“She Didn’t Steal O”: Market Women Make U-turn Amid Lizzy Anjorin Drama As Actress Makes Arrest

“She Didn’t Steal O”: Market Women Make U-turn Amid Lizzy Anjorin Drama As Actress Makes Arrest

  • Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin's drama at Eko Market has taken a new turn following her recent action
  • The movie star revealed on social media that she had made some arrests after she was accused of stealing gold
  • Another video also made the rounds of the market women claiming Lizzy Anjorin never stole from them and calling her their customer

Famous Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has taken action after her drama with some vendors at Eko Market. The movie star was accused of stealing gold at a market and paying with a fake transfer.

A video of her being surrounded by a crowd went viral some days ago, causing mixed feelings online.

Market women apologise to Lizzy Anjorin.
Nigerians react as market women apologise to Lizzy Anjorin. Photos: @lizzyanjorin_original, @beautymagicbycutey_2
Source: Instagram

In a new development, Anjorin explained that she returned to the market to arrest the people responsible for the embarrassment she went through there.

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The actress shared a video online where she noted that upon returning to the market, she discovered that the guy she had the failed transaction with was away because he had absconded. However, she pointed out that some of the other people at the market were arrested.

In her words:

“I went there with some policemen this morning and guess what, the guy did not come, he has runaway. We’ve been able to arrest some of them.”

See the video below:

Market women say Lizzy Anjorin didn't steal

Another video made the rounds online of a group of market women trying to clear Lizzy Anjorin's name. In the clip, they made it clear that Lizzy Anjorin did not steal from them.

According to the market women, they do not sell gold but stones and other appliques for clothes. They also reiterated that the Nollywood star did not steal anything from their shops and that everything was misunderstood.

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See the video below:

Reactions as market woman clear Lizzy Anjorin's name

The videos of Lizzy Anjorin and the market women clearing the air soon drew the attention of some Nigerians after they went viral. Read what some of them had to say about it below:


“Even if I had doubted she did it before, now I believe she did. This is damage control, either those women were threatened or someone has been paid to do PR.”


“So you don’t know how lawless this country is? Broo she can use police to threaten them to make a debunking video ..and I be always think say you dey logical.”


“A lot of people wants the story to be true real bad.”


“This doesn’t clear anything, as a public figure u were wrongly accused like this in a viral video, what u should do is sue them to court for defamation of character to clear your name if you are truly innocent, not this so am sorry I believe she did.”

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“Lizzy don threaten them.”


“Police na ur mate? someone that was shaking and covering her face holding the man hands and begging.”


“It was so obvious they lashed in on her due to the social media fracas ongoing. Thank God she wasn’t stoned or burnt alive. Almost a jungle Justice stuff . We all know she didn’t steal anything . She is troublesome and a single mistake of hers in transaction almost cost her life due to her celeb status and Wahala way. It’s not fair on her still o.”


“What do you expect when they are being threatened.”


“I never bliv it in the first place anyways.”


“Iyabo Ojo how do you feel nowam not her fan but I know when people h@te you they can do anything. Just like vdm but God gat him.”


“The mockery screams louder than the movie scream.”

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“Na wah only a gullible person will say she stole gold cos when did they start selling gold at Tom jones accessory corner? Debit issues yes but gold naaa!”


“Arrest them, mob action must be discouraged at all levels.”


“One thing that I know is dat Lizzy does not have any level in front of Nigerians again. I’m very sure if it is another celebrity with the same transfer issue, trust me they won’t ridicule d person like they did to her and mind u nobody set u up stop pinning ur misfortune on another person madam.”


“If she dey speak English she for no go dey talk too much the language humble her see line by line script.”


“The only lesson I learnt from this situation is that once you accuse someone of stealing make sure una reach police station, so that the table will not turn.”

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Iyabo Ojo reacts to Lizzy Anjorin's gold theft drama

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo made some posts to show her reaction after the news of Lizzy Anjorin's stealing allegation went viral.

Reacting to the allegation, Ojo uploaded a video of the popular cartoon character Simba in 'Lion King'. Simba was walking majestically, dancing and rejoicing while laughing.

Recall that Ojo and Anjorin have been on each other's necks for a while now over Mohbad's case. They both dragged each other to court and have been exchanging words.

Source: Legit.ng

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