Canadian universities without application fees for international students

Canadian universities without application fees for international students

While most international students are used to pay expensive tuition fees when studying abroad, they are still looking for how to save some money while applying to the higher educational institution outside Nigeria or another country. To help you out a bit, we have decided to create a list of Canadian universities without application fees for international students.

Canadian universities without application fees for international students

Universities in Canada for international students

The country protects all its universities via its federal regulations, so you can be sure that a ‘university’ is a place where you can study and receive a professional diploma that is respected across the globe. Canada is doing a great job by protecting its high education from any possible ‘diploma mills’, and this is one of the main reasons why international students choose this country for gaining knowledge and skills for their future profession.

Local universities are divided into two main groups:

  • Private
  • Public

Most of them are the official members of Universities of Canada, and most of them charge all candidates (locals and foreigners) for applying to study in Canada.

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Are there any tuition free universities in Canada that accept and review your application at no cost? Let’s look if we can find some of them.

List of Canadian universities without application fees for international students

Universities with no application fee for international students

Most universities in Canada for international students makes them pay around CAD 100-200 for an application form. This can be a problem if you are tight on money but wish to study in this country. Finding application free universities in Canada is a brilliant idea because this way you can apply to several higher educational institutions at the same time without paying the non-refundable application fee.

These are some of the universities with no application fee in the country.

1. Royal Roads University

It is possible to get undergraduate and postgraduate degrees here. It welcomes all interested international students who would like to study tourism, management, law, business, communications or environmental sciences.

The university’s site is user-friendly. It offers a list of programs, virtual tour across the campus, requirements for applicants, and other useful information for foreigners.

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Canadian universities with no application fees for international students

2. Mount Allison University

Foreigners are welcomed in this higher educational institution to study at the Faculty of Arts, Science or Social Sciences. There is a huge number of courses you can study in this university.

Unlike many other universities in Canada that charge an application fee, Mount Allison University allows international students to apply online for free. You will only have to pay CAD 100 as a registration deposit after you are admitted by the university, and you can get more information here

3. Fairleigh Dickinson University

It is another Canadian university without application fee. You can fill out its online application form and provide your documents without paying a penny if you choose to apply online. This is the only method of application when the institution is willing to waive your application fee.

You can visit the site and get more information about the available programs, application guides, and interesting details about studying here.

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Canadian universities without application fees for international students from abroad

4. Quest University

International students can apply for free to Quest via its official site You just need to follow the application deadline, so it is better to choose the faculty beforehand.

This is a private university that loves accepting international students from all over the world. Maybe you will be the next scholar here, who knows.

5. Booth University College

This is a private university. You can choose its different programs and apply at no cost. It is free to fill out the application online, and you can find all the details here

The university asks students to pay a non-refundable deposit of CAD 500 only after they have been officially admitted to study there. It is a good alternative to regular non-refundable application fees because you do not provide the payment at the moment of filling out the application form.

6. Redeemer University

Usually, this institution charges pplication fee of CAD 40, but local and international students from North American only can apply for free if they do so before the application deadline. Usually, you can save this CAD 40 if you provide the completed application form and all supporting documents before January the 31st.

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Other international students have to pay the non-refundable fee, just like it happens in most other universities. So if you have plans to study at the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, University of Toronto, and other famous and respected institutions in Canada, be prepared to pay the fee otherwise your application will not be processed.

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