20+ male and female two braids hairstyles for any occasion

20+ male and female two braids hairstyles for any occasion

Do you love two braids hairstyle? Whether you love the two braid hairstyles or you are considering having a new look, the hairstyle is worth trying out. When choosing a new hairstyle, you should select the one that you like the most and feel comfortable wearing. Male and female two braids hairstyles offer great options due to their natural look, simplicity, and maintenance.

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Two-feed-in braids are loved by many because of their low maintenance costs. The styling options for two braids are endless, from Ghana braids to jumbo knotless box braids and many others that can impress you

Two braids hairstyles for male and female

You can spruce up your 2 braids hairstyle by adding some colour to your feed-ins. Try funky colours like pink or gold for a bolder look. The following are some of the best and trendy 2 feed-in braids hairstyles to try.

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1. Two feed-in braids with curly ponytail ends

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The two-feed-in braid hairstyle suits everyone for any occasion as it brings out a more youthful look. They are a more feminine version of traditional box braids. The style features a long, rope-like, cornrow-style braid with curly tendrils that usually lie flat along the scalp.

2. Two feed-in braids with side braids

Many people like the hairstyle because you can wear it with short or long hair. This is a stylish look, and best when you have two chunky feed-in braids with smaller side braids.

3. Two feed-in braids with a crisscross pattern

With this style, the hair is styled into two long and sleek feed-in braids with a crisscross pattern on either side. Unlike some men hairstyles, this one is easy to maintain and can last for weeks.

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4. Sleek braided hairstyle

The sleek braided hairstyle is one of the simplest ones since not much effort is required to make it. It is compatible with everyone, and you can decide to keep it simple, or you could even glam it up with some gold accessories or cords. It is loved by many because it gives out a more youthful look.

5. Two feed-in braids with a unique braided pattern

The 2 feed-in braids with unique pattern designs involve making two long braids with a braided pattern on the head. You can make it stylish by using different braid thicknesses to create a crisscross shape. One can also try using a bolder hair colour like red to make a statement.

6. Ombre feed in braids

With this style, you need to have two long and simple feed-in braids of different colours. You can make the braids black and then change them into a light brown tone which creates a trendy ombre look. The colour change in the long braids makes the style unique and beautiful as it gives you the freedom of mixing the colours of your choice.

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7. Simple and stylish 2 feed-in braids

This simple and stylish 2 feed-in braid is for those who need less time to get it all done. A hairstyle like this one will most likely look good on any man with soft and long hair.

8. 2 braids with a wavy braided pattern

As the name suggests, the hairstyle consists of feed-in braids with a trendy pattern on each side. The braids can be made chunky, short, or wavy.

9. Mohawk-like braids with a fade

The hair is styled in stunning double mohawk-like braids or reversed goat horns. They usually give the best results when combined with a fade.

10. Multi-braid hairstyle

For the multi-braid hairstyle, the hair is styled into two beautiful braids. You can also modify the hairstyle according to your needs by adding the colour of your choice. They can last for a long time if you maintain them well.

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11. Two French braids

This is one of the best two braids for white girl hairstyles that you can try out. For better results, you should braid the hair tightly on both sides and mix up a few colours like brown down the ponytails.

12. Chunky feed-in braids

Feed-in braids are essentially cornrows. The hair is styled into two chunky braids with one side braid. They get their name from the method of feeding in increasingly thick pieces of hair as the cornrow is created. The hairstyle is like a subtler version of the side braid style.

13. Braided bun with two French braids

A French braid, also called French plait, is a type of braided hairstyle that leaves a long-lasting impression. To get this fantastic look, tightly braid your hair both on the sides and in the bun. After that, you can add a bow or hairband at the end to bring out a sharp look.

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14. Statement-making two braids

This hairstyle is one of the best two braids a black girl can try to achieve a bold and unique look. They are often called banana braids or fishbone braids. The hair is let to remain chunky, loose, and curly towards the end of the ponytail. Ghana braids can also be accessorized with gold cuffs and cords to give them a fantastic look.

15. Two braids into one braided ponytail

This style looks best with a mid-height ponytail, but you can do a high ponytail or a low one as well. After that, take your two subtle side French braids and join them into a gorgeous looped-through ponytail braid.

16. Stylish braided pattern

It can be achieved by making two long feed-in braids with a trendy symmetrical pattern on the head. The braids can also be accessorized based on the look you want to achieve.

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17. Half-up half-down Y braid

This hairstyle is a perfect example of the two goddess braids. It is associated with princesses, fairytales, and finesse. One of the simplest tricks of dressing up a half-up half-down Y braid is by putting together the two French braids and joining them into one braid.

18. Bold red braids

The long feed-in braid is styled in a way that jazzes up the hair in bold red colour. You can recreate this, or you can try a similar red colour on a different braided pattern depending on what captivates you the most.

19. One-side dapper 2 feed-in braids

This sleek and braided hairstyle is simple to achieve. All you need to do is to make two feed-in braids on either side of your head to form a ponytail. You can also decide to make it more attractive by glamming it up with some gold accessories.

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20. Two thick cornrow braids with curly ends

The hair is made to have two stylish cornrow braids with tighter curls at the end. To give it a more vibrant look, you can recreate it with some blonde or brown colour giving it a beachy bohemian vibe.

21. Sleek and long braids

The hair is styled into neat and tight feed-in braids, and the length of the braids is super long. What makes the hairstyle outstanding is the small braided sections that create a more statement-making style.

22. Two braids with hair down

This is another versatile two braids black girls can try out. The good thing about it is that you can play around with different hairstyles and extensions. The style can also be spiced up by adding some colour to your feed-ins or dyeing your hair with a colour of choice.

23. Two braids for men

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Can you braid short hair guys? Yes, it is easy to braid the hair as long as the length of the hair can be captured. The two braids for men can also be done in several styles by making two braids with an undercut, zigzag-parting or a double braid with a short top knot.

What are two braids called?

Two braids have several names. However, one of the most popular terms used to refer to two braids is the pigtail (or twin tail).

Are two braids good for your hair?

Yes, braids help in reducing your strands' contact with fabrics, skin, and other factors that lead to frictional hair breakage. They also boost hair growth.

A nice hairstyle brings out someone's personality and class. With these numerous two braids hairstyles to pick from, it is now easy to change to whatever style you want; just take them to your hairstylist.

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Legit.ng recently published an article about cool braids hairstyles. Braid hairstyles are versatile as one can modify them according to their taste. Usually, they range from cornrows and faux locks to Ghanaian styles.

African women have worn braids hairstyles for many years. No doubt, the hairstyles are unique and attractive, especially when you mix them with different-coloured hair extensions.

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