30 small meaningful behind the ear tattoos for men and women

30 small meaningful behind the ear tattoos for men and women

Tattoos are not only meant for aesthetic purposes. One can decide to have a particular tattoo which has a certain meaning that can only be known to them or a few select others. However, not everyone wants a large noticeable ink, so getting a little piece behind the ear is a great option. This article has a collection of small, meaningful behind the ear tattoos you might want to consider.

Behind the ear tattoos
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Behind-the-ear tattoos are a discrete way to show off a little of your personality. It also makes sense to go small because the skin behind your ears is thin, and the process can be painful. That said, a little pain shouldn't stop you from getting the ink of your dreams.

Meaningful back-of-the-ear tattoos

What do you call a tattoo behind the ear? They are called mastoid tattoos. This type of ink is great for people who want to keep it low-key.

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Behind ear tattoos for women

Can women have back-of-the-ear tattoos? Yes. You can tattoo any part of your body as long as you feel comfortable. Women look amazing with a behind-the-ear tattoo, especially if it is done using different inks. Here are some of the best back-of-the-ear body arts.

Simple back-of-ear tattoos

Behind the ear tattoo
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Inking your body with letters not only looks beautiful but also communicates a message. You can have names, quotes, or anything you treasure. Just make sure it's not too long, or it might not fit.

A flower tattoo with leaves done in black ink looks perfect. You can choose to have just a flower without leaves, but when it has some leaves, it looks nicer. Flower tattoos can symbolise love, nature, beauty and purity.

One black butterfly tattoo done with multiple inks like white, black and shades of blue give out a splendid look. You can have such a design to symbolise young love and joy.

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You can also have red-inked heart with other shapes, such as stars. Plain hearts might look a bit plain, so spruce the design up with other objects. Heart tattoos can mean central wisdom of feeling and can covey love, unity and friendship.

If you are a woman who cannot be messed with, then a scorpion design can suit your personality. Scorpions are dangerous and poisonous creatures. Moreover, they look beautiful when done as art on human skin.

Cute back-of-the-ear tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos
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A crawling snake behind the ear is a great tattoo idea you can try. Many associate snakes with negative feelings, but they can also represent positive feelings like rebirth, fertility and power.

Small bird body art of different inks like blue, black, yellow and purple will look amazing behind the ear. Birds are beautiful creatures and symbolise peace, independence, optimism and happiness. Having a small bird tattoo shows you as a peaceful person.

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A lightning bolt, despite being small, has a significant meaning. It symbolises destruction and power and is a symbol of energy. If you are a woman of power, then this is probably the best back-of-the-ear-body ear you should have. It's also a perfect design for Potterheads.

Red dragon symbolises passion, strength and love. Moreover, the red ink on dragon tattoos represents strength and magical powers. If you are a dragon lover, then you should consider having it inked behind your ear.

Every woman wants to be a queen, and queens need crowns. Having a crown ink sends a message that you are royalty and should be treated as one. Crowns represent power, self-control, independence, and authority a person has over their life.

Classy back-of-the-ear tattoos

meaningful back of the ear tattoo
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When thinking of the small behind-the-ear tattoos you should have, fish body art should be on top of your list. A black koi fish is a good luck of charm and a symbol of perseverance.

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You can show your love for any ornament of your choice by having its design designed on the back of your ear. Black ornament is beautiful, and it decorates your ear, making it look more attractive.

Spiders are dangerous and venomous creatures. However, that does not mean that a spider tattoo should not be on your list of behind-the-ear tattoos. A black spider symbolises wisdom, fertility, harmony and balance.

Feathers are usually associated with beauty, freedom and communication with the spiritual realm. There are myriads of designs to choose from, be it based on the look of an existing bird, or a mythical creature.

A ladybug design is also fantastic. When decorated with red and black inks, it looks breathtaking and attractive. They symbolise good luck, happiness and love.

Behind-the-ear tattoos for men

Are tattoos attractive on males? Yes, body art on a man's body, especially behind the ear, looks great. Here are some of the back of the ear tattoo for men that you should consider.

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Amazing ideas for behind-the-ear tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos for men
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If you are a spiritual man, then you should have a small cross design behind your ear. A cross is a representation of your devotion to the faith.

For the fans of marine life, a whale design is a great idea. A small one will fit perfectly at the back of the ear. Whales symbolise power, intelligence and calmness.

Diamond design is popular among men. This kind of ink in men is a symbol of money, a high-quality lifestyle, and increased strength and purity. You should consider having a diamond tattoo because it also represents inner beauty.

Wings are a symbol of freedom and protection. They also symbolise a deep spiritual connection to someone you love or someone you lost.

The rose flower design looks splendid when done at the back of the ear. Flower art designs are popular among women, but it is growing in popularity among men. They can signify love or passion.

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Cool behind-the-ear tattoos for men

Behind the ear tattoos for men
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If you are a music lover, then a musical note with a clef will describe you perfectly. They represent one's love for playing music and the universality of the language of music. It also symbolises the feeling of energy and hope for a brighter future.

A money bag design is a symbol of power and financial success. You should consider having this design art to keep reminding you of working hard to get that bag.

The eye of Ra is one of the best body inks for men. It is a symbol of the Egyptian ancient god of the sky called Ra. It can be a badge of protection and show your love for Egyptian culture and mythology.

You might also want to consider a barbed wire design. When done well, it gives out a wonderful look. It represents the strength and courage that an individual has. So if you are a strong and courageous man, then this body art will suit your personality.

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A small bee design could also be your choice for the back of the ear tattoo. Bees are loyal and selfless and love teamwork. The yellow and black inked bee is beautiful.

Awesome back-of-the-ear tattoos

Meaningful back of the ear tattoo
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If you want to have an awesome ink on the back of your ear, then an arrow design will fit the area perfectly. Arrows are tools and weapons, and they symbolise triumph and ambitions.

There's a child in every adult, so what better way to commemorate it and give a nod to nostalgia than a Mickey Mouse tattoo? It is one of the most recognisable silhouettes in pop culture, so your fellow Disney lovers will be able to see a kindred spirit in you.

A knife ink is a popular design among men. It represents betrayal, anger, and danger, but it is also a symbol of protection.

To express love towards your adoptive parents, you can go for the heart intertwined with a triangle. Adding the date of your adoption, or the birthdates of your parents will also be a nice touch.

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You can have an aeroplane body ink to show your love for travelling. A plane can also symbolise a part of your journey through life.

Are tattoos behind the ear hidden?

Yes, this type of ink can be concealed, especially if you have long hair. You can hide or reveal them when you wish.

Back-of-the-ear tattoos are beautiful and are not easily noticeable because they are small. People with long hair often prefer this kind of body art because they can conceal it with their hair. Just because this ink are small does not mean that they are not significant, so find a design that means something for you and go for it.

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