Major rocks in Nigeria and their locations (plus pictures)

Major rocks in Nigeria and their locations (plus pictures)

Nigerians looking for exciting ways to spend vacations or weekends should learn more about the major rocks in Nigeria and their locations. Our country is blessed with beautiful nature and some remarkable tourist attractions.

major landmark rocks in nigeria
Major rocks in Nigeria and their locations. Photo: @nature.subha, @jujufilm, @visitnigerianow, @Fans of Nigeria. (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Rocks are fascinating because they have existed on earth for thousands of years. Passionate rock hunters are usually delighted to learn each rock's transformation history. Many scientists also visit the major rocks in Nigeria to research the earth's materials, structure, and systems.

Major rocks in Nigeria and their locations

The country has many tourist attractions, from mysterious caves to rivers and mountains. People who love high mountains will absolutely like visiting rocks in Nigeria because some are way higher than the famous Egypt pyramids!

Major landmark rocks in Nigeria and their location

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The first five tour sites on this list of rocks in Nigeria are the most popular in Africa and globally. Therefore, local and international tourists visit them more than the other tour designations mentioned here. Intend to visit each of them, including rocks in on hills. Here are the rocks in Nigeria and where they are located:

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1. Olumo Rock

major rocks in nigeria and their locations
Olumo Rock. Photo: @Afrotourism, @Olumo Rock Nigeria, @Travelplusluxe, @africanheritagecity (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Olumo Rock is extremely popular and the largest in Nigeria. Many local people and tourists come here to enjoy spectacular views. Olumo Rock is located near Ogun River, in Ogun State.

Take the A5 highway heading to Abeokuta, and you will see it from afar. The Rock is 449 metres wide, and its highest peak reaches 137 meters above sea level. Although it is not as high as Aso Rock, you will still be stunned by its huge stature.

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The Egba community used it as a defensive fortress during the 19th century. Slide down the Rock to see the Ogun River wound its way into the forest of green blackwood like a silver chain. Most tourists visiting Olumo Rock stay or eat at Olumo Guest House or the Gateway Hotel.

2. Zuma Rock

major landmark rocks in nigeria and their location
Zuma Rock. Photo: @Historical Pictures Anywhere Everywhere Around the World, @Nitamorristravels, @GeologyWonders, @nature.subha (modified by author)
Source: UGC

People living in the country visit major rocks in Nigeria as often as they want. Most foreigners do not miss touring these places whenever they come to Nigeria—seeing the magnificent Zuma Rock will leave you with wonderful experiences to talk about for the rest of your life.

The rock and its location are on 100 Naira banknotes. Visit Niger State and take the A234 highway from Abuja (capital) towards Kaduna off Madala. You can see this impressive rock mountain from Abuja, nearly 725 meters tall (over 3.6 thousand feet)! Zuma Rock is also called the "Gateway to Abuja from Suleja."

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3. Aso Rock

list of rocks in nigeria
Aso Rock. Photo: @FLYTEgroup, @jujufilm, @visitnigerianow, @jujufilm (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You are closer to Aso Rock if you live in Abuja city. One notable fact about this Rock is that it's tremendously huge, like a pyramid. Aso Rock is ten times higher than most pyramids in Egypt but does not have the shape or colour of the Giza pyramids.

Aso Rock is located in Abuja. It is 400 meters (1,300 feet) high above sea level. You can spot it from the Complex of the President, the Supreme Court, or on the A234 highway. It is believed the Rock is historically linked to the Asokoro tribe. Its name means "successful."

4. Riyom Rock

top 10 rocks in nigeria
Riyom Rock. Photo: @hotelsrepublic, @ChiefyJeff, @Historyville, @visitnigerianow (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Riyom Rock is located in Plateau State, close to Riyom town. It is a fantastic and pretty unusual tourist attraction in Nigeria. The locals call it "Three Rocks" because huge rocks lay on top of each other to form a unique shape at the top. Riyom Rock is a great place for hiking and taking photos.

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5. Wase Rock

largest rock in nigeria
Wase Rock. Photo: @jotscroll, @DiepreyeGuembe, @ElishaAmson (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Wase Rock is not a popular tourist attraction site for locals and foreigners, but worth adding to the list of major rocks in Nigeria. You should see it in person to understand how mesmerizing it looks.

The famous Wase Rock is one of the world's five rare and isolated dome-shaped rock hills. It originates from a volcano and is a breeding place for pelicans. The government set aside around 321 hectares surrounding this Rock as a wildlife conservation region.

The locals are allowed to graze their animals here. The Rock reaches approximately 350 meters (over 1.1 thousand feet) above sea level and is located in Wase town in Plateau State.

6. Udi Hills

rocks in nigeria and where they are located
Udim Hills. Photo: @Fans of Nigeria., @LeBamiro, @Duhuis (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Visit the Udim, Ugwueme, or Udi hills in Enugu State, North LGA, Nigeria, any time of the year. These hills rise hundreds of meters above sea level. Nigeria mined its first coal at this place in 1915.

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You will love walking through the hills' caves and interconnected tunnels to form about 10-metres-wide chambers. The beautiful terrains at this place is perfect for hiking and bird watching.

7. Kazaure Hills

landmark rocks
Kazaure Hills. Photo: @Abdul'azeez Ibrahim Na-Yari, @insidejigawaNG, @Shamsu Yahya, @umhassan01 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Besides sitting on beautiful large rocks at Kazaure Hills in Jigawa State, you can visit the nearby Wawan Rafi Lake and the Emir's palace Dutse. The palace underwent extensive renovation to give visitors a pleasant experience.

Kazaure town is an Emirate and a Local Government Area of Jigawa State. It has been in existence since 1819 because of the ancient Kazaure emirate. The town is historically linked to the Fulani people, Dan Tunku, and the Hausa.

8. Gibadi Rock

Gibadi Rock is a milestone from Sokoto state, northern Nigeria. It is not as popular as the other rocks, but an awesome place to visit with your colleagues, friends, and family. Bring your hiking kits for a fun weekend.

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9. Shere Hills

Which rock is the largest in Nigeria?
Shere Hills. Photo: @myjtowngist, @naijafinish, @attenvo, @visitnigerianow (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Shere Hills are a range of rock formations and hills on the Jos Plateau. The hills are about 1,829 metres tall and 600 feet above sea level. They are about 10 kilometres east of the Jos metropolis in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. Shere Hills hosted the First All African Scouts Jamboree in 1976, which gathered scouts from all over Africa.

10. Kufena Hills

Where are rocks found in Nigeria?
Kufena Hills. Photo:, @nigerianembassybudapest, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kufena Hills in Kaduna State have a rugged terrain with eye-catchy landforms. They are around 825 metres above sea level and home to a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna species. The government declared Kufena Hills a national monument on July 17, 1956. It is one of the four national monuments declared and protected by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Where are rocks found in Nigeria?

Here is a list of 10 major rocks in Nigeria and their locations:

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Olumo Rock Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
Zuma RockNiger State, Nigeria
Aso Rock Asokoro, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.
Riyom RockRiyom Town, Plateau State
Wase RockWase LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria
Kazaure HillsJigawa state, Nigeria
Udi HillsNorth LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria
Shere HillsJos city, Plateau State, Nigeria
Kufena HillsZaria LGA, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Gibadi RockSokoto state, Nigeria

Which rock is the largest in Nigeria?

Zuma Rock is the largest Rock in Nigeria. It is about 300 meters (980 feet) above the ground.

Where is Zuma Rock located?

Zuma Rock is in Niger State, western Nigeria, near the capital city of Abuja.

What is Zuma Rock known for?

It is one of the highest and largest monoliths in the world.

Which state has the most rocks in Nigeria?

Plateau State has the most major rocks in Nigeria. People love touring Shere Hills. It reaches a 6,0001 feet elevation and has a range of big rocks.

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Where are igneous rocks found in Nigeria?

Magma cools and crystallizes to form igneous rocks. These rocks are abundant in the North and North Eastern parts of Nigeria, specifically in Plateau, Adamawa, Taraba, Nasarawa, and Abuja's FCT.

Where is Olumo Rock located?

Olumo Rock is in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Where is Gibadi rock found?

Gibadi Rock is located in Sokoto state, Nigeria.

These are the ten major rocks in Nigeria and their locations. Visit them to confirm that they are more stunning than how they appear in the images above. Seeing one rock in person will motivate you to tour others.

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