Obudu Cattle Ranch top 10 facts to know

Obudu Cattle Ranch top 10 facts to know

Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of the best places for vacation in Nigeria. Having developed from an ordinary ranch to the fantastic resort it is now, it offers excellent services for its guests. Read our article and find out what will amaze you about this place.

Obudu Cattle Ranch

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Every resort in the world has its visiting card and even several of them. Obudu Cattle Ranch resort is not an exception. There is a lot of amusements and recreational activities which make this place worth visiting.

History of the Obudu Cattle Ranch

This amazing place was established in the year 1951. Its founders are Scottish ranchers M. McCaughley and Mr Hugh Jones together with Dr Crawfeild. When McCaughley was discovering the mountain ranges, he considered this territory a perfect spot for a ranch. And this is how the history of the Obudu Ranch started. Now, it is a well-known Nigeria resort and recreational place.

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1. Where is Obudu Cattle Ranch located?

The Obudu Mountain Resort is located in Cross River State. This place is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and green hills which will definitely captivate your eyes, mind and soul. Once you visit the resort, you will not want to leave it. It is a perfect place for reuniting with nature and find peace for your thoughts.

2. How to get to the Obudu Ranch?

You can take a bus to the Obudu Ranch. You can use the direct route from Calabar. It will take you right to the town of Obudu. This option is the fastest one, as other buses make a couple of stops during the way.

The price of this bus journey is approximately 2,000 Naira, but it may vary. The trip to Obudu from Calabar takes about five or six hours. You will then need an another extra hour to get to the ranch itself, and we assure you that this will be the best hour of your trip as the views from windows will amaze you.

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3. Cost of visiting Obudu Cattle Ranch

What do we first do when get to a hotel? Right, we pay for accommodation. Obudu Cattle Ranch has reasonable prices for beautiful, comfortable and commodious suites. It offers several rooms which can be suitable for everyone. The prices vary from 62 US dollars to 209 US dollars per night. These are the options of rooms from the cheapest to the most expensive one:

  • Standard double chalet
  • Superior double
  • African Hut
  • Club Chalet
  • Superior double + deal of the season
  • Executive suite
  • Royal suite
  • Presidential lodge
  • Governor's place
  • Mountain Villa

4. Recreation and entertainment: Cable car

The cable car ride can be considered one of the most popular reasons to visit the Obudu Mountain Resort. Since the year 2005, the ride has attracted hundreds of visitors, having a height of 870 metres. During the ride, all you need to do is enjoy fantastic scenery and the preciousness of the moment.

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5. Canopy walkway

The canopy walkway is another distinguishing part of the Obudu Ranch. It is a wire bridge, 100 metres long, which hangs 70 metres above the ground. The bridge is located in the forests, which allows one to watch the fascinating beauty of the green woods. The walk itself may seem challenging you will definitely have fun.

6. Sports

A resort is not a good resort without facilities and opportunities for doing sports. In Obudu Cattle Ranch resort, you can go hiking, visit the gym on the territory of the hotel, or simply have a healthy walk while sight-seeing. Also, there is a court for those who adore such games as golf. By the way, there is a big pool if you fancy swimming. This resort really takes care of your health, giving you loads of opportunities to find the activity of your taste.

7. Tourist activities

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There are also lots of tourist activities which anyone will find breathtaking and extremely interesting. For example, you can take a tour to the Agbokim Waterfalls. They are a three-hour ride from the ranch but believe us, they are worth visiting. You can also take a walking excursion to the Grotto. This tour will get you to the natural pool which will fascinate you with its beauty.

There are a lot of other tours and excursions you can take. Just ask your guide about them, and he will recommend the most interesting options.

8. Cuisine

Obudu Cattle Ranch top 10 facts to know

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The Obudu Mountain Resort knows how to satisfy every single one of its guests, and food is one of the crucial aspects of making visitors happy. One can enjoy national Nigerian dishes or opt for international cuisine. The main characteristic of the local diners is the opportunity to have a meal either inside the building or enjoy your food at the terrace, enjoying magical views.

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9. Weather and climate

Due to the peculiarities of the climate in Obudu, it is recommended to carry some warm clothes as the morning might be quite cold.

10. What is the best time to visit Obudu Mountain Resort?

Any period of the year is perfect for visiting the Obudu Ranch. However, if you want to enjoy a calm and recreating vacation, you should choose any month apart from those when there are the Nigerian festivals, that is December till February. At this time, the resort is overloaded with fun and diversity of events.

Now, as you know every important fact about Obudu Cattle Ranch, the last thing you have to do is open your calendar and reserve some time to visit this incredible place. You will never regret it, as this resort is a great opportunity to make a self-reload from a busy routine and unite with nature, enjoying its unbelievable beauty.

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