Yoruba Oriki names and meanings: find the perfect name for your baby

Yoruba Oriki names and meanings: find the perfect name for your baby

The Yoruba people are known for their complex drumming culture, music, and a large number of deities. Children born in this community get symbolic names. Yoruba Oriki names and meanings are evidence that this nation takes child naming very seriously.

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In the Yoruba community, names are divided into five sections. Oruko Amutorunwa means destiny names while Oruko Abiso refers to acquired names. The other categories are Oruko Abiku, Oruko Inagije, and Oriki.

Top Yoruba Oriki names

Oriki in Yoruba culture is a type of praise poetry. What is the English name for Oriki? Praise is the English word for Oriki. Therefore, Yoruba Oriki names are panegyric, meaning that they are given to praise someone. Usually, they praise certain characteristics that people think a child possesses.

Yoruba Oriki names for boys

Here is a look at the top Oriki names for male children.

  • Akanbi: One who is consciously or deliberately born.
  • Alabi: Born with purity.
  • Ayinla: A child meant to be praised and disciplined.
  • Àjàní: A child we fought to have.
  • Adigun: Righteous one.
  • Adio: Righteous one.
  • Adisa: The clear one.
  • Ajadi: End of war.
  • Àjàgbé: I fought to carry this child.
  • Ajala: One who has fought and survived.
  • Ajao: Fighter with victory.
  • Akangbe: One consciously or deliberately carried.
  • Akande: One who arrives in full determination.
  • Àkànde Àgàn: Yoruba Oriki name meaning the prince’s favourite.
  • Àkànjí: One whose touch gives life.
  • Akanmu: One who is personally chosen.
  • Akanni: Profitable encounter or an encounter that brings wealth.
  • Àkànní: Met only once to have this child.
  • Akano: He who smashes up at a touch or a warrior.
  • Alade: The crowned one.
  • Alagbe: One who survived to be carried.
  • Alao: One destined to divide and conquer enemies.
  • Amoo: Power of an eagle.
  • Alani: Peaceful and sere.
  • Aremu: First son or prince.
  • Ariyo: Bringer of joy upon sighting.
  • Asamu: Very sharp boy.
  • Atanda: One created to shine bright.
  • Aweda: Warrior.
  • Ayinde: We gave praises and he came.

Oriki Yoruba names for girls

Below are the top Oriki names for female children.

  • Àbèbí: Begged to be birthed (usually given after a difficult birth)
  • Abegbe: A baby we begged to carry.
  • Abeke: We begged for her to caress her.
  • Àbèní: We begged to have this child.
  • Adubi: One we struggled to birth, especially if she was in a breech position.
  • Àdùké: A child that everyone else fights to care for because it is a privilege to pamper her.
  • Aduni: The child we struggled to have. It also means joy.
  • Agbeke: One carried in order to pet.
  • Ajike: One who wakes up to some pampering.
  • Ajoke: A child born to be pampered and cherished by everyone.
  • Akanke: Lovable at the first meeting.
  • Àlàké: Circumstances had to be overcome to take care of her.
  • Amoke: Loving stroke.
  • Amope: One with complete knowledge.
  • Ànìké: Child born to be pampered.
  • Apeke: A girl child who is to be pampered and loved by all. Usually, this name is followed by other words or songs of praise.
  • Àríké: One who should be cared for or pampered upon sight.
  • Asabi: One chosen to be born.
  • Àshàké/Asake: A daughter who is chosen to be cherished and pampered or cherished.
  • Atunke: A daughter that should be continually cared for by all.
  • Aweni: A baby to be bathed and possessed.
  • Awero: One that is bathed and well-covered in a wrapper.
  • Ayinke: To praise and pet.
  • Ayoka: A daughter who brings joy to everyone.

From the above Yoruba Oriki names and meanings, it is clear that this community gives symbolic names. In this culture, every child gets a well-deliberated name, and we hope you will get the perfect one for your child from the list above.

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