Best haircuts for black men to rock this season

Best haircuts for black men to rock this season

A stylish haircut is not only the basis of impeccable style and attractive appearance of men who love to be noticed but also a must have for every contemporary man. We present to you best haircuts for black men.

Perfect haircuts for black men to rock

Best haircut for black male curly hair

To date, there are several hundred variants of hairstyles and haircuts, which can have many variations even with the same name. That is why we have gathered for you 17 bright ideas you can you use in your style. The haircuts presented below have different length, so we hope that at least one will capture your eye and heart.

1. Bob style

The simple but at the same stylish haircut below is made in bob. If you have nothing against this length and have pretty natural curls, you can give this haircut a try.

Bob style

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2. Flat line from the temple to the temple

This is a cool hairstyle for African men. A feature of the haircut is a flat line from the temple to the temple. A short stylish beard is a great addition to the haircut.

Cool hairstyle for African men

3. The Narrow Afro

If you like the Afro hairstyle, but you do not want a big volume, you can make a narrow Afro just by removing the length from the temples.

The Narrow Afro

4. Extravagant undercut

Do you prefer extravagant and funny hairstyles? This option is for you. With the help of hair trimmer shave the temples and back of the head, completely opening the ears. The upper strands are about 20 cm long so that we could groan into the tail.

Extravagant haircut

5. Shaved side with bang

Short smooth waves hairstyles are never boring. This haircut combines a shaved side and 360 waves, which are even easier to do on short hair.

Short smooth waves

6. Brutal semi-box

This hairstyle is trendy and suits almost every man. This type of hair always looks well-groomed and does not require much effort in styling. A neatly shaved beard completes the brutal, masculine look.

Brutal semi-box

7. Shaved temples and back of the head

This hairstyle has a slight resemblance to the style of semi-box. Such haircut will suit only black men. Straight lines make this haircut even more stylish and attractive. By the way, you can either leave thin side-whiskers or shave them off at all.

Popular haircut among black men

8. Short haircut in the technique of hot scissors

Thick beard and tight hair are trendy among Africans. Cut curly hair shortly, use the technique of hot scissors.

Thick beard and tight hair are trendy among Africans

Black male haircuts

Many fashionable and topical hairstyles came to us from the past, but it is even more interesting to combine the retro style and modern technologies. Keep up with the times, experiment and remember that hair is the most crucial part of your overall image.

9. Box haircut

Box haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. The classic technique of its implementation suits all men. Box haircut is simple and does not require special styling. It is so popular because of this. If you do not have time to style your hair in the morning, this variant is exactly what you need.

Haircut box

10. Sports haircut

Haircut, made in the technique of box, is very popular among athletes. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the minimum length of hair.

Sportsmen like this haircut

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11. Haircut with shaved pattern

Black men's haircuts are synonymous to hairstyles with shaved patterns. The texture of black hair, especially short, the most common is straight line. Remember that geometrical patterns are at peak of popularity now, almost in everything.

Haircut with shaved pattern

12. Fade haircut

Fade haircuts can be of the following types: low, high and medium conic, Temp Fade, very short, Drop fade, mohawk, Afro, and comb-over. This haircut will suit any shape of the face and hair structure. It has become one of the favorites among black men. The hairstyle gained such popularity due to its versatility and numerous options.

Fade haircut

13. High upper mohawk

High upper mohawk is also possible on the natural hair. This haircut does not require any styling.

High upper mohawk

14. Semi-box haircut

The unusual version of the male haircut is semi-box. This hairstyle is characterized by short hair on the back of the head and temples. Hair is longer on the frontal area of the head. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is a clear line of edging. The wide parting and rounded lines are shaved using a hair trimmer. The hairstyle suits well the casual style.

Semi-box haircut

15. Haircut-ground

Haircut-ground is an interesting version of the hairstyle for sportsmen. A characteristic feature of this haircut is a kind of horizontal surface area. This area is located from the frontal part of the head to the vertex. This is one of the most convenient and stylish haircuts for black men.


16. Mohawk with dreadlocks

Mohawk with dreadlocks refers to the ultra-hair hairstyle. It is very popular because of shaved temples and long dreadlocks. Dreadlocks hairstyle will give such hair neatness. If there is a desire to stand out from the crowd, then with the help of a gel, you can form spikes from the hair, which will give the image recklessness.

Mohawk with dreadlocks

17. Stylish Quiff

Quiff is a fashionable modern hairstyle, which includes the so-called bangs Pompadour, or coca. This is a haircut with shaved temples, a long bang, and vertex, which is gradually shortened towards the back of the head.

Stylish Quiff

Most men prefer to disguise the natural beauty of curls in every possible way, cutting them to the very roots. But if you choose the right haircut, ensure proper care and styling for each day, then it is entirely possible to add individuality, originality, charm to your image.

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