“I Don’t Charge”: Dunsin Oyekan Speaks on Gospel Singers Who Demand Money for Ministration

“I Don’t Charge”: Dunsin Oyekan Speaks on Gospel Singers Who Demand Money for Ministration

  • Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan has revealed he ministers at churches and Christian events for free
  • Dunsin Oyekan also spoke on gospel ministers that charge to minster, saying it depends on their consecration with God
  • The gospel singer's statement comes amid reports of some of his colleagues charging millions to minister at Christian events
  • In a chat with Legit.ng, RSK, a gospel singer, shared his opinion on Dunsin Oyekan's stance on Christian artistes charging money

Spirit-filled gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan recently shared his opinion on a heated debate about some of his colleagues charging to minister like secular singers.

Dunsin Oyekan, known for his white outfit, stated in a chat with content creator Timi Agbaje that while he doesn't charge to minister in churches, some of his colleagues who do so have their reasons behind it.

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Dunsin Oyekan speaks on being paid to minister.
Dunsin Oyekan says he gets high by praying in the spirit. Credit: @dunsinoyekan
Source: Instagram

Why Dunsin Oyekan doesn't charge to minister

According to the singer, his consecration demands that he doesn't charge to minister at Christian events. He added that God has continued to bless him despite not charging for fees.

"It is a dicey question, it depends on what the Lord has told you, I called it your consecration, my consecration demands that I don't charge, but God blesses me," Dunsin said.

How Dunsin Oyekan gets high before ministration

Unlike some secular artists who rely on alcohol and other substances before taking to the stage to perform, Dunsin disclosed he 'gets high' before ministering by praying in the spirit.

"I get high in the holy ghost, by praying in the spirit, I ascend into the realm of spirit," he said.

Watch a video of Dunsin Oyekan speaking with Timi Agbaje below:

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Netizens react to Dunsin Oyekan's video

Some netizens were stunned that the gospel singer, who has performed at popular Christian events like The Experience, doesn't charge fees for his ministration. Read some of the comments below:


"Very eloquent. You know people that are filled with the Holy Spirit just by hearing them speak."


"This man is anointed."


"By their fruits… Dunsin is a blessing."


"One of God’s sharpest tools in this age of revival. Man like Sir, Dunsin."

The debate on paying gospel singers has been on for a long time - RSK

According to RSK, the discussion of whether gospel singers should be paid or not will continue for generations to come.

The gospel stressed that the right word to use was honourarium, which is solely at the discretion of the host.

He said:

"Well, he spoke his own opinion. The topic or debate about paying ministers before or after ministration will never end. It will continue for generations to come.

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The word 'charge' is the major problem here. You are not paying him, you are honouring God's grace upon his life. Charge is a big word. Honorarium is a better word and is solely at the host's discretion.
However, if Dunsin comes to your program with his full squad, nobody go tell you to arrange very fat envelope for am because he carries grace, and value."

Mercy Chinwo accused of charging millions

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that Rev. Fr. Chinenye Oluoma tackled gospel singers who charge expensive fees to perform at churches.

The clergyman, who cited Mercy Chinwo as an example, reacted to the claims that she charges as high as N10 million to perform in churches.

“We have made religious worship expensive. If I have to bring Mercy Chinwo to come here and sing, how much will I pay? She might charge 10 million naira," he said.

Source: Legit.ng

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