Lost bet games: 100+ fun punishments and forfeits for losing

Lost bet games: 100+ fun punishments and forfeits for losing

A bet or game becomes exciting when the loser is subjected to a punishment the winner (or the other players) finds amusing or embarrassing. In most games, the leader or winner selects a creative penalty activity for the loser. The severity of the penalties often increases from minor irritations to blatant absurdity. This article shares funny punishments for lost bet games you can use in your next game.

Funny punishments for losing a bet or game
Funny punishments for losing a bet or game. Photo: pexels.com, @MART PRODUCTION (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Games and bets are among the best fun activities for friends and loved ones. Since implementing rewards for winners and consequences for losers makes the gaming session more exciting, make the punishments for the loser fun to avoid spoiling the game. Check out some exciting punishments for bet losers below.

Funny punishments for lost bet games

A suitable punishment for losing a bet should be something someone can complete in a short time so that while the other participants have a good laugh, the loser, on the other hand, doesn't have to suffer for too long. Below is a list of fun punishment ideas for losers:

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  • Wear a ridiculous outfit for a day.
  • Give up your favorite food for a week.
  • Walk around with a sign that reads "loser."
  • Wear the opponent's jersey for the rest of the day.
  • Eat something disgusting after losing in a cook-off.
  • Be at the beck and call of the winner for a day.
  • Give up their seat on public transportation for someone else.
  • Stand on a busy street corner and sing loudly.
  • Give up their place in line for someone else.
  • Color the hair a ridiculous color for the day using temporary hair dye/chalk/spray.
  • Hold the door open for people for a day (or any other agreed-upon time).
  • Do an embarrassing dare in public that the winner chooses.
  • Pay for the next round of drinks (or some other agreed-upon item/service).
  • Post an embarrassing picture of themselves on their social media.
  • Carry around a picture of the winner (or any other object) for a day.

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Punishments for losing a bet with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Punishments for losing a bet with your boyfriend or girlfriend
Punishments for losing a bet with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Photo: pexels.com, @Yan Krukau (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You should give your boyfriend or girlfriend a relatable punishment when they lose a bet. This means it should be a pretty tough but also achievable challenge. Below are some funny ideas you can try out when playing bets with your boyfriend or girlfriend:

  • Stay away from using the phone for the rest of the day.
  • Wear clothes inside out for a day.
  • Wear clothes backward for a day.
  • Post a picture of themselves on social media doing something silly.
  • Do ten push-ups (or any exercise) whenever they hear the word of the day.
  • Talk like Yoda (or any movie character) for a day.
  • Do an impression of the winner for the day.
  • Walk around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe for a day.
  • Eat something gross, like a raw egg.
  • Wear pajamas in public for a day.
  • Recite a tongue twister in public.
  • Act out a scene from a movie or TV show in public.
  • Wear embarrassing makeup inside the house all day.
  • Balance an object (e.g., a book, a shoe, etc.) on the head for a day.
  • Answer personal questions truthfully (no matter how embarrassing they may be).

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Funny punishment ideas for losing a bet

Funny punishment ideas for losing a bet
Funny punishment ideas for losing a bet. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Use consequential punishments when someone loses a bet. This means that the penalty should be unpleasant for the loser to do. Here are some funny punishment ideas you can request someone to do:

  • Crack jokes in front of a group until they all laugh.
  • Sing a silly song in public.
  • Wear a humiliating sign that says "I lost a bet" for the day.
  • Walk around with tape stuck over the mouth for the day.
  • Wear a silly hat or wig for the day.
  • Post an embarrassing status on WhatsApp.
  • Dance to a Christmas carol (or some other festive song) in public.
  • Wear a Santa hat (or some other festive headgear) in public for a day.
  • Watch a cheesy movie they do not like.
  • Wear mismatched clothes for a day.
  • Go without their cell phone or social media for a day.
  • Do ten good deeds for other people (without being asked or paid).
  • Write a letter of apology to someone that they have wronged in the past.
  • Send a Valentine's or Christmas card (or any other holiday greeting) to someone they don't like.
  • Stand before a mirror and tell themselves they are beautiful/handsome (or some other positive affirmation) for 5 minutes.

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List of funny punishments for couples

List of funny punishments for couples
List of funny punishments for couples. Photo: pexels.com, @Steshka Willems (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When playing games for couples, implement funny rewards and penalty ideas for winners and losers to make the session more enjoyable. Also, ensure you incorporate some romance elements in the rewards and punishments. This will help you bond with your partner. Here are some funny penalties you and your partner can do after losing a bet:

  • Buy the winner a gift chosen by the winner within the week.
  • Make the winner their favorite meal for dinner that night.
  • Carry a picture of the winner publicly displayed for a week.
  • Plan a special date for the winner and pay for it.
  • Put on a temporary tattoo chosen by the winner on a visible body part for a week.
  • Carry around a sign that says "(insert the winner's name) is my favorite person" for a day.
  • Do household chores for a week without being prompted.
  • Give positive affirmations to the winner in front of their friends.
  • Serenade the winner with their favorite song in a karaoke bar.
  • Perform a bedroom activity chosen by the winner.
  • Follow the day's schedule in reverse order, e.g., start the day by saying goodnight!
  • Say something positive about the winner to strangers.
  • Say something negative about themselves to their spouse.
  • Call a random number and sing them a love song.
  • Like and comment on every social media post made by the winner for a day.

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Funny punishment ideas for friends

Funny punishment ideas for friends
Funny punishment ideas for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @RDNE Stock project (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can pose fun challenges when playing games with friends and loved ones. While the winners get awarded, losers are punished in the funniest ways possible. These are some of the most amusing punishments you can request losers to perform:

  • Give the winner their favorite items, e.g., clothes and shoes.
  • Pay the bill for everyone else's meal.
  • Do a good deed for a stranger in public.
  • Sit in public with a dirty mask over their mouth for an hour.
  • Do 50 jumping jacks in by a busy road.
  • Wear mismatched shoes in public for a day.
  • Answer fun questions for a pretend interview in front of the group.
  • Drink milk, water, or any liquid non-stop (the winner specifies the amount).
  • Wear their worst clothes to work for a week.
  • Do not watch TV for a day (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, TV shows, etc.).
  • Buy the winner a small gift.
  • Write a positive review for a product or service chosen by the winner.
  • Run an errand for the winner.
  • Give the winner $100 (or any agreed amount of money).
  • Eat a weird combo of foods like fish stew and ice cream.

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The best losing bet punishment ideas

The best losing bet punishment ideas
The best losing bet punishment ideas. Photo: pexels.com, @Kendall Hoopes (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When competing in a game, creating loser bet punishments increases the stakes in the game. Playing the game also makes the players work harder to avoid losing. Here is a list of the best loser bet punishments you can choose for games:

  • Wear underpants on the head for the day.
  • Walk around the block backward for a specified time.
  • Stand on the head for five minutes.
  • Go on a date with a person chosen by the winner.
  • Prank call to someone picked by the winner.
  • Talk like a funny TV character selected by the winner for the day.
  • Pretend to be a statue in a public park for an hour.
  • Walk like a dog in the park.
  • Pretend to be a news reporter in public.
  • Hug, massage, or do any other affectionate act for a stranger.
  • Recreate a famous painting with crayons.
  • Wear a pair of novelty sunglasses in public for the day.
  • Say something negative about themselves in front of everyone.
  • Post on social media a picture with a positive caption for the winner for a specified duration.
  • Run an errand for the winner or be their assistant on their day of choice.

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Fun punishments for adults

Fun punishments for adults
Fun punishments for adults. Photo: pexels.com, @nappy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The most exciting part of attending a party with friends, family, or people you are close to is playing bets. You can spice up your game session by requesting losers to perform some of the following crazy punishments:

  • Stand on one leg for a specified amount of time.
  • Balance a spoon on their nose for a set amount of time.
  • Put up holiday decorations in an embarrassing place like the front yard or the office.
  • Watch a TV show or movie chosen by the winner.
  • Be the winner's butler for the day without pay (no weird/sex stuff).
  • Shave off one or both eyebrows.
  • Walk in public with a funny hairstyle or haircut for a week.
  • Tell an embarrassing story about themselves in front of others.
  • Dress as the opposite gender to work for a week.
  • Wash the winner's car in a swimsuit early in the morning.
  • Wear a fake mustache all day.
  • Speak to loved ones in a made-up language and translate it to them.
  • Wear socks on your hands for an entire day.
  • Carry a 'pet rock, egg, etc.,' and talk with it in public.
  • Speak in a fake accent for a day.

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What are some good punishments for games?

good punishments for games
Good punishments for games. Photo: pexels.com, @FOX (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The main idea behind doing funny punishments for losing a bet is to create some happy and enjoyable moments with friends and family. Below are some good penalties for games that you can try out:

  • Eat lemon peels (the winner specifies the amount).
  • Wear a clown nose in public.
  • Make a scene in the mall, e.g., scream or use products you have not paid for.
  • Drink coffee, juice, or liquor from a plate or cooking pot.
  • Make moaning sounds in an escalator.
  • Drink with a fork.
  • Say 'Yes' to everything.
  • Non-stop knocking at neighbor's house.
  • Bath in the living room.
  • Prank call your spouse, sibling, or parent.
  • Lick your plate in a restaurant after eating.
  • Take a tequila shot.
  • Change your social media username to something silly or embarrassing for a day.
  • Call an opponent "sweetheart" for the rest of the game.
  • Let your opponent select your gaming nickname for the next round.
  • Replace your desktop wallpaper with a hilarious meme or embarrassing photo for a week.

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What should I do after losing a bet?

After losing a bet or game, honor your commitment by performing the punishment the leader or winner will give you without resentment. Also, lean into the humor of the situation to enjoy the game and make it fun for other participants. Nonetheless, set clear boundaries before the game starts to avoid requesting participants to do punishments that make them uncomfortable.

What are some funny bets to make with friends?

Funny bets to make with friends
Funny bets to make with friends. Photo: pexels.com, @August de Richelieu (modified by author)
Source: UGC

There are numerous funny games and bets you can come up with and play with your friends. To keep the games interesting, below are some fun challenges or penalties you can request losers do:

  • Play rock-paper-scissors, and the loser buys a drink.
  • The person who can do the most push-ups in a minute wins.
  • Hold a no-sleep challenge and see which player can stay awake the longest.
  • Hold a cook-off challenge to see whose dish will be the best.
  • See how many hula-hoop spins you can do in one minute.
  • Hold a food-eating competition; whoever eats the most in one sitting wins the game.
  • Play a truth or dare game. The loser has to do a dare.
  • Hold a thumb-wrestling match and see who wins.
  • Challenge your friends or loved ones to card games.
  • Hold a staring contest; the first person to blink first loses the bet.
  • Whoever loses a game of pool has to do a silly dare.
  • Play a water balloon fight, and whoever gets hit most often loses the game.
  • Whoever can hold their breath the longest wins a prize.
  • Whoever can balance the most coins on their forehead wins.

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Playing games and making bets is a great way to bond with friends and loved ones. They become more exciting and competitive when awards and punishments are thrown in. Use funny punishments for lost bet games to bring humor, joy, and laughter to your game.

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