Wedding colours and their meanings in Nigeria

Wedding colours and their meanings in Nigeria

Nowadays, alongside the white wedding dresses, brides choose more bold colours like yellow, silver, blue, and other, especially when it comes to the traditional Nigerian wedding. Every colour has its own symbolic meaning that might reflect the mentality of the couple and its vision of the future marriage. Before you buy a coloured wedding dress and choose the color combination for your special day, learn about wedding colours and their meanings in Nigeria.

Wedding colours and their meanings in Nigeria
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While choosing a colour for the wedding dress may obviously be a difficult thing to do, choosing wedding colours for a Nigerian wedding is a way more complicated task. When planning a wedding, brides and grooms need to think of their wedding colour combinations for their events, and there are quite a few nuances to take into account.

Nigerian traditional wedding colours

When talking about the colour of the bride and groom traditional wedding attire, they are usually different from the colours chosen for the wedding guests and decor, and this is to make the newlyweds stand out. Though, their look may not match the rest of the wedding.

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Wedding in Nigeria
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It's not a secret that white is one of the most common wedding colours chosen for bride and groom attire. But what if the entire wedding colour scheme is white. While some find it too boring, some use this colour in everything because of its meaning.

First of all, the white wedding dress symbolizes grace which God spills on the new family. White colour symbolizes purity, innocence, lightness, and cleanliness. White can also mean simplicity, peace, and silence. If a person likes white, it might mean that she can be characterised as the honest, stubborn, serious and shy person.

White wedding
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This bold colour is chosen by modern Nigerian brides quite often nowadays as it symbolizes love and passion. Red is also a colour of strength and health. Various shades of red have their own meanings, for example, red-orange symbolizes desire and pleasure, dark red stands for courage and power, light red means joy, and sensitivity.

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A person who loves red might be enthusiastic, optimistic and confident to pursue her dreams. Though, people who prefer red for their weddings might also be a little aggressive, outgoing, impulsive and even dangerous. Some are afraid to choose red for the wedding as it is believed to symbolize the quarrels between the newlyweds.

Interesting that if the bride is already pregnant, red might be worn on the second day after the wedding. In this case, the red colour is regarded as a colour of protection for a baby. Choosing a red scheme for the entire wedding ceremony is quite a rare thing.

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Red wedding


Pink is a mixture of red and white and it symbolizes pureness, beauty, whimsicality, and happiness. When it comes to weddings, it is often chosen by funny, quirky, and artistic people. It is a favourite colour for many girls, especially, those who are affectionate and like to feel loved and secure. When chosen as a wedding colour scheme, pink is intended to bring long and happy love.

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Pink wedding
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Modern brides choose this interesting colour quite often as it makes them look elegant, glamorous, and wealthy. Silver means encouragement and can also create a feeling of soothiness and calmness.

Silver wedding


Grey is regarded as not the best option for the wedding colour scheme as it promises a quick divorce. It is believed that if the wedding is grey, your marriage may be short and deprived of energy. But it may be just prejudices.

In fact, gray embodies neutrality, caution, and security. The colour gray signifies a lack of emotions. Grey can also symbolize maturity and readiness to compromise. On the one hand, grey may represent personalities who are seeking peace and balance but, on the other hand, it may be a favourite colour of those who like to suppress other personalities.

Gray wedding colour in Nigeria
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The meaning of blue is quite versatile. It may symbolize coldness in a relationship, freshness, and stability. When chosen for a wedding, the blue colour might promise that your marriage can finish very quickly because of the cold to each other. Similarly to grey, these can be only prejudices.

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On the other hand, blue may represent youth, spirituality, softness, compassion, and tranquillity. Blue can represent people who tend to be faithful, sensitive, patient but sometimes overcautious and too emotional. Light blue is preferred by those who are understanding, and soft. It is also associated with inspiration and emotional healing. Dark blue is all about knowledge, power, and seriousness.

Blue is a shade that stands for masculinity, that’s why it is one of the most popular wedding colours chosen by Nigerian grooms’ families. It is often chosen for spring or summer weddings. When the temperature is extremely high, blue attires create a feeling of freshness.

Blue wedding
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This is the colour of growth, nature, fertility, and health. This colour makes you feel relaxed having the healing power; this is why many companies use this colour in the logos to draw the attention of the clients suggesting their products are natural and safe. Also, green is a colour of harmony, hope, peace, and balance.

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Green wedding


Yellow is associated, first of all, with, sun and energy. But there is a negative interpretation of yellow chosen for a wedding dress.

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Yellow wedding
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Gold colour’s symbolic meaning is wealth, material success and prosperity. The golden wedding dress promises to bring happiness in the marriage and money. Similar to yellow, gold represents brightness and cheerfulness. People whose favourite colour is gold may be extravagant, wise and powerful.

Golden dress


Brown symbolizes comfort, order, and a stable life, and wealth as this is the colour of earth. People who like brown are patient, not impulsive, steady, and kind. It is often chosen by Nigerian grooms as it is a masculine colour representing maturity, and stability.

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Brown wedding
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The first thought coming to the mind when thinking about black is dullness. However, modern brides still tend to choose black. Everything depends on the perception and meaning of the black colour which is controversial.

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Alongside white, black is a classic and timeless colour that makes you look elegant and stylish. Unlike white, it symbolizes mystery, minimalism, and perfection.

Black wedding
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Purple symbolizes the stability of the blue and the energy of the red colour. Purple is known to be a colour of royal families symbolizing nobility and prestige. Combined with gold, purple portrayed wealth, magnificence, and extravagance.

Purple wedding
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This colour is a combination of red and yellow. It symbolizes such features of these colours as brightness, warmth, fun. Because of its lightness, orange can boost appetite. delicious qualities. It can also increase the oxygen supply to the brain stimulating mental activity. This citrus colour is often chosen as the most favourite colour by Nigerian young people. For this reason, it is often selected for wedding by young, fun-loving, enthusiastic and optimistic people.

Orange wedding

So these are wedding colours used in the Nigerian weddings. But these rules are not hard. Moreover, when it comes to wedding attire, Nigerians are very creative, and every wedding is unique and exclusive.

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Whether you opt for a white or coloured wedding dress, feel free as all the meanings, and interpretations of the most popular colours are culturally determined and do not necessarily fit your own vision.

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