

Daughter remembering dad on his birthday quotes
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If you miss your dad in heaven and want to emphasize how amazing he is on his special day, celebrate him with great words. Here are the best quotes to remember your dad on his birthday.

  • You are my first superhero, friend, lover and mentor. Thank you for teaching me to be a responsible person. Happy birthday, dad.
  • You had and will always be the universe of my life. Happy birthday in heaven, dad, and I love you!
  • I hope you are fine and fitting in in heaven. Happy birthday, dad.
  • You used to tell me when I was a kid that heaven is a beautiful place. What you should have mentioned is that you are going there soon. Happy birthday, heaven lover.
  • Sometimes, I wonder why you left us so early. Was it the beauty of heaven or the mastery of the angels? I hope they make your birthday as beautiful and memorable as you are. Happy birthday.
  • My world shattered like glass when you passed away, and I am picking up the pieces and putting it together to forge ahead. So, please do the same for me. Keep staying strong, papa. Have a special day.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your love, care, and knowledge. Happy birthday, dad, and God bless you in heaven!
  • Today is your birthday, and I can't help but wonder how bright it would be if you were here with us. Happy posthumous birthday, dad.
  • You have given so much, dad. We are not feeling any lack even after you have departed. Keep resting, and happy birthday.
  • I was not worried about your death as much as I was worried about what I would do without your support, guidance, and encouragement. Thank you for leading a life worthy of emulation. Happy birthday.

A daughter remembering dad on his birthday quotes

missing dad in heaven
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Daughters have a special relationship with their dads; not even death can break that. As a daughter, you can still tell your dad how much you miss him through birthday messages, even in his absence. Use these emotional happy birthday dads in heaven quotes to express your feelings.

  • They always say that a father's relationship with his daughter is special. You being gone so suddenly made me realize how much I am losing. Happy birthday, dad.
  • Today would have been your birthday, dad. It is a memorable day and will always touch my heart—happy posthumous birthday. Rest well.
  • Happy birthday to my dearest father. You were the best anyone could ever ask for, but I understand that life happens, and you were old. I miss you, dad.
  • I have always read in stories that everyone has an Angel in heaven. But I have more than one now because you are there, dad. Happy birthday, my angel.
  • I reminisce about all our past birthday celebrations and how you made them look magical like Disney fairy tale. The worst thing to ever happen to me is celebrating your birthday without you. Wishing a magical birthday with the angels.
  • I'll always miss your weird laughter and sense of humour. Happy birthday to my dad in heaven. It was lovely to have you as the father who was always present with me.
  • I hope you are resting well and peacefully in heaven, dad, just as you deserve.
  • I know everyone is going to die one day but saying goodbye too soon was not fair to you, father. I will never forget you and all the great memories we have made together. Happy birthday father!
  • Happy birthday to my dearest dad in heaven. I promise I'll be the daughter you'll always be proud of, and I know you'll be looking after me from up there.
  • You've left an indelible footprint in my heart. I will always remember all the values and principles you lived by. It is yet another birthday. Keep resting, my number one fan.
  • Dad, I am strong because of you and from my heart I thank you. You are the kindest soul and I miss you very much today. I will make your dreams come true and I hope you have the best birthday in heaven with the angels.

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