"They Go Abroad to Do What They Can’t Do at Home," Remi Tinubu Speaks on Japa Trend

"They Go Abroad to Do What They Can’t Do at Home," Remi Tinubu Speaks on Japa Trend

  • Nigerian first lady, Mrs Oluremi Tinubu, has condemned Nigerians who are joining the trending "japa" trend, where people leave their home country to seek greener pastures elsewhere
  • The president’s wife berated their actions, saying they would go abroad to do jobs they would never attempt at home
  • She bemoaned how difficult it has become to identify the genuinely poor people in today's Nigeria, noting that people no longer know the difference between wants and needs

The wife of Nigerian president, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, has taken aim at Nigerians who are leaving the country to seek better opportunities elsewhere in foreign lands.

The former senator expressed her views, stating that it is highly unpatriotic to leave one's homeland in poor condition and then engage in activities abroad that one deems beneath one's standards back home.

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Oluremi Tinubu during a public address
Mrs Tinubu calls for intentional efforts from citizens of the country to build the nation they seek elsewhere
Source: Facebook

During a visit by some Lagos state legislators, Mrs Tinubu, who recently got death threats from a northerner cleric, made these remarks, which were later shared via Arise TV X's platform (formerly Twitter).

The Vanguard reported that she emphasised the responsibility of citizens in building the Nigeria of everyone's dreams, stressing that this task cannot be solely left to the government.

She asserted that governmental bodies cannot be expected to go door-to-door to alleviate people from their miseries.

She said:

“Look at all those people saying they are going to Japa, they go there. What work are you going to do? You know, work that you refused to do at home where you have loved ones, you now end up to go and do there. With all their education, they’re driving cabs, but they won’t drive cabs here.”

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She went on to condemn Nigerians who lavish large sums of money on parties and entertainment events, suggesting that these funds could be better utilised to support the less privileged, thereby contributing to the country's development.

During her discussion with the lawmakers, Mrs. Tinubu also addressed the challenge of identifying individuals in need of assistance, noting that not owning a car or a home does not necessarily equate to poverty.

She lamented the difficulty in distinguishing the genuinely needy from others who may simply lack material possessions.

"Now you don’t even know who are the poor. If they don’t ride a car, they will say they are poor. If you don’t have your own home, they will say they are poor," she remarked.

Kidnappers deserve death penalty - Remi Tinubu

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had previously reported that the First Lady had recommended the death penalty for the perpetrators of the rampant abductions in Nigeria.

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She believed that implementing such a harsh law would lead to a drastic decline in the soaring rates of kidnapping in the country.

Source: Legit.ng

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