List of all oil-producing states in Nigeria that bring in black gold

List of all oil-producing states in Nigeria that bring in black gold

Nigeria is rich in natural resources and minerals, which are the country's primary source of income. One such constituent is crude oil. It is widely known to be the largest oil-producing country in Africa and the sixth-largest producer in the world. Which oil-producing states in Nigeria place it among the oil-producing countries in the world?

Oil-producing states in Nigeria
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Out of the total land area in Nigeria, only a segment of 7.5% produces crude oil. This area is referred to as Niger Delta Region, and the states found in the region are called the oil-producing states in Nigeria.

Full list of oil-producing states in Nigeria

Which is the highest oil-producing state in Nigeria? Have a look at the following oil states in Nigeria, which take leading positions in oil production.

1. Akwa Ibom State

It is the largest among the states, with oil in Nigeria accounting for over 30% of the total oil produced daily. It is in Nigeria's southern region and comprises 31 Local Government Areas, Uyo being its capital city. It has a population of five million people. The primary ethnic groups that dominate this area are Annang, Ibibio, and Oran. Apart from producing oil, the state is known for other mineral resources such as zinc, lignite, clay, limestone, salt, and glass sand.

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2. Delta State

Oil states in Nigeria
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It is the second largest state in Nigeria due to oil production. It is located in the south-south zone of Nigeria and is inhabited by over 4 million people. Its area is built of 25 Local Government Areas, and the capital of Delta State is the city of Warri. The major ethnic group occupying the state are the Urhobos, the Isokos, and the Itsekiris. Delta has significant deposits of lignite, kaolin, gypsum, fine sand, marble, and iron ore.

3. Rivers State

Rivers State is also one of the wealthiest states with oil in Nigeria and is known for providing Nigeria's economy with valuable resources for growth. It was initially ranked as the biggest oil-producing in Nigeria before Akwa Ibom took over.

It occupies land in the southern part of Nigeria, and its capital city is Port Harcourt. Among the ethnic groups present within the state's territory are Ikwerre, Okrika, Upobo, Ibani, Kalabari, Abua, Oni, and Eleme, among others. Rivers state is rich in marble, lignite (traces), glass sand, and clay.

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4. Bayelsa State

It's among the first sites where crude oil exploration began in Nigeria. It is known as a former constituent of the Delta and Rivers states. The territory includes eight Local Government Areas with a heart in the city of Yenagoa.

It is one of the least populated areas, with a population of close to 2 million people. Among the ethnic groups represented are Epi-Atissa, Ogbia, Izon, and Nembe. The state also has reserves of zinc, lignite, gypsum, manganese, limestone clay, and uranium.

5. Ondo State

List of oil producing states in Nigeria
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It is one of the states producing crude oil in Nigeria, which was founded in 1976. It is located in the country's southwestern part and borders Edo and Delta States. It has 18 Local Government Areas, and its capital is Akure. Among the ethnic groups within the state's territory are Okitipupa, Owo, Akoko, Akure, Ondo, and Ilaje. Apart from oil deposits, you can also find reserves of coal, bitumen, dimension stones, gemstone, glass sand, granite, gypsum, feldspar, and clay.

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6. Edo State

Its population is 3.5 million people, and its capital city is Benin. The land has inhabitants from Edo (Binis), Esan, and Afernai (Owan/Etsako), with Akoko Edo ethnic groups. Within the area, you can find deposits of dolomite, phosphate, marble, limestone, gold, lignite, glass sand, clay, iron ore, and bitumen.

7. Imo State

Imo State is one of the oil-producing states within Nigeria's southeastern territories. The territory includes 27 Local Government Areas. The capital of Imo state is Owerri. Other natural materials are zinc, salt, phosphate, gypsum, marcasite, lignite, and limestone.

8. Abia State

Abia State is another southeastern oil-producing state in Nigeria. It has 17 Local Government Areas inhabited by about 3 million people. Its capital city is Umuahia. In addition, it has a famous town called Aba. Among the mineral resources Abia can boast of are zinc, gold, limestone, and salt.

9. Lagos State

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It is one of the fast-growing cities where oil was recently discovered. It is densely populated with over 20 million residents. The capital of the state is Ikeja. Among the ethnic groups found in the area are Igbos, Ibibio, Hausa, and Yoruba, which is the dominant tribe. Lagos State can be proud of its abundant crude oil deposits and other minerals such as bitumen, clay, and glass sand.

10. Anambra State

States with oil in Nigeria
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It is located in the southeast of Nigeria. Aside from producing crude oil, there are other natural resources, including zinc, glass sand, phosphate, lignite, clay, gypsum, iron ore, and limestone.

11. Kogi State

Kogi became the first northern state to become an oil producer after the Ibaji oil well was discovered in the state. The state government received its first 13% derivation fund from the federal as an oil-producing state.

Which are the top oil-producing states in Nigeria?

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Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa States are known to produce over 80% of crude oil explored in Nigeria.

How many states in Nigeria produce oil?

There are 11 oil-producing states in Nigeria, including Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Edo, Abia, Ondo, Imo, Bayelsa, Lagos, Anambra, and Kogi.

Nigeria provides a lot of opportunities for each state. Significant effort is put into oil-producing states in Nigeria as crude oil is the pillar of the country's economy. These states receive 13% of the revenue generated yearly by crude oil from the federal.

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