4 Reasons Why Ondo Is Blessed by God More Than All Other States in Nigeria

4 Reasons Why Ondo Is Blessed by God More Than All Other States in Nigeria

Ondo state is one of the 6 southwestern states of Nigeria. It is situated in between Ogun and Edo states on land and cuts across many states on the sea. The state comprises the Ikales, Ilajes, Apoi, Akokos, Ondos, Akures, Ijaws, Idanres, Owos.

Though the state is yet to attain a quarter of her potentials due to bad leadership over the years but without doubt, it is one of the most favoured and blessed states in the country.

Here are four reasons why the sunshine state is blessed by God more than any other state in this modern-day Nigeria.

1. Land

To say Ondo state is massively blessed by God in this regard is an understatement. The sunshine state has unarguably the most fertile land suitable for agriculture production in the whole country. The land in the state is suitable for commercial farming of cassava, timber, cocoa, rubber, palm tree, cola nut, plantain, rice and even cannabis. These are apart from vegetables and other abundant fruits like cashew, mango etc. In fact, you can throw a seed on any land in the state and you can be sure it will germinate and survive if preys did not come near it.

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4 reasons why Ondo state is blessed by God more than all other states in Nigeria
The state comprises the Ikales, Ilajes, Apoi, Akokos, Ondos, Akures, Ijaws, Idanres, Owos.
Source: UGC

The state is one of the leading farmers of the above-mentioned agricultural products in Nigeria. In fact, it is the largest producer of cocoa in the country, responsible for about 40% of production.

2. Water

Lagos and some few other states in Nigeria are those that can boast of being blessed with ocean fronts. Ondo state trumped them all by having the longest coastline about 180km - though untapped - it is bigger and larger than that of Lagos.

3. Mineral resources

Here is another area where God has massively blessed Ondo state more than any other in the country. When it comes to oil, the state is one of the big boys with over 11% total output in Nigeria. It also has one of the largest gas reserves in the country. What of bitumen? Ondo state is number one in the country. In fact, it has the second-largest deposit in the world.

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The state is also blessed with quartz sand, clay, granite, limestone talc, kaoline, coal, columbite, rock and tin.

4. People

The list will not be complete without mentioning the great people of Ondo state. The state boasts of having one of the most brilliant, intellectual people in Nigeria. They are well-read and one of the most educated people you can see around. Generally, Ondo state people are independent-minded, thoughtful, resourceful and sometimes stubborn. They are good at most things they do. No wonder, both men and women from other states of the country are always eager to have them as spouses. And plus - they are good and excellent lovers.

However, the state like all other states in the country is also suffering from bad leadership. Enjoying the full potentials of the state can only be achieved by electing good, conscientious, proactive, and God-fearing leaders.

Disclosure: The writer, Aanu Adegun, is from Ikale nation, a major Yoruba tribe of Ondo state. You are welcome to dispute any of the points raised and it would be published on Legit.ng.

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