List of courses under art department in Nigeria

List of courses under art department in Nigeria

Here we have the list of art courses in Nigeria for you. Almost every institutions in the country have department of fine and applied arts.

Art students
Source: UGC

The full list of art courses in Nigeria

  • African & Asian Studies;
  • Arabic and Islamic Studies;
  • Arabic Language;
  • Arabic Language and Literature;
  • Arabic Studies;
  • Archaeology;
  • Archaeology and Tourism;
  • Arts (Combined Honours);
  • Arts Education;
  • Chinese Studies;
  • Christian Religious knowledge;
  • Studies of Theology;
  • Classical Studies;
Art education
Source: UGC

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  • Comparative Religious Studies;
  • Communication and Language Arts;
  • Communication Arts;
  • Communication Studies;
  • Counseling and Psychology;
  • Creative and Visual Arts;
  • Creative Arts;
  • Criminology and Security Studies;
  • Drama, Dramatic or Performing Arts;
  • Economics;
  • Economics and Development Studies;
  • Education Arts;
  • Efik-Ibibio;
  • English and International Studies;
  • English Language and Communication Studies;
Music education
Source: UGC
  • English and Literary Studies;
  • English Language;
  • English Language and Literature;
  • English Studies;
  • European and Nigerian Language;
  • Film Arts;
  • Fine Art and Applied Arts;
  • Fine Arts and Design;
  • Foreign Languages and Literature;
  • French;
  • French and International Relations;
  • French and International Studies;
  • French with German or Russian;
  • Fulfulde;
  • Geography;

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Studio work
Source: UGC
  • Geography and Environmental Studies;
  • German;
  • German Combined with French or Russian;
  • Guidance and Counselling;
  • Hausa;
  • History;
  • History or Sociology;
  • History and International Studies;
  • History and Political Science;
  • History and Strategic Studies;
  • History and Archaeology;
  • History and Diplomacy;
  • History and Diplomatic Studies;
Art departments
Source: UGC
  • History and International Relation;
  • Igbo;
  • Igbo or Linguistics;
  • International and Comparative Politics;
  • International Relations and Diplomacy;
  • International Studies and Diplomacy;
  • Islamic Studies;
  • Kanuri; Kiswahili;
  • Languages;
  • Languages and Linguistics;
  • Languages and Literature;
  • Languages Arts;
  • Languages Arts and Yoruba;
Course of theatre
Source: UGC

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  • Library and Information Science;
  • Linguistics;
  • Linguistics of Urhobo;
  • Linguistics of Yoruba;
  • Linguistics orfEdo;
  • Linguistics and African Languages;
  • Linguistics, Igbo and other African Languages;
  • Literature in English;
  • Mass Communication;
  • Media Studies and Mass Communication;
  • Modern and European Language;
  • Modern Language and Translation;
  • Music;
  • Nigerian Languages;
  • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution;
  • Performing Arts;
Language department student
Source: UGC
  • Performing Arts and Culture;
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies;
  • Philosophy;
  • Political Science;
  • Political Science and Conflict Resolution;
  • Portugues;
  • Psychology;
  • Psychology and Human Development;
  • Religion and Science;
  • Religious and Human Relations;
  • Religious Studies or Theology;
  • Religious and Philosophy;
  • Religious Studies;
  • Religious and Cultural Studies;
  • Russian with French or German;

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Theatre students
Source: UGC
  • Russian;
  • Sociology;
  • Sociology and Anthropology;
  • Theology;
  • Visual and Applied Arts;
  • Yoruba;
  • Yoruba and Communication Arts.
  • Theatre and Film Studies;
  • Theatre and Performing Arts;
  • Theatre Arts;
  • Theatre and Media Arts;

What are the courses in fine and applied arts?

Fine and applied arts courses include a huge range of disciplines.

Art workshop
Source: UGC

Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theatre and dance - historically, such forms of art are considered as fine art. Today the list includes filmmaking, photography, design, conceptual art. All the educational courses related to these kinds of art are fine art courses. See also: Best art courses to study in Nigeria.

As for applied art, this is kind of art that is related to design and decoration of objects that are in everyday use. These two types of art often overlap, in our list we can see art and applied arts as one course.

Here we have the list of universities that offer fine and applied art as a course:

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  • Delta State University;
  • Federal University;
  • Niger Delta University;
Art graduates
Source: UGC
  • University Of Benin;
  • University Of Jos;
  • University Of Nigeria Nsukka

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Source: All Art Courses in Nigerian Universities


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