Pastor Paul Enenche Finally Breaks Silence on Law Grad Drama: “I Never Intended to Embarrass Her”

Pastor Paul Enenche Finally Breaks Silence on Law Grad Drama: “I Never Intended to Embarrass Her”

  • Popular Nigerian pastor, Paul Enenche, has now broken his silence on the drama that erupted after he seemingly embarrassed a church member who claimed to be a lawyer
  • In a press statement shared on his social media pages, it was explained that the public embarrassment was not the pastor’s intention
  • Many Nigerians reacted to what Pastor Paul Enenche had to say on the matter and they took sides online
  • A Nigerian PR expert, Uriri Onojake, shared his thoughts on the situation with

Nigerian pastor, Paul Enenche, has finally reacted to the backlash he received from netizens after seemingly embarrassing one of his church members who claimed to be a law graduate.

Recall that one Anyim Veronica Nnena had claimed she graduated with a BSc in law, which prompted the pastor to call her a liar while labelling her testimony as fake.

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Pastor Paul Enenche finally speaks after embarrassing law graduate over her testimony.
Pastor Paul Enenche breaks silence on law grad drama. Photos: @drpastorpaulenenche, Anyim Vera / Facebook.
Source: Instagram

In a new development, Paul Enenche has reacted to the ensuing drama in a public statement shared on social media.

In the press release, it was explained that the pastor had not intended to publicly embarrass Ms Veronica. The statement went on to point out why Paul Enenche believed her testimony to be false at the time.

Some of the reasons listed included her spoken English, and calling her degree a BSc instead of LLB among other things.

It was then explained that Pastor Enenche’s reaction to the testimony was as a result of his zero tolerance for mediocrity and lies which he thought was the case at the time. It was also noted that the preacher had reached out to Ms Veronica.

Read the full press statement below:

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Netizens react as Paul Enenche breaks silence

Pastor Paul Enenche’s statement on the incident with his church member sparked mixed reactions online. Read some of them below:


“Pastor Paul should apologise to her publicly just the same way he embarrassed her .”


“Too many of you saying the pastor should publicly go tell her sorry. I think this is enough to clear the impression the public had. If you are in the position of the pastor, you'll do the same unless you are one who doesn’t care about competence and brilliance. Where on earth will a law graduate speak ️ like that ?”


“A public apology is gonna be better,she shouldn’t be shamed publicly and apologized to privately.”


“Another observation I have concerning this matter is, everyone should try and work on their self-esteem and confidence. The woman might actually be dealing with stage fright or something...she was not saying the correct thing, however, it is proven that she is truly a law graduate in NIGERIA. Nigeria my country.”

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“There was no " we are very sorry or i am very sorry" in everything that was written. Why is it too hard to say I AM SORRY .”


“I don’t accept the apology , apologize to her the way u embarrassed her amen.”


“Nice one Pastor but also Release a Video apologizing to her Publicly Exactly how you Embarrassed her Publicly Sir.”


“I doubt it if the lady will attend the church anymore. She was totally humiliated.”

I understand why Pastor Enenche reacted that way - PR Expert speaks

A Nigerian PR expert, Uriri Onojake, spoke with and shared his thoughts on how Pastor Paul Enenche reacted to his church member who gave what he thought was a fake testimony.

He said:

"I have watched the whole episode and I have also followed the commentary on the whole issue. Pastor Paul could have handled things better and I also understand why he reacted in that manner. The church has been under attack for fake miracles and the likes and he felt it was important to shut down any scenario that would tarnish the image of the church. But beyond the press statement, it would have been better if the apology had come just like the way the rebuke had come. Address it in the open just like she was shut down openly before it became trending news in the media."

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The lady herself looks like she had difficulties with public speaking. All in all, it was a totally avoidable and unnecessary incident. Pastors should be graceful to their church members."

Lady rebuked by Pastor Enenche speaks

Following the embarrassing church incident, Anyim Veronica Nnenna has broken her silence, recently reported.

In the comment section of her sister's post, Veronica had a few words to say. She wrote:

"It's well my sister."


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