“PR Gone Wrong”: Eniola Ajao Breaks Silence Amid Bobrisky Award Drama, Explains Femi Adebayo’s Role

“PR Gone Wrong”: Eniola Ajao Breaks Silence Amid Bobrisky Award Drama, Explains Femi Adebayo’s Role

  • Nollywood actress Eniola Ajao has finally spoken up about the drama that came from her Ajakaju movie premiere
  • The movie star’s premiere made headlines after popular crossdresser Bobrisky was awarded the best-dressed female celebrity at the event
  • This led to a lot of online talk that finally made the movie producer share her side of the story in an interview
  • A Nigerian social media expert, Tobi Crackit, shared his thoughts on Eniola Ajao's Bobrisky stunt and how it could have been made to work for her

Popular Nigerian actress Eniola Ajao has broken her silence amidst the drama caused by Bobrisky winning a female award at her event.

Recall that the movie star’s Beast of Two Worlds: Ajakaju movie premiere became the topic of discussion on social media after Bobrisky was named the best-dressed female celebrity at the occasion.

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Actress Eniola Ajao speaks amid Bobrisky, Femi Adebayo drama over best dressed female award.
Actress Eniola Ajao breaks silence amid Bobrisky, Femi Adebayo drama. Photos: @eniola_ajao, @bobrisky222, @femiadebayosalami
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This led to a lot of online drama and altercations between some of her colleagues in the movie industry, including much-loved actor, Femi Adebayo.

Eniola Ajao clears the air

Shortly after the Bobrisky drama continued to trend online, actress and movie producer Eniola Ajao shared her side of the story in an interview with Arise TV.

According to Eniola, naming Bob as the best-dressed female at the event was only to get people to talk about her film. She noted that her team had decided that they needed to do something to get the movie noticed.

She said:

“It was all a joke, we just wanted to have fun, we wanted people to talk because my team and I decided that we needed people to talk about this movie, it needs to be in the faces of people. I’ve taken it upon myself to protect the image of a lot of people at the same time, I’ve been doing it all alone and I wasn’t getting the help I felt I needed so I was like ‘okay what do we do for people to talk about this film?’ and we decided that let’s give it to Bob because he’s always a controversial person.”

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Eniola Ajao defends Femi Adebayo

Speaking further during the interview, Eniola Ajao reacted to the backlash her senior colleague Femi Adebayo had received for being the one who made the controversial announcement at her event.

According to her, Femi Adebayo was her boss, and he was unaware of the plans to use Bob to promote her movie. Eniola stated that she had only asked her senior colleague to help her make the announcement and some people were disappointed in him as a result.

The Ajakaju movie producer then pleaded with Nigerians not to be upset with Femi Adebayo because he was a nice man who only tried to support her new film.

She also went on to apologise to Nigerian women while reiterating that she had nothing against them or the Nigerian culture. In her words:

“Femi Adebayo is my boss, he wasn’t even aware of so many things that were going on, I only called him to help me announce, he wasn’t part of the judges or anything. People should please not be disappointed in him, he’s a very nice person, he’s a boss I really love so dearly. When I saw people saying things online that they won’t watch the movie, please I’m begging you guys, it was all jokes and Femi Adebayo knows nothing about what happened at the premiere. I understand why people are upset but I wanted people to talk about the movie and I didn’t see it from the angle that people were going to get upset that Bob is a male. I just want to say I’m sorry, I love our culture, I love our tradition, I love women out there, so it was all a joke.”

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Listen to the audio below:

Reactions as Eniola Ajao clears the air

Many Nigerians shared their thoughts after Eniola Ajao explained the role Femi Adebayo played in announcing Bobrisky’s controversial award at her movie premiere. Read what some of them had to say about it below:


“But attention has moved from your movie now to fight. No one is talking about the movies. Wrong move.”


“Bad PR, you only created publicity for him and not the movie, I don't even know the name of the movie tbh.”


“Whoever told you to toe this line didn't advice you well. You have only used the movie to promote bad social behavior, creating conflicts and controversy. Personally, I won't even want to see such a movie that would eulogize bad moral standards above good and relegate, even tarnish the effort and image of womanhood. VERY APPALLING .”


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“It’s bad publicity madam, I won’t go n see a movie that my gender was ridiculed at the premiere.”


“Gather here if you still don't know the title of the movie... ( she still did not even mention the title of the movie).”


“You just intentionally pulled down ur movie honestly…very bad move and PR.”


“And this is supposed to be damage control?? The head of your PR team is not correct o.”


“Nothing is based on merit anymore just selfish interests regardless of whether it damages the society or not.”


“This reason seems so daft. So it was intentional.. and you expect us to watch the movie...is that a PR?”


“It’s unfortunate you use your PR to discredit your movie. O ma se o.”


“This is the reason I respect funke AKINDELE so much , she doesn't need to go through controversy to promote all her film, lafunky your respect just added more to me.”

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“They should have given it to Papaya at least, I am very sure Bobrisky will tackle her and they could actually get the content they wanted from it.”


“Wrong idea , no ones even cares about the movie.”


“It's a wrong idea ma'am.... nobody is talking about the movie now it's from one fight to another since yesterday..... matchewwww .”


“Dey play movie wey nobody dy talk aboutna bob and portable dy trend PR gone wrong.”


“This is not right..... And disrespectful to our women. You shouldn't have dragged Mr Femi Adebayo into such.”


“PR gone wrong; it brought negative vibes only. It was a miscalculation.”


“Imagine,PR gone wrong... meanwhile Femi Adebayo don chop abuse for weytin he no know anything about.”

The stunt was ill-planned - Media expert speaks

After Eniola Ajao's Bobrisky stunt went wrong, Legit.ng had a chat with social media expert, Tobi Crackit, who shared his two cents on the matter.

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According to him, the stunt was not properly planned. He added that they should have used the shock value to direct people to watch the movie instead of creating another controversy.

He said:

"I think it was ill-planned, they should have used that shock value to urge people towards the movie rather than create another stunt regarding Best Dressed Female.
Any publicity is good publicity if you can turn it to your advantage. If at every time people talk about the controversy, the movie is being mentioned then maybe at least awareness is achieved. That wasn't the case, people were more interested in the controversy than the movie itself."

Crackit also said:

"She could have used Bobrisky to push the movie by going on live with Bobrisky and then talking about the dress, the movie and other things. They could have also pushed the movie even before the premiere. Nigerians don't like things dropped on them all of a sudden, they prefer the suspense etc."

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Actress Kemity reacts to Bobrisky award drama

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that actress Kemi Apesin, aka Kemity, waded into the trending topic of Bobrisky winning the best-dressed female celebrity award.

The movie star accused her colleagues of enabling Bobrisky and turning around to complain about him winning in a category meant for them. According to Kemity, the crossdresser has always attended their parties dressed up like a woman, and they never complained until now.

The movie star asked if they were just realising that Bobrisky is a man considering that they usually entice him with invitation boxes for him to attend their events.

Source: Legit.ng

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