Top 15 richest towns in Anambra state: Interesting facts

Top 15 richest towns in Anambra state: Interesting facts

Anambra State got its name from "Anam" and "branch". The states' natural resources attract many investors and industrialists. Discover interesting facts about the top 15 richest towns in Anambra state.

Richest towns in Anambra state
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Although Anambra is the eighth most populous state in Nigeria (around 8.5 million in population in 2020), its towns have lower poverty rates than other states. Moreover, job opportunity levels are average because the state is rich in crude oil, ceramics, gas, and bauxite.

Anambra State overview

The Federal Republic of Nigeria created Anambra State on August 27, 1991. According to the UN Global poverty index report, this is the second richest Nigerian state after Lagos. Anambra is in the southeastern part of the country, bounded by Kogi State (north), Imo State (south), Delta State (west), and Enugu State (east).

Top 15 richest towns in Anambra state

The Igbo tribe (one the largest communities in the country) dominates the Anambra state. The old Anambra state was part of East Central State, whose capital was Enugu. The state was divided into Anambra and Enugu in 1991. There are 179 towns in Anambra, and its current capital of Anambra is Awka. Below are the richest towns in Anambra State:

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1. Awka

richest city in nigeria
Awka in Anambra State. Photo:
Source: UGC

Awka is one of the richest cities in Anambra State and the state's capital. It is economically developed, has the potential to create new jobs, and attracts investments from all over Nigeria. Awka town also generates billions of Naira annually.

It is the ‘heart’ of the country’s carving and metalwork industry. The place has several impressive higher educational institutions (private and federal) that produce successful medical workers, businesspersons, and scientific geniuses.

2. Nnewi

Why do we believe that Nnewi is the richest town in Anambra state? Nnewi is considered a city of black billionaires because many famous and financially successful people were born or raised here.

Some of Nigeria's wealthiest people from Nnewi town are Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, Cosmas Maduka, Cletus Ibeto, and Innocent Chukwuma. People also call it the ‘Japan of Africa’ because it is a developed industrial area.

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3. Onitsha

It's not a secret that many Nigerians love Onitsha's markets. People travel here from around the country to make purchases. Onitsha town is on the eastern bank of the Niger River in Anambra State.

It is globally known as one of the largest markets in West Africa, which has a river port. No wonder it is one of the richest towns in Anambra State. Onitsha has nine villages and is a predominantly Christian city.

4. Ebenebe

which town is the richest in anambra state
Iyi Ocha and Iyi Oji streams in Ebenebe, Anambra state. Photo:
Source: UGC

Ebenebe is a very small town of around 45,000 people. It was the capital of the Ezu LGA during the regime of Governor Samson Omeruah. Ebenebe town is one of the richest cities in Anambra State because people from Awka are only 25 km away.

The place favours farmers. Ebenebe is one of the state's top producers of staple crops and animals. This makes it a big trading and agricultural centre of Anambra.

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5. Ekwulobia

Ekwulobia is among the top 5 richest towns in Anambra State. It is a big urban city with enough natural resources to create. This industrial centre is one of the state's commercial powerhouses.

Being the fourth biggest urban town after Nnewi, Onitsha, and Awka. Ekwulobia town is attractive to residents across Nigeria.

It has nine villages, divided into two zones, Ezi and Ifite. The villages in Ezi are Umuchi, Umuchiana, Okpo, Abogwume, Nkono, and Ihuokpala, while the villages in Ifite are Ula, Agba, and Eziagulu.

6. Nnokwa

Nnokwa is among the most populous towns in Idemili South LGA (this Anambra state's local government area (LGA) has seven towns). Nnokwa town is the only Nri town in this LGA and has ten villages.

The villages are Ozala, Ogonogo, Umuide, Isimgbede, Aboh, Eziama, Ubili, Odumodu, Umueshi, and Umudim. They are grouped into three quarters, Nnaku, Etiti and Ifite, for easy administration.

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7. Adazi Ani

richest towns in anambra state
Adazi Ani in Anambra State. Photo:
Source: UGC

Adazi Ani is in Anaocha LGA of Anambra State along Nnewi/Agulu Road. The town borders Neni and Adazi Enu in Anaocha LGA, and Nnokwa, Alor, and Oraukwu towns in Idemili South LGA.

The ten villages of Adazi Ani town are divided into three zones, Umuru, Asano, and Ede. Villages in the Asano zone are Ikenga, Eziora, and Umuogu. Umuru Zone has Dimnam, Amaeku, and Osioka villages, while Uhuezeama, Ezi Etiti, Uhuotulu, and Urunkwo villages are in the Ede zone.

8. Alor

Alor is a town in Idemili South LGA of Anambra State. It is surrounded by seven towns: Oraukwu, Abatete, Nnobi, Ideani, Adazi Ani, Uke, and Nnokwa. Rivers is Alor are Mmili Ezigbo, Mmili Ọhọsha, Mmili Nwangene, Mmili Iyiogwgwu, Mmili Ideọhwọlọ, and Mmili Ọbịaja. They are named after the gods of the villages.

Historically, Alorites were traders dealing in textile materials. Most of them are educated professionals these days. Alor traditions are almost identical to the neighbouring communities' culture, including the Igbo culture.

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9. Nri

The Nri town is believed to be the origin of the Igbo tribe. The Nri Kingdom is among the oldest monarchies in Nigeria. Its capital was Igbo-Ukwu. The kingdom did not control the Igbo land even at its peak (between the 12th – 15th centuries). Nri town has six villages collectively referred to as Ifite Nri or (Akamkpisi na Diodo).

10. Ora Ukwu

Oraukwu is in Idemili North LGA and was initially called Ohaukwu. The hunter and adventurist migrated from the great Nri kingdom to Oraukwu around 1583 AD. Oraukwu town is under the administration of a state government-certified traditional ruler, his cabinet members, the town union executives and its members.

11. Akwa Etiti

Awka_Etiti was historically known as Awka_Nkakwu (Okankaku) and Awka_Diedo (Oka Diedo). It is an affluent town in Idemili South LGA and has seven villages, Nkolofia, Ejighinandu, Umunocha, Iruowelle, Nnaba, Umudunu, and Ogunzele.

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Traditions state that Awka Etiti was founded by a great patriarch called Oke Diedo. He migrated to Awka-Etiti due to conflicts with his brothers, Nnobi and Nnewi. They were the sons of Ezenne. Ezenne's brothers were Uke and Ojoto.

12. Agulu

Agulu is in in Anaocha LGA, and the home to Lake Agulu. Some of the Agulu community's prominent people are the former Anambra State governor, Mr Peter Obi. The town has twenty villages, Nwanchi, Okpu, Nneohia, Odidama, Ama-Ezike, Amorji, Ukunu, Umuifite, Isiamaigbo, Uhueme, Obe, Obeagu, Nkitaku, Umubialla, Okpu-Ifite, Amatutu, Umunnowu, Umuowelle, Ifiteani, and Nneogidi.

13. Enugu Ukwu

richest towns in Anambra
Enugu, a coal city in Anambra State. Photo:, @Ovinuchi Ejiohuo
Source: UGC

Enugu Ukwu is on hilly terrain in Njikoka LGA. The town's villages are Uruokwe, Urualor, Adagbe Uruekwo, Avomini, Umuatuora, Umu-Atulu, Umuatulu, Enu-Avomimi, Akiyi, Awovu, Avomimi, Enuagu, Osili, Orji, Ire, Orofia, Umuakwu, Umuokpaleri, Urunnebo, Urukpaleke, and Uruogbo.

The town is ruled by a king whose traditional title is Eze Enugwu-Ukwu na Igwe Umunri. He lives in the Umunri Palace. MTN, a large telecommunications brand in Nigeria, sponsors the annual Mmonwu festival (Masquerade festival). It is one of the main traditional events of the people of Enugu Ukwu.

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14. Nanka

One traditional story states that Nanka town came into existence when Dinne bu Ududo relocated from Ohafia (which is in the present-day Abia State) and settled in what people today call Nanka.

One story claims the name Nanka means “Nnaa m ka, naani m ka (I alone am the greatest),' and it came from a warrior called Jee nwuhu.

He hardly lost in battles and got the name Nnaanka after winning a battle that would have subjected the community to slavery. He gave birth to seven villages, Agbiligba, Amako, Etti, Enugwu, Ifite, Ubahu and Umudala.

15. Neni

top 15 richest towns in anambra state
Neni in Anambra State. Photo:
Source: UGC

Neni is the headquarters of Anaocha LGA. The town comprises ten villages, Umueze, Umudioka, Eziaja, Etitinabo, Okofia, Umunri, Umuabani, Ezineni, Umukabia, and Ugwudunu.

Oral information from elderly people in Neni state that the sons of Nnebo are the town's founders. Their influence was extended to the present Nkwo market in Igbo-Ukwu and the old Aguata LGA. Neni's neighbouring towns are Oraukwu, Akwaeze, Agulu, Ichida, Obeledu, Nimo, Aguluzigbo, Adazi-Ani, Adazi-Nnukwu, and Nri.

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Which town is the richest in Anambra state?

Nnewi, Awka, Onitsha, Ebenebe, Ora Ukwu, Akwa Etiti, Agulu, Enugu Ukwu, Nanka, and Neni are among the wealthiest states in Nigeria.

What is the richest city in Nigeria?

Port Harcourt is the richest city in Nigeria. Almost 80% of assets and investments in this state generate an annual income of over N750 000.

Now you know the top 15 richest towns in Anambra State. Nigerians call Anambra the 'Light of the Nation' because of its natural resources, fertile lands, quality education, and more.

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