What is a sneaky link? The term’s meaning, usage and origin

What is a sneaky link? The term’s meaning, usage and origin

It is amazing how new terms are introduced in social media. While some of the words may have straightforward meanings, others are quite difficult to understand. Most of the terms are slang, usually borrowed from lyrics of trending songs. One phrase that has brought excitement on social media is ‘sneaky link’. What is a sneaky link, and what is its origin?

What is a sneaky link?
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Slang phrases are commonly used among the young generation, the largest social media user group. Sneaky link is one of the latest phrases that has gained popularity on social media, especially TikTok. What is a sneaky link? Find out the phrase’s meaning and where it originated.

What is a sneaky link?

It is a term commonly used on social media to refer to someone you secretly see or hooking up with and do not want other people to know. The word ‘sneaky’ insinuates discreet or hidden, while ‘link’ means to meet up. This type of relationship can either be a sexual or non-sexual experience. The phrase could also refer to the affair between two people secretly seeing each other.

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Where did the phrase sneaky link originate?

The phrase gained prominence after being used in the song Sneaky Link 2.0 by American artist Hxllywood featuring Soulja Boy and Kayla Nicole in 2021. It later went viral on TikTok as most content creators used the song as a background song when uploading their videos, seemingly hinting at their secret affairs.

sneaky link meaning
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Sneaky link vs friends-with-benefit

Friends-with-benefits (FWB) is an affair between two people with no-strings-attached, which is quite similar to a sneaky link. However, the partners know each other, and they might share a friendship or a connection that makes them close and fond of each other. They do not hide their relationship, and their friends know about it.

For a sneaky link, partners avoid emotional or friendly connection and prefer keeping the affair as discreet as possible. The partners hook up in person secretly, and there are no-strings-attached.

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Is a sneaky link different from a situationship?

Yes. It is different from a situationship. In a sneaky link, the affair is kept secret, while in a situationship, it is not hidden, and the partners have not defined the relationship. Even though there is an emotional attachment in a situationship, the relationship is not defined.

Sneaky link definition
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How is "sneaky link" used on social media?

There are different ways the term has been used in social media by people to show they are secretly hooking up with another person. Here are various ways the phrase has been used online.

  • In videos - You can use the song as your video music background when you create content on social media. It is the most preferred way by many people to suggest their secret affair.
  • In conversation - Since the affair is a secret hook-up, you do not want to disclose the person’s identity to other people. Therefore, instead of mentioning their name, you can refer to them in a conversation using the term.
  • In direct messages (DMs) - The phrase is usually used as a conversation starter with the person you intend to hook up with.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How did sneaky link become popular? The phrase went viral after being used in the song Sneaky Link 2.0 by Hxllywood in 2021.
  2. What does sneaky link mean? It may refer to a person you are secretly hooking up with or an affair kept secret by partners.
  3. What are the rules for sneaky links? It may have several rules, but the key ones are secrecy and no-strings-attached.
  4. What is the risk of a sneaky link? It involves secrecy and is dangerous to meet someone you do not know much about.
  5. What is a sneaky link app? It is an application which connects individuals who are interested in a secret affair.
  6. How long does a sneaky link last? There is no time limit for partners who have established the affair.
  7. Is a sneaky link different from a friends-with-benefit relationship? Yes. In a sneaky link, the affair is secret, and no one else knows about the affair. On the other hand, there is no secrecy in friends-with-benefits and the partners are usually considered good friends.

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What is a sneaky link? It is mostly used on social media, especially TikTok, to refer to a secret affair between two people or a partner who a person hooks up with and does not want to reveal their identity. The phrase gained popularity in 2021 after it was used in a song.

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