Common Chinese girl names and their meanings

Common Chinese girl names and their meanings

What comes to mind when you hear the name China? The Asian country is widely known for its unique cultural practices,martial arts, among many other things. China also has an exciting naming system, especially when it comes to Chinese girl names and their respective meanings.

Chinese girl names
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Chinese names are generally perceived to be complicated by foreigners, but is this the case? Well, it depends on how you understand their culture. Chinese babies are assigned two names, and you will realize that the Chinese first names for girls are different from those of boys. Both Chinese male and Chinese female names also have their respective meanings. Parents choose for their children the best combination that will help them grow to have good characters.

Chinese girl names

How many Chinese girls names do you know? You will find it fun to learn some of the most common Chinese names and meanings.

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Popular Chinese names for girls

There are some common Chinese names for girls that you are likely to come across. They include:

  • An: Chinese Peace
  • Chanchang: Flourishing
  • Chun: Spring
  • Ehuang: Beauty-August
  • Fan: Mortal
  • Fang: Fragrant
  • Hong: Red (a sign of good luck)
  • Hui Yin: Cause
  • Huian: Obliging and quiet
  • Jing: Quiet
  • Li: Beautiful
Chinese girls names
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  • Mei Hua: Beautiful flower
  • Mei Lien: Beautiful lotus
  • Mei Xing: Beautiful star
  • Peizhi: Respectful
  • Quingling: Lucky years
  • Rong: Honor, glory
  • Roulan/Lan: Like an orchid
  • Song: Pine tree
  • Suyin: Simple sounding
  • Tung-Mei: Winter plums

Beautiful Chinese names

You may have identified the best Chinese girl name from the previous list, but that is not all. There are more pretty Chinese baby names that you may not know.

  • Ai: Love
  • Dongmei: Younger sister east or winter plums
  • Fangsu: Fragrant flower
  • Hualing: Flowery tuber
  • Huiling: Wise jade tinkling
  • Jia: Good, auspicious
  • Jie: Cleanliness
  • Lifen: Clever and fragrant like flowers
  • Ling: Clever, intelligent, spiritual

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  • Meirong: Beautiful countenance
  • Qi: Wondrous
  • Qiang: Red rose
  • Shuang: Lively cheerful
  • Xiaohui: Morning sunlight
  • Xiu: Fine, beautiful
  • Xiulan: Beautiful orchid
  • Xiurong: Beautiful glory
  • Ya: Elegant, learned, pure
  • Ying Yue: Reflection of the moon
  • Yu Yan: Beautiful smile
  • Yun: Clouds
  • Zhi Ruo: Beautiful herbal plant
Chinese baby names
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Other cool Chinese names for girls

We also have other female Chinese names on the list that most parents would also love to give their daughters.

  • Ah Lam: Peace
  • Alix: Dignified
  • Bai: Crystal clear
  • Bao: Treasure
  • Baozhai: Precious hairpin
  • Bingqing: Clear as ice
  • Biyu: Jasper, semi-precious stone
  • Caihong: A rainbow in the sky
  • Chen: The morning
  • Chow: Summertime
  • Chu Hua: Chrysanthemum
  • Chun: Springtime
  • Chuntao: Spring peach
  • Chyou: Sweet autumn
  • Daiyu: Black jade
  • Da-Xia: Long summer
  • Dai-tai: Leading a boy in hopes
  • Dandan: Cinnabar (red)
  • Diu: One who is down to earth and is a practical person

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  • Eu-fùnh: Playful phoenix
  • Eu-meh: Especially beautiful
  • Far: Flower
  • Fenfang: Fragrant
  • Feng: Maple
  • Fung: Bird
  • Guang: Light, glory
  • Genji: Who is most valuable as gold
  • Gho: Responsible and inspirational
  • Guan-yin: Goddess of mercy
  • Huiquing: Liberal good luck
  • Heng: Constant, steady, persistent
  • Hien: Persevering
  • Holea: Holy
  • Honf: Sign of good luck
  • Howin: A loyal swallow
  • Hu: Tiger
  • Hui ying: Bright, intelligent
  • Huian: Kind, peace
  • Huifang: Kind and fragrant
  • Huifen: Wise and fragrant
Chinese girls names
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  • Jiayi: Household fitting
  • Jilpa: A teacher of life
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jing: Small bird
  • Jingfei: Still fragrance
  • Jinghua: Situation splendid
  • Jinghua: Leek flowers
  • Juan: Graciousness
  • Jun: Truth
  • Jiao: Delicate, tender
  • Jiaying: Good and clever
  • Kuai hua: Mallow blossom
  • Kwong: Broad
  • Lin: A grove, wood
  • Lai: Future
  • Lì húa: Beautiful pear blossom
  • Li mei: Beautiful plum blossom
  • LiMing: Pretty and bright
  • Linqin: Beautiful zither
  • Lixue: Pretty and pure as snow
  • Loi: Thunder
  • Luli: Lewy jasmine

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  • Mei Zhen: Beautiful pearl
  • Meihui: Beautiful wisdom
  • Mingxia: Clear halo
  • Mingzhu: Bright pearl
  • Niu: A girl
  • Ninghong: Tranquil red
  • Nuan: Wholehearted
  • Nuwa: Mother goddess
  • Nuying: Female flower
  • O-Huang: August
  • Pangfua: Clouds in the shape of a flower
  • Peijing: Admiring luxuriance
  • Ping: Duckweed
  • Qing: Dark blue
  • Qing: Yuan clear spring
  • Qingge: Clear pavilion
  • Qingling: Lucky years
  • Qinyang: Sunshine of my heart
Chinese first names
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  • Shihong: The world is red
  • Shu: Fair
  • Shu fang: Kind, gentle and sweet
  • Shuchun: Fair, pure
  • Shui: Water
  • Shun: Smooth
  • Tao: Peach, a symbol of long life
  • Tè: Special
  • Teegan: Good-looking
  • Ushi: The ox
  • Wan: Gentle, gracious, lovely
  • Wei: Valuable, precious
  • Weici: Preserving the love
  • Wen: Refinement
  • Xiaodan: Little dawn
  • Xiaofan: Little ordinary
  • XUE: Snow
  • Yingtai: Flower eminent
  • Yuan: Original
  • Yue: Moon
  • Zhenzhen: Very precious
  • Zongying: Following a talent

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You can see how lovely a Chinese name is. Which Chinese girl names do you like? Picking one for your girl should not be a problem since you now have many options to select from.

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