After UK, Canada Moves to Impose Limit on Nigerian, Other International Students

After UK, Canada Moves to Impose Limit on Nigerian, Other International Students

  • The Canadian government is planning to restrict the number of international students in the country
  • The country’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, said the need to cap the number of international students is due to the surge in a housing crisis.
  • The country is currently battling a housing deficit caused by the rising number of immigrating students

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Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, has said the government is considering limiting the number of international students.

Reports by Reuters said that the country’s growing housing crisis informs the decision and worries about unemployment, showing a potential shift in its immigration policy, which was previously known for a warm reception of international students in Canada.

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The Canadian Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau's government moves to cap the number of foreign students Credit: FatCamera
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International students putting pressure on housing in the country

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The proposed cut on the number of international students aims to ensure alignment with federal goals and address the ballooning population of international students in the country.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has actively supported an increase in immigration numbers given the country’s ageing population and its reliance on foreign workers.

According to reports, the housing crisis is due to a surge in migrants and international students, creating a demand for homes as construction work thaws due to inflation.

Canada moves to implement student cap to address housing challenges

Miller underscored the need for a collaborative effort between the federal and provincial governments to tackle the housing crisis and manage admissions.

The minister stressed that implementing a student cap would not serve all the solutions to Canada’s housing problems.

Miller recognized the importance of attracting talent and sustaining an ageing workforce, stating the necessity for a balanced approach.

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The purpose of the proposal is to regulate the admission of students in both the first and second quarters of 2024 to ease the pressure on the housing market.

He said that the government will look into specific academic institutions’ practices to ensure responsible recruitment and financial capabilities of incoming students.

Ireland grants work permits to Nigerians, and others as the labour shortage grows, giving easy conditions reported that the Irish government has perfected plans to woo Nigerian and foreign workers with work permits.

It applies to countries outside the European Economic Area, such as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the UK, and Switzerland.

Ireland aims to address the shortage of skilled workers in the country with various sectors like production management, ICT, health and social services management, natural and social sciences, engineering, information technology, and telecoms.


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