Who is a sapiophile? 15 signs a person might be one of them

Who is a sapiophile? 15 signs a person might be one of them

A sapiosexual or sapiophile is someone that is physically and mentally turned on by smart people. Sapiosexuals are literally aroused by intelligence. Sapiophiles are people who are attracted to intelligence or creative people. One striking thing about them is that these people are different and can have a tremendous intellectual conversation about anything random or unexpected things.

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Many people have different things that come to mind whenever they think about the things that turn them on, or those that attract them romantically and pragmatically. A good number of people will be attracted by how people laugh, smile, eye color, fashion sense and everything physical.

Sapiophile meaning

What is the meaning of sapiophile? What is a Sapiosexual person? What is a sapiophile personality, and what are the things that are attractive to sapiophiles? All these questions try to shed a light on who this kind of person is.

Sapiophile definition

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The word sapiophile comes from 2 latin words. The first is “sapient” means “wise” and the Greek suffix “phile” means “lover of”). This, therfore, means that a sapiophile is someone who finds intelligence the most attractive feature and is also romantically/physically attracted to intelligence in other people.

When you know what sapiophile means, you will understand that to these people, smart people with a great sense of humor are far more attractive than those with outstanding physical appearance.

To define sapiophile, you may want to check out the traits that come out clearly. In case you find yourself longing to have an intelligent conversation with someone about quantum physics or you cannot help yourself from breathlessly staring at someone reading a philosophy book as though it is a romance novel, then you know that you are a sapiophile or sapiosexual!

Many other signs will identify you as a sapiophile. If you have been wondering about what is sapiophile, then you may want to pay attention to some of the signs that come up regularly. Note that these things vary and will all depend on each person, and every sapiosexual has their own preferences. Some sapiosexuals are more into wise, intellectual conversations spiced up with a great sense of humor, while others connect most with emotional intelligence.

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How can you tell if someone is Sapiosexual?

How do you know if someone is really smart? This may not be so obvious but it is also not impossible. The way a person converses and how they respond can be very revealing. Considering this, the following are useful signs that can help you narrow down your choices.

1. A sapiophile loves owning their own library

Since the definition of sapiophile is being attracted to intelligent people, it is highly likely that they would prefer spending their time with someone who has a library. The explanation is simple and it is because they prefer reading to anything else. This is how they get to build their vocabulary and thought processes. They are able to easily use complex sentences without necessarily stuttering or making mistakes. If they meet someone with similar abilities, chances are that they will be totally attracted to them.

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2. They enjoy long, intimate and eye-opening conversations

If you love or are attracted to people that seem to love long, intelligent conversation, chances are that you are a sapiophile, and that you may not know it. Theses people love long and very deep, meaningful conversations. You are likely to communicate best with them if you can maintain a deep conversation. Such talks tend to open them up and help in building the information they have about their environment.

Fortunately, you are not restricted to the topics of discussion. You can choose anything from art, celestial, science and IT, just to mention a few. The important thing is to ensure that the conversation is useful and informative. Small talk does not work with these people. You can bet that long, and somewhat drab conversations will not affect the sapiophile.

3. They have a photographic memory

A good number of sapiosexuals find unusual things like a photographic memory extremely hot. The explanation behind this is simple, you will be able to remember everything they said and that is very important to them because they will also do the same. Despite the challenges that come with possessing this kind of mind, it is still very attractive. No one would like to have a partner that vividly remembers all details, especially of memories made together. This level of depth is something sapiophiles find to be incredible.

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definition of sapiophile
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4. They love debating

You can be sure that the sapiophile will be all over you during a debate or discussion that requires an intelligent thought process. In most cases, they tend to be well-researched, especially in areas of interest. They will respect anyone with the same level of debating skills. In fact, this can make a person very attractive to them.

Sapiophiles cannot help themselves from admiring those who are not afraid to speak their minds. The catch, though, is that they must have the ability to organize their thoughts in perfect order. The seemingly creative mess that comes up during intelligent conversations is what gets them every time!

5. They are extremely curious people

Any creative and curious person will definitely be attractive to a sapiophile. The fact that you want to know more about what is happening around you makes you very desirable to them. The idea of you likely sitting up all day and night, researching about a certain topic makes you very attractive to them, since this is probably what they would do when faced with the same challenge.

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As an intelligent person, you simply have the urge to keep broadening your knowledge base, even if it means trying out different experiments to attain this goal. In their eyes, curiosity is the most attractive feature one can have, and it works as fuel to their imagination.

6. They love education

Education may not be a deal-breaker when someone is confident in their own intelligence. However, education will give you insight into a lot of new topics and literature that can, in turn, help you become a better version of yourself

For that same reason, sapiophiles tend to love someone that is educated by their side. The secret is to be educated on anything and everything and to have the ability to engage in an intellectual conversation at any time of the day. Sapiophiles find this to be the hottest trait a partner has. It can be a mega turn on for them.

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7. People with open minds

Sapiophiles are very good when it comes to having their own opinion. Even so, they tend to strike a balance between expressing their own opinions strongly and having an open mind. Knowing that there is someone ready to listen to your theories and respond positively can be comforting. Nothing makes a partner easy to be with than the knowledge that they will always listen to the silliest things that you have to say.

The ability to keep an open mind guarantees that your partner will be understanding even in things that they do not know. This is something that all people need. It is a recipe for every good and healthy relationship.

8. When someone knows that ‘pretending to be dumb’ is not cute

A lot of girls have had to play dumb because they find it difficult to attract a person that can reason at their level. If this is something that you can never do then chances are that you are a sapiophile. It is not cute to play dumb just to please other people. Selling yourself short is not only unreasonable but also uncalled for. People should like you for who you are.

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9. Embracing oneself

From the above explanations so far, it is clear that sapiophiles are confident, and will definitely be attracted to others like them. They are the bold women or men that are never ashamed to embrace their interests, wants and needs. They will also be clear about being attracted to an amazing brain rather than to physiques such as a six-pack, or a big backside.

For this reason and more, you should never hide how brilliant you are just because the people around you cannot handle it. The world has a lot more people like you and in time you will meet your perfect match, as long as you are not shying away from whom you were created to be.

10. They are obsesses with correct spelling

Spelling mistakes are a turn off for every sapiophile. They easily get pissed off when people spell things wrong. They are also the kind of people that would notice the simplest of things such as when they are reading a text or a written letter that does not need any spelling corrections. They take this as a blessing sent from heaven, and it is, in fact, a huge turn-on for them.

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11. When someone admits that they are clueless about a topic but they want to know more

Sapiophiles are not know-it-all, and would definitely appreciate people that accept this truth about themselves too. They know their limitations and would own up to not having all the answers.

When they meet people that know about a certain topic more than themselves, they would stop to listen and learn, as opposed to diving in with empty comments. The best they can do is to throw in a question or two when seeking clarification. This also makes them expect the same of those they are attracted to.

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12. They reveal their weird interests easily

A sapiophile is likely to love you more if you are not afraid to open up about interesting topics of research. They love to hear about what fascinates others, just as they would be willing to share about their own fascinations. This means, therefore that if you have a weird interest, don’t hide it!

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13. Using conversations as foreplay

After you set the mood after dinner with candles and wine, remember that kisses and cuddling may not work for them. You need to work on her or his mind if you want things to progress further. The kisses may come later after the mind is already ensnared. If this is the kind of partner you have, then you better step up and find ways of making the person feel engaged in what you want.

Some of the tricks that may work when trying to turn a sapiophile on is by reading them a chapter of your favorite book or talking about a recent study you have encountered.

I can guarantee that with your passionate conversation and the mood going on around you, a sapiophile will go crazy for you. Take note and remember that you should not neglect your physical appearance even at that. Even though sapiophiles may not necessarily be attracted to the physical, they will notice a person that neglects themselves and keep off.

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14. Uniqueness

A sapiophile is attracted to uniqueness. You can be sure that he or she will never go for someone that is all about following trends. They are more about finding that which stands out as opposed to that which fits in.

When you stay true to yourself and cultivate a unique taste in everything including music, movies, and food among others, then you have a chance of winning a sapiophile over. These traits will make you seem special and interesting, which is all they are looking for. As long as you can prove yourself as an original, or a person with the ability to keep things original, then you have a chance with sapiophiles. You need to show that you are concerned with being different and not necessarily concerned with what other people think of you.

15. The heart is just as important as the mind

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Everyone knows that emotional intelligence is just as important as raw intelligence. In addition to being well-read and having admirable knowledge, you need to be in touch with your feelings. Sapiophiles will admire your knowledge, but if you lack emotional intelligence, they will consider you cold. Remember that every person needs warmth and understanding more than anything. This need seems to be even direr in sapiophiles.

Sapiophile vs Sapiosexual

What does sapiophile mean? With the definition of sapiophile explain, telling a sapiophile apart from a sapiosexual becomes easy. For starters, a sapiophile can easily be identified by his or sexual tendency towards people who display high intelligent indices.

In such cases, the intelligent person becomes the object of sexual desire for the sapiophile. The major difference is that sapiosexuals can create effective bonds with that intelligent person. On the other hand, sapiophile embodies the satisfaction of his or her sexual drive and does not depend on emotional ties.

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Knowing how to deal with a sapiophile can increase the quality of your relationship with them. These individuals tend to be very unique, as they have specific needs and wants. They also react differently to how many other people would.

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