How to woo a girl by texting

How to woo a girl by texting

Centuries ago if a guy wanted to attract a girl he liked, he had to win a battle and dedicate a victory to her name, get a star from the sky or at least meet her father and receive his approval and permission. Easy? Definitely not. But these days virtuality and social networks reduce the efforts for wooing a lady. Today when virtual communication is available and extremely usable, here are some tips how to woo a girl by texting.

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Texting is a tested and trusted way of getting a girl to like you, once you've got her number the foundation has been laid. If you play it right, you'll get good results and if you don't, well, you know the answer. That is why you need to know some hacks which can help pick you out from the crowd and make you the center of her attraction.

How to woo a lady: guide

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Prepare your account

Check out your page and think what you should clean. Before writing and attractive girl, delete any information which can ruin your good image. For example:

  • pictures where you look weird or drunk to smithereens or you are hugging any girls.
  • any posts or texts incorrectly written or with taboo words.
  • membership in sexist groups and communities, for instance, “how to pick up a girl for 5 minutes” or “hot girls for every day”, etc.

These unpleasant details can destroy your chances to win a girl even if she has got interested in the communication.

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How to woo a girl

Be polite

How to woo a girl with words? Being polite and literate. She has no idea what kind of a person you are. If your first message contains rudeness and illiteracy, she will never know how educated, wealthy, handsome, and unbelievably clever you are.

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Be positive

“Do not be afraid to be laughed at. It is said that any confidently said nonsense can be considered the opinion”. So one of the easiest ways how to woo a girl you like is a good sense of humor and positive attitude. Your communication should be saturated with jokes, good humor, and optimistic atmosphere. Everyone likes merry fellows. And a good opportunity to show your spirit is using emoji. But do not overdo and use them sparingly. Too much emojis can ruin everything from the very beginning.

No self-promotion

Remember limits. Being confident does not mean becoming Dorian Grey or Narcissus. You are attracting her, not arranging self-advertisement campaign!

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Be interesting

No, you don`t have to make her fall asleep with your favorite philosophic theory of Hegel or recent researches of the automotive market segment. Being educated means to be able to support a cheerful conversation on any topic. And do not impose yourself on your topics for heavy discussions.

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How to woo a Nigerian girl? A quick answer is a game. Let her wait for your messages. Play with her, tease her, attract first, and then push a little bit. Make a short distance for a while so that she can appreciate you. Disappear for several days, and then text her saying you had to help your granny or look after a niece. Believe me – it works.

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Don't use templates

While texting, try to use special speech speed. Any phrases which can intrigue and spark interest. They shouldn't be too gaudy, stay natural. But anyway, find a special approach to the girl.

Media files

Don't forget to exchange media files with each other. It helps to arrange the effect of real life, to understand tastes deeper (in music for example), to show hobbies wider. So to revive the dialogue, use this trick.

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It was a short basic guide how to woo a girl by texting. But don't forget every girl is unique same as you are. Look for your special approach for girls and use these set of tips to achieve your goal. And I am sure you will win the girl you need.

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