Free-to-air channels and their frequencies in Nigeria 2023

Free-to-air channels and their frequencies in Nigeria 2023

Free-to-air channels in Nigeria provide free entertainment country-wide. You can access the FTA channel anywhere, within the country, without interruptions. Unlike paid TV services, free-to-air channels do not have recurring subscription fees. You only pay for the equipment and installation once.

Nigeria was for the first African country to adopt television broadcasting in 1959. As a result, it has the biggest television network on the continent, with over 100 channels. Dozens of those channels are on free-to-air television stations. This article has a comprehensive free-to-air satellite TV channel list.

What is an FTA Channel?

FTA channels are TV content or station one accesses without paying a subscription fee. You do not require multiple decoders because one decoder connects to numerous satellites. A satellite has many FTA channels, and the number of stations you can watch depends on the size of the dish and the direction it is pointing. You need the following things to access TV channels on an FTA satellite :

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  • A Satellite Dish.
  • LNBF.
  • A Decoder.
  • Radio Frequency cables.

Although you can install them using manuals, hire a professional to help you access more channels. You can also access more free-to-air decoder channels in Nigeria by installing a larger dish (at least 1.8 m) with a C-band.

Frequencies of available free-to-air channels in Nigeria

The free-to-air industry is constantly evolving. For instance, CWG and SES' partnership created the premier FTA DHT platform on the ASTRA 2F satellite. The project enabled millions of households in Nigeria to access quality TV connections, including free-to-air channels. Check out this list of free-to-air channels and their frequencies in Nigeria in 2023:

Free TV frequency in Nigeria

11635 V 30000-5/612525 V 30000-5/611595 V 30000-5/611675 H 30000-5/612605 V 3000012565 H 30000-2/3
Horam TV Joy PrimeRejoice TVLabel TVOne HD Play+
Maranatha TV Adom TV Atinka TVSES promoInsaaniyya TVGof TV
Honi TV Joy NewsKFM TVPasDan TVPio TV
Excel TV Cone PlusLion TVGalaxy TV
Nazareth TVSweet TVParadise TV ECWA TV
Cash TV (Ghana)OB TVChief TV Quest TV
High TV (Ghana)Pent TVIce TV (Ghana)Core TV News
Starr TV Zylofon TVYes TV
DTV1Aseda TVProphet 1 TV
Great 1 TVGhana TVNTV (Ghana)
Kantanka TVCross TVSagani TV
Okese TVZoe TVPower TV
OK TVTV 3 (Ghana)Jericho TV
Igwee TVZTV GhanaKiss TV
Adinkra TVPrecious TVOgyaba TV
BOC TVRoyal TVThunder TV
Bohye TVKessben TVObolo TV
Bohyeba TVElijah TVAmen TV (Ghana)
Atlantic TV NetworkAngel TV (Ghana)New Frontiers TV
Second Chance TVTV Xyz
Cosmopolitan TV
Akwasi Awua TV
Sunshine TV (Ghana

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The best free-to-air satellite in Nigeria

Use satellites like MultiTV (Astra2F) and Amos (Eutelsat16A) to access more exciting free-to-air channels instead of watching paid TV channels. It would help if you had a 0.6-0.9 m or 1.8 m dish and a quality decoder to access channels from these satellites. Below is a list of free-to-air satellites that will increase the number of channels you access:

FTA satellitePositionFrequencySymbol rateDish sizePolarization
Mega Choice 29° or 30° East11294450001m H
Multi TV (Astra2F)28.2°, 28.5°, or 26° East11595 300001m H
Hotbird 13° East11541220003m H
AFN9° East11804 27500 1m H
Eutelsat36° East12245275001mH
Eutelsat 36B35.9° East11843275000.9m H
Intelsat 2068.5° East12633 16166 0.6m H
Intelsat 768.5° East12722266570.6 m H
Ses4.8° East1201430000 0.6m/0.9m H
NSS722° West 10986300000.6m H
ARABSAT 5C20° East371215991m V
Eutelsat 7° East11599 275000.9mH

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Find the CWG platform on the ASTRA 2F satellite at 28.2° East. Star TV, ITV, EATV, Channel Ten, Star Music, France 24 English, Emmanuel TV, Star Movies +, and Sky Vision are some of the best TV channels you can access on this satellite.

Amos (ABS) also has quality TV channels like Wap TV, TVC Entertainment, Channels TV, StarMovies, and African Movie Net. Eutelsat 7A mostly consists of African channels running Nollywood film strips, while Intelsat7 satellite contains over 100 free-to-air Christian channels.

Free-to-air decoder in Nigeria

It would be best to have a decoder that is HD enabled, has a high memory capacity that supports about 3,000 channels, allows subtitles, etc. Find out more about features you should look for in a decoder from a professional. Some of the best FTA decoders are:

  • Strong multi-functional FTA satellite decoders.
  • Unique SAT Ultra HD free-to-air satellite decoders.
  • View SAT HD FTA decoders.
  • Power SAT 99SM free-to-air satellite receivers.
  • Digicom 9000 HD Free use decoders.

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Which satellite has the most free-to-air channels?

Eutelsat satellite has the highest number of subscription-free channels. It hosts over 300 FAT channels in Sub-Saharan Africa and over 400 free channels across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

free to air channels in Nigeria
A television turned on in the living room. Photo:, @Lisa Fotios
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How to get free-to-air channels in Nigeria?

Buy a satellite dish, LNBF, a decoder, radio frequency cables, and other equipment a professional will recommend. Follow the instructions on each item's manual to install them. Seek the services of an expert if you cannot install them by yourself.

How to get a free-to-air decoder in Nigeria?

You can buy free-to-air decoders from these companies:

  • TSTV
  • QSAT

What is the cost of free-to-air decoders in Nigeria?

Free-to-air decoders cost N6500 to N35,000 in Nigeria.

Which decoder has the most FTA channels in Nigeria?

FTA decoders with the majority channels are:

  • Strong decoder FTA
  • QSAT Satellite Decoder
  • Power Sat 777SM Decoder
  • TSTV Decoder
  • MultiTV Decoder

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There is a wide range of free-to-air channels in Nigeria. These free-to-air channels are as entertaining as paid TV services.

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