Thinnest woman in the world - 3 impressive stories

Thinnest woman in the world - 3 impressive stories

Do you know the name of the thinnest woman in the world? What woman has the thinnest waist in the world? Where does the thinnest lady on the planet live and what is her weight? You will be shocked by the stories we age going to tell you.

Who is the thinnest woman in the world now?

This article will cover the following topics:

  1. Who is the thinnest woman in the world?
  2. The skinniest woman in the world
  3. Woman with the thinnest waist in the world
  4. The skinniest woman in the world
  5. Woman with the thinnest waist in the world

Read on to learn who these people are.

Who is the thinnest woman in the world?

Valeria Levitin became known to the whole world because of a record of low body weight. Sources such as,, call her the thinnest woman in the world. Unfortunately, the girl is not listed in the Guinness Book of Records. But this did not prevent her from obtaining one of the most terrible titles.

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Valeria was born in Russia in 1973. When the girl was 16 years old, her parents moved to Monaco. The fashion for thin models and bullying of peers decided the fate of Lera. That's how Levitin looked at adolescence.

Valeria Levitin at adolescence

Photo from

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Our readers will say that she looked great, and they will be absolutely right! But in the American school where the girl studied, many classmates considered her fat. Once one of the peers of Lera told her that her butty could cover the gate on the football field. Then Levitin came for support to her mother. The closest person did not support her daughter in a difficult moment - the girl's mother agreed that Valerie has to lose weight. At that time, the girl weighed 64 kilograms.

Valeria with normal weight

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So Valeria began to lose weight. At first, she did it very well. But, the complexes settled in her head demanded less and less on the scales. And the girl continued to lose weight, dreaming of becoming a model one day and putting all those noses out of joint who called her fat and in every way mocked her and her appearance.

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Stopping Valeria was impossible. She developed a disease that affects millions of girls all over the world - that is anorexia.

When she was 24 years old, her weight was only 38 kilograms, and Lera wanted to be slimmer, "more beautiful."

And then came the point of no return. Realizing that she might die, Levitin and her family turned to specialists for help. Doctors tried to bring the girl back to life, teach her how to eat and love her body. The prognosis was poor.

The thinnest woman in the world

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The irony was that after a while Valeria was forced to abandon many products because the body no longer respond to them. Due to illness, her life became very lonely. For more than 10 years she had been alone. It was complicated for her to start relations. According to Valeria, she is not able to do many things that couples usually do. Valeria could not put on weight even under the direction of specialists she regularly visited for 10 years.

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Valeria tried to take supplements that helped counteract the appearance of bruises on her body. Also, the woman moved very carefully so as not to fall. Despite all the difficulties, Valeria dreamed of a child and believed that this desire would help her find the desired health, lost due to her diet.

In the last years of her life, Valeria Levitin realized what a mistake she had made by chasing fashion and following the instructions of strangers. She began to promote a healthy lifestyle and tried to make girls who want to lose weight understand that it is essential to love your body as nature has made it.

But it was too late. The body of the girl could not cope with thinness and all the diseases that have developed in her body. Valeria died at the age of 39 on December 1, 2013. The weight of the woman was only 25 kilograms.

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Mistake od a beautiful girl

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The skinniest woman in the world

After the tragic death of Valeria Levitin, she was replaced by another girl. Such sources as,, gave her the title of the second skinniest woman in the world.

Lizzie Velasquez is a young American student from Austin, Texas who suffers from an uncommon disease. It is a kind of syndrome unknown to modern medicine. Her unique disease is expressed by the fact that Lizzie, whose weight today is just over 25 kilograms (60 pounds) with a height of 152 cm, has 0% of body fat. She must constantly maintain her fragile food life. So, the metabolism in her body forces the girl to eat up to 60 times a day, otherwise, not receiving food every 15 minutes, Lizzie can simply die.

Lizzie in childhood

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It is known that there are three people like her in the whole world, Velazquez names others women suffering from a strange disease - Amanda from Britain, who is about 38 years old, and 23-year-old Abigail, who also lives in Austin. So, 29-year-old Lizzie is the average of girls who have become victims of a terrible illness.

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According to some sources, Lizzie was born prematurely, weighing only 1 kilogram. Even though the doctors were sure that such a child just could not survive, Lizzie managed to do it.

The weak immune system has upset her already strangled body even more - Lizzie has vision problems, she does not see in one eye, and the vision of the second continues to deteriorate. Besides, any completely harmless disease for other people is extremely dangerous for her.

Lizzie Velasquez

Source of the picture:

Doctors still cannot definitively determine her diagnosis, one thing is clear - this is not the notorious anorexia. Lizzie’s thinness is frightening, and it’s remarkable that most people would have already suffered the most recent stage of obesity if they consumed so much food. Her ration consists of pizza, chips, chocolate, ice cream, rolls. However, Lizzie did not gain weight, and her main task is to keep the available weight at least in a stable condition.

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During her life, Lizzie Velasquez visited a truly huge number of doctors, but there are still no answers, and there is no adequate treatment. All that remains to do is to eat, eat to live.

The strange syndrome that struck the girl is similar in its symptoms to several other syndromes, one of which is progeria, in other words, premature aging. However, Velazquez doesn’t fall entirely under progeria.

Lizzie has to eat every 15 minutes

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The most significant support in the life of the girl are her parents. They bear all the responsibility for their frail daughter. Lizzie calls her mother and father a pair of heroes and does not hide that her world is first of all her parents. "I love them more than words can express," admits Lizzie.

She has a younger sister Marina, who, despite the difference in 5 years, sincerely considers herself the oldest. There is a boy in the family - it is a younger brother named Chris, who, according to Lizzie`s words, is the world's best protector for both sisters.

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The skinniest lady

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It is not surprising that Lizzie doesn’t like it when people gaze at her on the streets - she was tired of curious glances as a child, but she had to put up with it.

She was studying at the university, hoping to become an instructor in motivation after graduation. Indeed, she has something to say to people. 29-year-old Lizzie Velasquez knows exactly what it means to fight for life, not just every day, but almost every quarter of an hour. She also knows how to find positive things in almost hopeless situations, and she also knows how to temper her courage and not lose heart.

Co-writing Lizzie Velasquez wrote a book about herself. The whole life of a girl is the hope that not today, but tomorrow, doctors will find a cure for her illness, and her life will be full. However, while Lizzie herself is the hope of the doctors - with her help, they study the unknown syndrome, and while the girl is alive, they need to have time to investigate it and offer treatment.

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Inspiring Lizzie

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Woman with the thinnest waist in the world

Not surprisingly, thin waist is a real cult among women. So, the thinnest waist in the world, which was fixed by the Guinness Book of Records specialists in the early twentieth century, belonged to a resident of England named Ethel Granger.

The spouse of the woman admired such detail of a female toilet as a corset. Ethel satisfied her husband and enjoyed wearing it, and took off literally just for the night. Moreover, every day Granger pulled down her waist harder and harder. As a result, the waist gradually grew thin and became only 33 centimeters. Such a waist can be wrapped with two hands. By the way, the record was reported in 1939. And since then, women with a smaller waist size have not been found.

The thinnest waist in the world

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However, another happy owner of the wasp waist from the past is a resident of France named Emily Marie-Bouchard. She was an actress and more known to the public under the pseudonym Poehler. Her pride is the thinnest waist in the world with the same parameters as the previous record holder namely 33 centimeters. The result of her corset efforts helped the woman both on stage and in life.

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There are also women whose waist volume is striking among contemporaries. So, the American Cathie Jung has the title "The thinnest waist in the world these days". And this is not a young girl. Record holder for the eighth decade. And at this age, the circumference of her waist is 38 centimeters. These numbers are not even close to the vast majority of women on the planet.

The slimmest waist

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By the way, Cathie Jung has achieved such staggering results for a long 45 years. And the incentive was quite primitive. At one time, the American watched the film "Gone With the Wind" and decided to please her spouse with a constant wearing of a corset, which makes the figure slimmer, and the posture impeccable.

It is worth noting that owner of the thinnest waist in the world is the mother of three children. Her waist size was 64 centimeters by the age of 28. After this result, Cathie began to wear a corset every day. It not only emphasized the thin waist of the woman but also made it even thinner every day. Its volume gradually began to decrease centimeter by centimeter. When the size reached 38.1 centimeters - the record was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Incredible Cathie Jung

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The proportions of Cathie Jung are very unusual 99-38-99. She cannot get to the standard 90-60-90, and she is not in a hurry to do this.

The spouse of the American woman is so impressed with his wife's lifestyle that he madly fell in love with corsets. By the way, Cathie does not stop to wear this part of her wardrobe throughout her life. And now, at a rather old age, she takes off her corset for only a few minutes a day.

Owner of the record

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Curiously, Cathie Jang’s health didn’t worsen due to the constant wearing of a corset. Despite the pressure that turns out to be a corset on the internal organs, nothing has suffered. At least, as doctors say, but they believe, that the woman with the thinnest waist in the world cannot afford to remove the corset, because now it is supports her internal organs.

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The husband of the record holder and an orthopedist, reports that he carefully monitors the state of the health of his beloved. According to him, Cathie never lay down on the surgeon's table and did not remove het ribs (as many tend to think). The world saw and was surprised by the thinnest waist due to Cathie’s hard work and patience for dozens of years.

Now Cathie is actively filmed in various talk shows in Europe and the USA. Her photos and life story are printed on the pages of popular magazines. In particular, Jang was honored to be published on the pages of the authoritative "The New York Times."

Cathie Jung

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Unfortunately, in pursuit of approval from others and some dubious standards of beauty, many women lose not only their individuality but also the opportunity to live. Love yourself as you are, never follow different trends blindly and try to please somebody. One of the stories showed you how to live a full life even if you have some rare disease and how family support can influence your life.

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