100+ boy names that start with J, their meanings and origins

100+ boy names that start with J, their meanings and origins

Are you an expecting parent? Or perhaps you just had twins and you trying to figure out J names for boys. We all are aware of the importance of a name in a person's life, the uniqueness, and the sense of identity that it has to a particular individual. Did you know the first letter of your name can also significantly influence your personality? Today, baby boy names that start with J happen to be the most popular in the world.

boy names that start with J
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What are some unique J names for boys? Here are some of the most popular, unique, common, and modern male names that start with J.

Unique boy names that start with J

Unique boy names that start with J seem to be the most popular names new parents are considering today. So what are some of these unique names? Check them out below.

  • Jaabir: a good counsellor; Hebrew ancestry
  • Jaafar: comes from the small river
  • Jaagup: an Estonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter
  • Jaah: grandeur or dignity; Hebrew ancestry
  • Jaak: one who holds the heel
  • Jaakko: means supplanter or representative; Finnish form of Jacob
  • Jaala: an ascending little goat
  • Jaakob: He is a representative
  • Jaali: powerful
  • Jaalib: One who a cause for acting, has a motive
  • Jaan: God is gracious
  • Jaani: he is a gift from God
  • Jaay: one who is happy and jubilant always
  • Jabaar: one with great power and might
  • Jabal: one who glides away
  • Jabali: a man who is vital as a rock
  • Jabarjang: the strong one on a battlefield, the mighty warrior in a particular war
  • Jabber: the talkative soul, one who babbles a lot
  • Jabier: a very bright man
  • Jaber: the one who comforts others during any calamity
  • Jaaron: a song of rejoicing

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Just by a peek into the list above, one can tell that names starting with J portray masculinity, intelligence, creativity, and even vitality, all of which can help your baby boy succeed in his future endeavours.

names starting with J
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Here is a list of some more unique boy names that start with J:

  • Jabiri: a fearless man
  • Jadon: God has heard prayers; Hebrew ancestry
  • Jaffee: beautiful; It is from the Hebrew
  • Jaffa: a large orange with a thick peel
  • Jag: a man of the entire world
  • Jagan: a man who is self-confident
  • Jagat: the world
  • Jagdish: the king of the world
  • Jagdish: Lord of the universe; from Hindu
  • Jagger: a strong and a loyal man
  • Jagrav: an awakened soul
  • Jagur: a peaceful place of rest
  • Jaheem: one who is raised up
  • Jahi: a dignified person
  • Jaiden: the full name of Jade
  • Jabri: one who finds strength from God
  • Jac: Yahweh may protect, and holder of the heel; A variant of Jack from Hebrew
  • Jacan: the one who brings trouble
  • Jace: to heal; The Lord is my salvation, Healer; A variant of Jason from Old Greek
  • Jacek: like a hyacinth flower of the waters
  • Jaci: one who heals people
  • Jack: one who thinks that God is gracious
  • Jackin: a mighty man
  • Jackson: the son of Jack who believes God is gracious
  • Jacky: your favourite pet
  • Jaco: God provides guidance
  • Jacobe: one who believes in God's protection
  • Jacob: the holder of the heel, and God is the provider of protection
  • Jacobson: one who is protected by God
  • Jacobus: the one who supplants
  • Jacque: he might entirely be under God's protection
  • Jacy: he has a face of the moon

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boy names that start with J
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While the list of names starting with J remains endless, some of these names are commonly used by parents nowadays. Have a look at these names suitable for your newborn baby boy.

What is the most common name for J?

Aside from James being the most common name starting with J, there are other common J names for boys that you definitely would want to name your son.

  • Jacob: holder of the heel
  • Jadyn: one who is a stonecutter's friend
  • Jackson: the son of the one who is God
  • Jack: one who believes that the Lord is gracious
  • Jacksen: son of the man who thinks God is gracious
  • Joel: Yahu is God
  • Jasper: Associated with gemstones, it means the treasure
  • Joe: God will give
  • Joey: From the Hebrew ancestry, it means God increases
  • Joffrey: The peace a stranger brings about
  • John: The one who was graced by God
  • Jeremi: Derivates from Jeremiah, meaning the one that God appointed
  • Joshua: God is deliverance; From the Hebrew origin
  • Jeremiah: From Hebrew ancestry, meaning the one appointed by God
  • Justin: A derivative from Justus, conveying the right one, or the fair one
  • Justice: The righteous one; The upright one, and just
  • Jimmy: One who supplants
  • Justus: The righteous one; From the Latin ancestry
  • Jonathan: God has provided
  • Jordan: To flow down; To trickle down; one who descends
  • Joseph: He will add
  • Jude: The one who receives praise
  • Journey: one who is on a mission
  • Jeffrey: Divine peace
  • Job: One who was persecuted; The patient one

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Modern boy names starting with J

Living in the 21st century comes with wanting to be modern and well informed about everything that evolves around us. Consequently, modern boy names starting with J have begun to take over from the ancient naming systems.

boy names that start with J
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Below is a list of modern boy names that start with J, which can suit your baby boy.

  • Jayden: Being thankful for everything
  • Jake: Assurance of God's protection
  • Jace: The Lord of salvation; from the Hebrew origin
  • Jamir: The handsome prince; associated with good looks; from the Arabic origin
  • Jadiel: God is my Fortune; From Spanish variant of Hebrew name Gadiel
  • Jon: Jehovah has given; Gift from God; from Hebrew's ancestry
  • Jamal: Full of beauty; From the Arabic ancestry
  • Joziah: Jehovah provides help
  • Jacoby: Holder of the heel; Supplanter; From Hebrew
  • Jordy: The hardworking earth individual and a farmer; From Greek
  • Javion: the son of Japheth
  • Jerome: A sacred name that means masculinity
  • Jairo: He shines wherever he goes
  • Judson: The praised one
  • Javon: Greece; The son of Japheth
  • Jeremias: Yahweh will exalt
  • Jaxx: Son of Jack
  • Jamarion: Sparks of the sea
  • Jericho: The bright city of the moon
  • Jaziel: Alloted by God
  • Jad: The generous one
  • Jesiah: Man of Jahovah
  • Jovanni: One who believes God is gracious
  • Jessie: God has been gracious
  • Junior: Younger; From Latin ancestry
  • Jaxen: Son of Jack; Of American origin
  • Jamie: May Almighty God protect
  • Jermaine: The humble brother
  • Julian: youthful, downy-bearded, and sky father
  • Jason: A healer; Of Greek and Hebrew origin
  • Jagan: one who is confident in himself

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Christian boy names that start with J

Categorically, these names are classified according to various religions bearing in mind that people belong to different religions.

  • Jacob: the one who supplants; Hebrew ancestry
  • Jabez: God will increase your boundary
  • Jabarri: a valiant man
  • Jaay: one who is jubilant
  • Javon: the man from Greece
  • Jaan: that God is gracious
  • Jaden: one who resembles the green gemstone
  • Jaap: to overthrow; from the Estonian variant of the name of Jacob
  • Jalen: a calmed serenity
  • Jaaron: a song of rejoicing
  • Jaaved: the eternal one
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Jair: he who will light up
  • Jairo: God enlightens
  • Jake: one who takes hold of the heel; Hebrew ancestry
  • Jalaj: a lotus flower
  • Jaideep: a lamp floating on the water
  • Jalp: a discussion
  • Jamarcus: from the God mars

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Muslim boy names that start with J

names starting with J
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  • Jamail: a handsome man
  • Jamal: beauty
  • Jamael: an attractive man
  • Jalil: one who is exalted
  • Jameel: beautiful
  • Jammas: one who is often naughty and bubbly
  • Jansher: one who lives like a majestic lion in the animal kingdom
  • Jarrar: an attractive, huge, and tremendous man of the army
  • Jasser: a fearless man full of himself
  • Jaabir: a consoler and a comforter
  • Jaafar: rivulet
  • Jonah: magnificence
  • Jamaal: a handsome man
  • Jaareh: one who bruises and wounds
  • Jabbar: the mighty one
  • Jabir: consoler and comforter

Hindu names that start with J

  • Jag Jeevan: Life of the world
  • Jayachandran: Moon of the whole universe
  • Jagadayu: Lifespring of the universe
  • Jagadbandu: Lord Krishna
  • Jagadeep: Caretaker of the world
  • Jagadeesh: the light of the world
  • Jagadev: Lord of the universe
  • Jagadhidh: Lord of the world; Lamp of the world
  • Jagadip: The lamp of the universe
  • Jagajeet: The conquer of the world
  • Jagan: One who is self-confident
  • Jaganmay: one who spreads all over the universe
  • Jagannath: Lord of the world
  • Jagatbehari: one who likes travelling all over the world
  • Jagatguru: the receptor of the world
  • Jagatpal: caretaker of the world
  • Jagdeo: God of the world
  • Jagesh: Lord of the universe
  • Jahi: One who is dignified

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Biblical boy names that start with J

Names starting with J
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There is nothing more refreshing than naming your baby boy according to a specific character from the Bible. So have a look at some of those baby boy names that start with J.

  • Jesus: God saves
  • Jaakan: Intelligent human being
  • Jaalam: He will be hidden
  • Jabez: He makes sorrow
  • Jahaziel: God sees and reveals
  • Jair: Jehovah enlightens and arouses
  • Johanan: Jehovah has been gracious
  • Jaasu: The created one
  • Jaanai: God answers
  • Jaasiel: God is the maker
  • Jabesh: A dry place
  • Jachin: One who establishes
  • Jabin: God discerns, or intelligent person
  • Jadau: A friend to the people
  • Jahath: Revival, or grasping
  • Jahdai: One who directs
  • Jado: One who embraces unity

What is a good J name?

Along with James and Jacob, J names for boys in the current list of beautiful names include Jackson, Jayden, Julian, Jack, and Joshua.

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If you are wondering about the possible name for your newborn baby boy, a piece of advice for you would be to choose one according to the baby's personality. Is he a happy soul? Is he stubborn or lively?

Furthermore, you could also decide on a name based on your experiences as a mom before and during the whole pregnancy journey.

Male names that start with J are unique, and each has a different meaning. So whether you want a Christian, Islam, Hindu, or even those inspired by the Bible, you can rest assured that there is one in this list of boy names that start with J that fits your needs.

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