Scavenger hunt ideas for teens to keep them entertained

Scavenger hunt ideas for teens to keep them entertained

Teenagers are fun to be around, though they can sometimes be a lot to handle. They get bored fast, and entertaining them takes work. One way to keep them busy is by organising games such as scavenger hunts. These are fun scavenger hunt ideas for teens.

Outdoor scavenger hunt for teens
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A scavenger hunt is a perfect game for entertaining teenagers. It is suitable for a birthday party, a sleepover, or a friends hang out. There are numerous fun ideas of scavenger hunts and games for teenagers. Here are teen scavenger hunt ideas for you to consider.

Scavenger hunt ideas for teens

A scavenger hunt is the perfect game if you are looking to entertain teens. There are two ways to play the game. One is finding and collecting items, and the other is finding a hidden prize by following clues. Below are some teenage scavenger hunt ideas.

Mall scavenger hunt

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What kind of teenager doesn't love going to the mall? Visiting the mall is one of the exciting activities for teens. You can add to the fun by creating a scavenger hunt at the mall. Identify the different locations at the mall where the teens must take selfies to complete the challenge. The fastest wins the hunt.

Indoor scavenger challenge

This is one of the best teenage scavenger hunts during the rainy season. This occurs indoors, where kids are challenged to find items around the house. The idea is to have a list of things that will allow them to do it repeatedly.

Zoo scavenger hunt

Teens usually love animals, and organising a zoo outing is one of the best outdoor scavenger hunt for teens. The kids should spot the different animals, such as lions, tigers, zebras, etc., at the zoo-themed challenge.

Selfie photo challenge

A selfie photo challenge is one of the popular ideas for a scavenger hunt for teenagers. The teams get a list of items they need to take selfies with. The selfie needs to be unique, so creativity is needed here. Ultimately, all the selfies are compared, and the most unique wins the challenge.

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Movie quote challenge

This is one of the scavenger hunt ideas at home. Teens who love movies will enjoy this game. Come up with a list of quotes from known movies. The kids are divided into teams and are supposed to match up with corresponding movie titles within a given time. The team that finishes first with correct answers wins the challenge.

Art scavenger hunt

This game is for art lovers. The teens get a list that comes with a set of pictures. The participants must fill in the images themselves. The inspiration comes from the things they see around them.

Road trip scavenger hunt

This road trip game is great when you need to occupy yourselves on a long drive. The game will keep your teens busy as they check through the car windows to spot the objects. Long car drives will no longer be boring with this adventure.

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Nature scavenger challenge

Like the name, the game occurs in a natural setting such as a beach or a park. The idea is to devise a list of things the kids must find, such as a bird feather, a seashell or butterflies. It could also involve taking photos, making a sandcastle, or standing beside a waterfall.

Backyard insect scavenger challenge

Scavenger hunt ideas for youth
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Another exciting idea done in the backyard. All you need is magnifying glasses and the teens. The idea is to find different insects in the background. Add fun by asking them to count the body parts, such as legs or wings.

Movement challenge

This is a good activity for kids that involves different movements. It's best done outdoors; the teens will look for items as they crawl under, jump over, or roll across. It is a good sweat challenge since it can be very physical.

Number scavenger challenge

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The number hunt is a good treasure hunt for teens who love mathematics. Prepare several boxes, and let the kids find objects in singles, pairs, groups of three, etc. The game can be played indoors and outdoors.

Photo scavenger hunt

This hunt involves getting the kids into teams and giving them a list of items or photos they must find in an area. It could be an outdoor or indoor activity. Once the items have been collected, they should draw them on one big piece of paper and the most creative wins.

Holiday hunt

A holiday hunt involves creating a list of items used in a particular holiday. An excellent example of a holiday challenge is walking or driving around your area to identify different Christmas decorations during Christmas holiday. They can take pictures of the items and the team that identifies the most in the shortest time.

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City scavenger challenge

This is one of the best scavenger hunt ideas for youth. It is an excellent game for people who live in big towns or cities. The kids get a list of clues hidden around the city. The clues could be a statue or a landmark. They could also solve a riddle that gets them a clue.

Playlist scavenger challenge

This exciting hunt involves creating different categories, each consisting of a list of the best songs. The categories could be songs from the 90s, and the teens must find them on streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube.

Secret code scavenger challenge

Scavenger hunt ideas at home
Teenagers looking at a puzzle. Photo:, @ronlach
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This treasure hunt has two parts in it. The first one involves the kids looking for secret clues. After the clues, they must decode the clue that will lead them to unlock a hidden message. The first to unlock the message is the winner.

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Food scavenger hunt

This hunt is better at a farmers' market or a grocery store. Get teens into teams and give each group a list of items they should find in the market. Another way is to provide them with a recipe and let them find the items for the recipes—the first team to finish wins.

Word scavenger hunt

This is one of the most popular scavenger hunt ideas for high schoolers. The idea is that the teens look for letters to create words. Besides being a fun game, it is an excellent way for kids to learn phonics.

Movie scavenger hunt

This is another game that teens would enjoy. It takes place as they watch a movie. Teens are given a list of actions to perform in their respective teams, phrases or items to find. Whoever finishes correctly first is the winner.

Virtual scavenger challenge

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To host the virtual challenge, you will need internet access, a list of items, some clues and teens to play. The list and clue can be shared via email or a group chat and agree on time. Once the hunt is over, everyone scatters to complete the challenge. There must be an allotted time after which everyone reconvenes, and the winner is named.

DIY colour scavenger hunt

This fun challenge will keep the teens busy. The idea is to get white lunch bags, colour swatches with markers or crayons on the front and scatter them around the yard. Send the teens out to fill the bags with an item of each colour.

Scavenger hunts are among the best boredom-busting activities for teens. They can be done indoors or outdoors. Scavenger challenges are not only fun but educational as well. If you are looking for scavenger hunt ideas for teens, this article is for you.

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