Actress Ekene Umenwa ‘Abandons’ Husband, Kneels and Hugs Gospel Singer Moses Bliss on Wedding Day

Actress Ekene Umenwa ‘Abandons’ Husband, Kneels and Hugs Gospel Singer Moses Bliss on Wedding Day

  • Nollywood actress Ekene Umenwa recently tied the knot with her husband at a beautiful wedding ceremony
  • However, many Nigerians started to talk when a video showing the moment she 'abandoned' her man for gospel singer Moses Bliss trended
  • The gospel singer arrived at the wedding venue to surprise the bride, and she left her husband to kneel before him and hug him
  • A Nigerian Christian lady, Grace Keshinro, shared her opinion with on Ekene's conduct at her wedding

Nigerian movie star Ekene Umenwa's wedding ceremony has caused a lot of buzz on social media.

Many Nigerians had a lot to say about the Nollywood actress' reaction when popular gospel singer Moses Bliss attended her wedding.

Actress Ekene Umenwa kneels for Moses Bliss at her wedding.
Actress Ekene Umenwa left her husband's side to kneel and hug gospel singer Moses Bliss. Photos: @eveesin
Source: Instagram

In a video from the occasion that was posted by actress @eveesin on Instagram and spotted by, Ekene's dramatic reaction when the musician joined her and her husband on stage was captured.

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It all started with the actress and her husband on the dancefloor when she heard Moses Bliss' voice. She started to look around with a surprised expression on her face before she finally spotted the gospel singer.

Ekene quickly ran to the musician and went on her knees while hugging him around the waist. She stayed on her knees for several seconds with her husband standing beside her with a slight smile on his face.

After a while, Ekene's husband helped her get back on her feet, but the actress, still very excited, decided to hug Moses Bliss tightly with her husband beside them.

See the viral video below:

Reactions trail video of actress Ekene Umenwa hugging Moses Bliss

The video of Ekene Umenwa's display at her wedding with the gospel singer was met with mixed reactions on social media. Several netizens seemed to think she did too much with how she held onto the gospel singer, especially in the presence of her husband. Others claimed that she embarrassed her man.

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Read some of their comments below:


“It can’t be my bride going to kneel near the crotch of another man.”


“U guys are missing the point, she’s not kneeling to worship Moses Bliss, she’s kneeling because she feels the Holy Spirit and is spiritually thanking God through the act of hugging Moses Bliss.”


“This is so wrong...the only man you should do this for is your husband.”


“Madam you for calm down oh Watin come reach so na hooor na Moses u dey marry abi na which level ….. Kneeling down and hugging him like that, completely ignoring your husband Omo na wa oh.”


“That's it we ending the marriage right there. Cos what is this??”


“Respect, Moderation and Regard are very important. Truth be told ; the lady has just embarrassed the husband. Ire ooo.”


“So dramatic nawa o.”


“But why are women like this?? How do you leave your husband and go and kneel at another husband's feet? Because he's singing a gospel song??? Is this what it means to love God??? Nawa!!!”

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“Sorry to say ; I find this embarrassing! Like no nau! It’s ok to be excited but her husband kept trying to hold her and she jst couldn’t see him no more ! if you think it’s not embarrassing; na u sabi.”


“I go just walk out of the wedding. Go marry the singer. Just me, I consider it disrespectful.”


“This is one of the reasons their marriages easily break up. No boundaries and lack of respect.”

Gospel singers have fans too

A Nigerian lady and church worker, Grace Keshinro, spoke with on the viral video of Ekene Umenwa and Moses Bliss at her wedding. According to her, gospel musicians also have fans.

"Just as every other type of artist has fans and people who are loyal to them and respect them, gospel artists have their people too - people who love them and honour them, with emphasis on honour!

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For a believer, listening to a song isn't always about the good beats and rhythmic sounds, it is largely about how deeply the lyrics resonate, and how powerfully the lyrics transform and boost their confidence!
Unlike any other type of song that is merely for entertainment, here today, gone tomorrow, gospel songs live forever. Now that's the art of a person, I mean, if a gospel song did so much to your soul for a long time, what happens when you see the one who sang that song?"

Speaking further, she noted how fans of secular musicians grab them and even tear their clothes in excitement because people have different ways of expressing happiness. According to her, she sees nothing wrong in how Ekene acted because it's her own wedding.

"About the bride, do you know that it might even be that she was starstruck and greatly surprised, I mean we've seen people cry because they met celebrities they love, and the fact that her husband surprised her with this particular artist gives a great notion of how important this artist is to them!

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So, if kneeling and crying at his feet is the way she chooses to express herself, so be it!
I really don't see any big deal, and at the end of the day, it was at her wedding! Gosh! Her wedding! For real, others' opinions don't count, cause we all don't know what or how much that artist means to her."

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