Cute names for boyfriend in your phone

Cute names for boyfriend in your phone

When a relationship between a man and a woman begins, their names in the phone change to the wave of a magic wand. Most of the girls use the guy's original name or nickname, but the leading name is still “Baby.” Do you want to choose the best nickname for your special man? Let`sn check cute names for boyfriend in your phone.

Cute names for boyfriend in your phone
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Gentle words are not only the prerogative of expressing affection and love for a woman. Men like to hear them too, even if they grumble or don't seem to notice. In fact, by calling your boyfriend, boyfriend or husband dear, sweet, sun, you show affection. And affection is needed not only for women, but also for men.

Of course, most of them do not like it when the nickname comes out too corny. There are words that remain offensive when they are affectionate: for example, your young man is overweight, and you call him "hippo." Not every "hippo" will treat such a nickname with humor.

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Sometimes ladies find it difficult to come up with something original and not trivial when it comes to phone contact names for their boyfriends. If you want to know how to call your boyfriend affectionately and find interesting new ideas for this, keep reading our post.

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Cute names to call your boyfriend in your phone

In English, diminutive suffixes used in appeals to the boyfriend are very few (-ie in words like auntie “aunt” and sweetie “sweet,” -y in words like doggy “dog,” wifey “little wife” and mummy “mommy” ), but the following affectionate names compensate them:

  • Baby

This broke all records of popularity in the 2000s and in social networks long overstepped the boundaries of exclusive romantic relationships. However, in the atmosphere of women's empowerment this appeal is considered too patronizing - who will enjoy the comparison with a small helpless child!

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  • Babe

In such way, you can call both a man and a woman, and this is the most common affectionate nickname, which at the same time occupies the first line of the most hated addresses rating: it is considered soppy (sweet), cliched, overused and insincere. But of course, you decide, not the crowd of "experts!"

  • Bunny

A common nickname for guys. If bunny directly cannot express all of your tenderness, try the honey bunny as Tim Rot calls his beloved woman in the first scene of "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino.

Cute names for boyfriend in your phone
Source: UGC

Each couple can have a unique confectionary nickname: lovers call each other as a muffin, cupcake, baby cake, honey bun, sugar plum. From sweet pea to sweetie pie, anything that can potentially lead to diabetes can be accurately used as the affectionate nickname (a gentle nickname full of love):

  • Honey

What could be sweeter than honey? In a more intimate relationship, honey is often shortened slightly to hon or hun.

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  • Sweetheart

Affectionate treatment that works in almost any situation. The administrator in the medical clinic, the seller, the neighbour can call you sweetheart if they do not know your name, but this kind word is very often used in a more romantic setting.

  • Sugar

The sweetest nickname. It's just an excellent way to appeal to your loved one gently: as Mary Poppins sang by Julie Andrews` adaptation in the film of 1964, “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” (“with a spoon of sugar, medicine is easier to swallow”)!

Romantic names to call your boyfriend

Some gentle appeals in English appear to emphasize the most attractive trait of a boyfriend favourably and to flatter his vanity:

  • Blue eyes

Ol 'Blue Eyes - the nickname of the legendary Frank Sinatra, but in affectionate appeal no matter what color your lover's eyes.

  • Beautiful/handsome

Addressing the girl “Hey there, beautiful,” you are obviously flirting with her. With men in this situation it is common to use the adjective handsome: “Hello there, handsome!”

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  • Hottie

Hot is a very informal synonym for attractive. The word hottie may sound cute and funny between lovers, but it is worth it to refer to an unfamiliar girl, and you will be considered a presumptuous brute who cannot flirt.

  • Dear

Thus, you will show that your loved one is so dear to you and necessary.

  • Darling

Ideal couples in films often use this appeal, but outside the movie screen, it is no less popular.

  • Poppet

One of the pet names that you can hardly hear these days. But once this sweet name was very popular.

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Some romantic names emphasize the uniqueness of a loved one, its special significance:

  • Prince/King

Be careful when naming your boyfriend a prince: this may be misinterpreted as if you think the guy is spoiled, capricious and is far from real life. Then better choose the nickname King. This sounds more serious.

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  • Angel

The successful version of a tender word for someone who is lucky to have a beloved with an obedient angelic character.

  • Love/Beloved

Surprisingly, less than a century ago, love was a typical British sweet name to a stranger and was close in meaning “dear, darling.” Our love variant is used exclusively in the romantic sense and sounds a bit pompous today, akin to the literary “my love.”

Cute names for boyfriend in your phone
Source: UGC

Unique nicknames for guys

Girls often use tender and full of adoration nicknames when talking to their beloved and choosing unique names to use as a phone contact nickname. Some typical slang words work very well and are used very often:

  • Boo (boyfriend, sweetheart)

It is believed that this appeal comes from the French word beau "fan." Now it is hopelessly outdated, but it is still found in the lyrics of rap artists.

  • Bae (baby)

Bae is not a distortedly abbreviated version of the babe, but the acronym Before Anyone Else is “more important than all the rest.” This is a nickname that should be reserved for someone who becomes your crush (to have a crush on someone means “to fall in love with someone”).

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Holders of the black belt in the field of tender appeals invent each other unique nicknames. Often they work as inside jokes that are understandable only by "their own," those who are "in the subject."

  • Food

Many nicknames are related in one way or another to food: you can call your betrothed pumpkin, as Rosanna Arquette’s heroine did in “Pulp Fiction,” or donut, or lamb chop.

  • A point on the map

Such nicknames are especially common in American high school or colleges. Sometimes they can be associated with bullying - harassment and bullying of peers, but most often they are completely innocent and simply associated with the city or state in which the lover lived: “Hey, New York! What's up? ”

When someone calls you stinky, it is humiliating and insulting. When a friend calls you stinky, it becomes a great inside joke, understandable only to you two. Treatments between lovers do not have to be cloying and sweet, and even scatterbrain, weirdo and other English nicknames can sound romantic. The main thing is to make sure that the nickname that seems witty to you does not hurt a loved one who simply hides his offense, trying to play along with you.

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If you can not come up with an original signature for contacts, you can always use emoticons. They express emotions much stronger and fresher than words.

Do not forget to use the additional features of the phone. Modern models have a lot of possibilities - a personal melody for a specific number or a picture of the caller. Also, you can pick up your favorite song or choose the one under which you most often danced with a guy or met him.

Before you choose a name for your boyfriend to be recorded in the phone, remember how you most often call the guy in everyday life. Perhaps it is not worth it to get smart, and you can use your usual household name.

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