60+ best orphan jokes for people who enjoy really dark humour

60+ best orphan jokes for people who enjoy really dark humour

Making jokes is a great way to bond with the people you love. However, cracking orphan jokes might not be taken lightly by most people. Orphan jokes are not as bad as many people think as they help one to accept death's reality. One is also able to process death and move past the grief.

orphan jokes
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There is nothing funny about being an orphan. Orphans suffer a great deal, and they always wish their parents were around. With this in mind, most people cringe when orphan jokes are made. However, people who enjoy dark humour will disagree. Here is a list of dark humour about orphans that will leave you in stitches.

Dark orphan jokes

Many people do not understand dark humour, leave alone dark orphan jokes. Such jokes add a funny twist on sad subjects such as death, which are considered taboo. Here is a list of dark humour jokes about orphans that will make you forget your sorrows.

  • What do you call an 18-year-old orphan? Homeless.
  • Why don't orphans get offended by dark humour? Because it can't hit home
  • I made a website for orphans, but unfortunately, it doesn't have a home page.
  • What's an orphan's favourite Roblox game? Adopt me.
  • Where do all the orphan chickens go to? In foster farms
  • What is the difference between a nose and an orphan? A nose gets picked more.
  • What is the difference between a dog pound and an orphanage? In a dog pound, people actually want it.
  • What's an orphan's least favourite TV show? Family Guy.
  • I have an orphan joke, but it needs parental guidance.
  • Why do orphans love Oreos? Because when they have a family pack, they can eat it all.
  • Why can't an orphan play the Game of Life? They don't know what a family road trip is.
  • What was the orphan's first phone? The iPhone X since it had no home button.
  • How are Fortnite cards and orphans similar: They're given away.
  • Why do orphans hate Geometry? Because it reminds them that their parents are poley-gone
  • What do blind kids and orphans have in common? Neither of them can see their parents.
  • Why don't orphans work as computer repair technicians? Because they can't find the motherboard.

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Relatable dark jokes about orphans

Losing parents is not a laughing matter. But sharing dark jokes about orphans will make you laugh. Here are jokes to light up your day when you are feeling blue.

  • If your day is not going well, you just need to punch an orphan. Who are they going to tell? Their parents?
  • How did the orphan gain fame? They said, "go big or go home."
  • What's the difference between an apple and an orphan? The apples get picked.
  • What do an orphan and a bottle of champagne have in common? They both lost their pop.
  • What's an orphan's least favourite type of music? House.

Funny orphan jokes

dark orphan jokes
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Laughter is great, although making fun of orphans is not. But you will enjoy these funny jokes if you have a sick sense of humour.

  • What store does an orphan always get kicked out of? Home depot
  • Why can't an orphan play baseball? Because he can't run home.
  • If you want to make an orphan's hands bleed, tell them to clap till their parents come home
  • How do you know an orphan is lying? When they swear on their mother's life."
  • Why do orphans eat cereal with water? Because their dad left and never came back home with the milk.
  • What movie represents an orphan's life? Spiderman No Way Home.
  • What do you call an orphan in a room full of mirrors? Surrounded by loved ones.

Hilarious dark humour jokes about orphans

Many people would say that being an orphan is a no laughing matter. Well, it depends on your sense of humour as anything can be funny. These dark humour jokes will leave you on the floor laughing.

  • Why did the orphan turn out to be a criminal? They wanted to find out what it was like to be wanted for once in his life.
  • Why should cemeteries be built next to orphanages? So the orphans can see their parents.
  • Why don't orphans play hide and seek? Because no one will look for them.
  • There is an advantage to being an orphan; every bag of chips is family size.
  • Welcome to Dave's orphanage. You make it; we take it.
  • What do an orphan's parents have in common with Nemo? They all can't be found.

Best orphan jokes

best orphan jokes
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Orphan jokes are some of the best jokes you can make if you are looking for laughter. It is, however, essential to crack them in the right place at the right time. So here are witty ones that will make you laugh out loud.

  • April fools joke is going to an orphanage and telling them their parents came back.
  • What do orphans get at Xmas? Lonely.
  • There will be a wild party tonight at the orphanage because the parents aren't home.
  • Why aren't orphans allowed to work at S.C Johnson? Because it's a family company.
  • What is a family photo of an orphan? A selfie
  • A boy who's an orphan boy at my school did terribly on an exam and started crying. I said, "You don't have to worry; your parents won't say anything."
  • What's an orphan's favourite song? Gimme Shelter

Jokes about orphans

Making jokes about orphans is not a great idea. Therefore, it would be best to be careful about who is around when cracking these jokes. Nevertheless, here is a list of the best orphan jokes.

  • What flour do orphans like to use to bake bread? Self-raising.
  • Why aren't orphan jokes funny? The punchline isn't apparent.
  • What's an orphan's least favourite store? Home depot.
  • Do you know why orphans can't get married? Because they will never get their parents' blessing.
  • What's the difference between a child with no parents and someone who likes raw metals? One is called an orphan, and the other is an ore fan.
Dark humour about orphans
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  • What is the one kind of work orphans don't know? Homework.
  • My ex was an orphan as a child. That should have been the first sign to leave her. If her parents didn't want her, why would I?
  • I'm a family doctor and wish I could help, but you're an orphan.
  • Do you know why orphans are like a boomerang? Because they come back unlike their parents.

Good orphan jokes

Some people love dark and twisted humour. These orphan jokes will brighten your day with laughter.

  • Why can orphans travel around so much? They never get homesick.
  • A boy was about to be sentenced for killing his parents. He begged the judge to spare his life. The judge asked for one good reason he should be shown any mercy. The boy replied, "I'm an orphan, your honour."
  • Why do orphans go to church? Because they can finally call someone father.
  • What's the difference between an orphan and cotton? One gets picked.
  • What do orphans call their parents? Unicorns because they don't exist.
  • Why can't orphans learn about Ancient Egypt? Because they won't understand what a mummy is.
  • The "F" in Orphan stands for family.
  • I tried to tell an orphan a knock-knock joke, but sadly there was no door to knock on.

Knock knock orphan jokes

good orphan jokes
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Knock knock orphan jokes are unique and a great way to tell jokes. These knock-knock jokes might be relatable for orphans.

1. Parents

Knock, knock.

Orphan: Who's there?

Not your parents.

2. Movie

Knock, knock.

Orphan: Who's there?


Orphan: Movie who?

Home Alone.

3. Family Reunion

Knock, knock.

Orphan: Who's there?

Family reunion

Orphan: Family reunion who?

Me time.

4. Favourite beer

Knock, knock.

Orphan: Who's there?

Your favourite beer.

Favourite beer who?


5. Orphan priest

Knock, knock.

Orphan: Who's there?


Why are orphan jokes important?

Orphan jokes are important as they can cure those with depression. Orphan jokes are about a sad situation expressed in a satirical way.

Is cracking orphan jokes okay?

Orphan jokes, just like other jokes, are hilarious. Therefore, it is okay to crack orphan jokes as long as people around are not offended by them.

When laughter and crying are the only options left, laughter is the best choice. Laughter is a great way to talk about hurtful truths, such as being an orphan. Orphan jokes are hilarious, and they help lighten the hurt. They also make people who have lost parents move past their grief faster.

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