GOtv subscription payment options in Nigeria 2024: full list

GOtv subscription payment options in Nigeria 2024: full list

GOtv is one of the leading digital satellite television platforms in Nigeria. The company is owned by Multichoice and offers a wide range of programs at affordable rates. GOtv has various local and international content, such as sports, movies, animation, music and news. To enjoy the services, subscribers must pay a subscription fee. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your GOtv subscription payment.

How to upgrade GOtv subscription after payment?
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GOtv is a popular pay TV service provider in Africa. The company provides Nigerian with numerous TV content at a reasonable fee. Subscribers can make payments monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you are new to the service, here is a simple guide on how to make payment for a GOtv subscription.

GOtv subscription payment options

Since its launch in Nigeria in 2011, GOtv has been committed to giving viewers the best experience at an affordable rate. Numerous channel categories are offered, including sports, children's entertainment, food, religious channels, fashion and many others. The number of channels depends on the selected package.

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To start, you must buy and install a decoder and choose a subscription payment plan. GOtv has a self-service portal where you can manage your account. Under your decoder, you will find an orange sticker with your login details.

How much does it cost to subscribe to GOtv?

To subscribe to GOtv services, viewers must choose a package from the available options. Each package depends on the number of programs aired, and the cost is unique to that package. Govt Nigeria has five packages. Below are the different packages and the payment for GOtv subscription.

PackageNumber of channelsAmount per month
GOtv Smallie35+N1,100
GOtv Jinja45+N2,250
GOtv Jolli65+N3,300
GOtv Max75+N4,850
GOtv Supa80+N6,400
GOtv Supa+85+N10,500

GOtv subscription online payment

There are many ways to make payments for your pay-TV services. GOtv subscription online payment is one easy way. Below are the different methods to pay for your subscription online.

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Quickteller is an online payment platform that allows customers to make subscriptions and other service payments. The following is a comprehensive guide for Quickteller GOtv subscription payment.

  1. Turn on your decoder if your account has been disconnected.
  2. Go to the Quickteller GOtv page and log in.
  3. Select your preferred package.
  4. Fill in your details, such as e-mail address, phone number and IUC number.
  5. Select Next to proceed.
  6. Enter your GOtv subscriber’s name and confirm that you have entered the correct IUC number.
  7. Click on Pay.
  8. Choose the type of debit card you want to use to pay, i.e. Verve, VISA, MasterCard, etc.
  9. Enter the details of your card.
  10. Complete the process by hitting Pay.
Payment for GOtv subscription
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GlobalPay is one way to make your subscription payments online. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Go to GOtv Africa website and create an account.
  2. Using your new details, log in.
  3. Go to the 'Pay' page and choose the GlobalPay option.
  4. Fill in your details to complete the process.

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Another way to pay your subscription online is via VTpass. Go to the VTpass website and choose your preferred package. Fill in your IUC number and other details to complete the payment process.

Bank USSD codes

To make your payments using bank USSD codes, dial the code of your bank. Follow the steps to complete the payment.

GOtv App

Can you use GOtv App to make payments? One of the easiest ways to make payments is to use the GOtv App. Download the app and follow the prompt to complete the transaction. You can also fix errors, update your information and change your packages from the app.

GOtv offices

One of the oldest modes of payment is to visit any GOtv outlet or dealer near you. Here you can pay cash, cheque or using your bank card.

How to check GOtv account balance?

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It is essential to check your balance to ensure your account is not deactivated. You can use the following steps to check your GOtv account balance.

  • Send a message with the word "Balance" and hit space followed by the ICU number to 4688.
  • Dial 3899*smartcard number# and complete the prompt.
  • Go to the GOtv Africa website and log in with your name, mobile and smart card numbers. Click on "View balance and pay".
  • On your GOtv remote, press "Menu" and scroll down to "GOeazy Self Service". Select "Account Information", and your details and balance will appear.
  • You can also check your balance on the GOtv app.

How to pay for the GOtv subscription?

How much does it cost to subscribe to GOtv?
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There are various methods to pay for your subscription. They include Quickteller, Bank USSD codes, GOtv App, VTpass, GlobalPay or visit GOtv authorised dealers near you.

How to upgrade GOtv subscription after payment?

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Once you have paid your subscription, you need to do a reset to upgrade it. The following are simple steps to upgrade your subscription.

  1. Head to and log in.
  2. Here you can choose to chat with their agents or continue.
  3. If you choose to continue to step 2, click log in.
  4. Enter your mobile number used when registering.
  5. Enter your IUC number.
  6. Choose "Build a Package" on the dashboard.
  7. Pick the package to downgrade or upgrade to ad hit "Next".
  8. Click the pay button and choose a payment method.
  9. Fill in your information to complete the process.
  10. Wait for 10 minutes, and your new package will be activated.

GOtv is a popular pay-TV digital platform in Africa. They offer their customers a wide range of shows from sports, movies, news, music and much more. Customers are required to choose and pay for the package they want. The above are GOtv subscription payment plans and the different payment methods available.

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