Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk: age, height, measurements and hot photos

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk: age, height, measurements and hot photos

Who is this stunning blond woman with gorgeous blue eyes? She is Abigail Hawk, a woman you would hardly miss when she appears on the screen. She is beautiful, smart, popular and… Wait, do you want to know more about this woman? Do you want to discover her secrets right now? Stay with us and prepare to unveil exciting facts about the actress!

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk: age, height, measurements and hot photos
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There are such actors and actresses in Hollywood who stay aside from the brightest stars. They do not receive millions for a single role, but they receive a lot of love from their fans. The popularity of TV series is huge all around the world. Actors and actresses who play there are loved by millions without having Oscars or huge wages. Baker from Blue Bloods is one of these TV celebrities.

What is known about Abigail Hawk?

First of all, she is a popular actress engaged in successful projects like A Christmas in Vermont, Law and Order, and yes, she is the one who plays Baker on Blue Bloods. If you are a fan of American TV shows and films, you may also have seen this stunning beauty in Reality Check (produced in 1995, her first appearance on the screen ever), short movies The Tragedy of Maria Macabre and Across the Universe. After the Blue Bloods role of Abigail Baker (2010), fame rained down on the woman, and she starred in several popular movies like Body of Proof, Are We There Yet? and more.

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Even though Abigail Hawk is not one of those Hollywood stars who bathe in fame and millions of dollars, she has received her share. The short movie Across the Universe was among the Oscar 2008 nominees. She was also nominated for the award as the best actress at Beaufort International Film Festival. The only prize for her acting skills that Abigail has so far is Linda Dano Award, but she is still young and can reach many new heights and achieve a lot of success.

Still, these are actually not the most interesting facts about the lady the audience wants to know. There are other matters, which are more interesting to fans.

What is Abigail Hawk age?

On the 4th day of May, the year 1985, a baby girl was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Nobody knew then that she would become an American star. How old is Abigail Hawk? This year, she will turn 34, and it will happen very soon.

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There is not much information about her parents, but we know for sure that they are Diane Gustafson and Robert Gustafson. Abigail has never let people know much about her childhood. We can tell only that her childhood was spent in the city of Marietta, the state of Georgia. Neither do we know anything about her siblings: whether she has any at all and if yes, what are they doing now.

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As a child, Abi was interested in acting, and it seems natural that her education was also connected to this sphere. After graduation from high school, the future actress went into further education at the University of Maryland College Park. The girl left the University in 2004 with the degree of a Bachelor in Theater.

This was the very start of her career: she had a strong intention to become an actress, and so she did. She may not yet have Oscars, but many people around the world know well her beautiful Baker on Blue Bloods. She has also tried her hand at directing, and, probably, her masterpieces are still to come.

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What are Abigail Hawk measurements?

The question about physical parameters is very acute for the audience. People are interested in the proportions of Abigail’s attractive body and even in the type of her figure. Here is the answer: Ms. Hawk weighs about 64 kilos and possesses a natural hourglass figure. This shape is said to be the most appealing to males due to the slender waist and symmetric distribution of volume between the upper and lower parts of the body.

So, the vital measurements of Ms. Hawk’s figure are the following: 36 inches (which stands for 91 cm) for the chest, 26 inches (which stands for 66 cm) for the waist, and 36 inches (91 cm) for the hips. How tall is Abigail Hawk? Well, it is obvious from her screen appearances that this fair lady is quite tall, and her estimated height is 5 feet 8 inches (which stands for 173 cm).

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All these parameters explain why this stunning woman looks so impressive on the screen and in real life. With her fair hair and naturally blue eyes, she is able to look extremely elegant and classy. No wonder that this gorgeous lady already has a sweetheart.

Male fans might be frustrated at that, but Abi is already married. After several years of dating, she and her husband Bryan Spies tied the knot in 2009. Their happiness has been blessed with one child so far. The actress has obviously given much effort to keep her personal life as private as possible and away from all those nosy paparazzi. The only information about this side of her life we can get leaks somehow when she appears in public with her husband.

Are you among those who are interested in Abigail Hawk hot photos? She definitely has some on her social media pages.

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What a stunning illusion of nakedness that adds to the appeal of her beauty! Abi looks amazing in this delicate creamy silk.

She definitely has this skill of looking even more adorable without any makeup of complicated hairdos!

Wow, look at this enchanted, dreamy look in her eyes. She is totally gorgeous, no doubt.

Abi has an athletic figure and beautiful shoulders that deserve being exposed in such a lovely way!

A bathing suit this time. Is there any better way to emphasise a beautiful woman's body than this?

So, you know almost everything about this actress, even Abigail Hawk height and the size of her clothes. It is a rare chance, keeping in mind that the actress prefers not to show much of her life to the audience. The woman is still very young even for an actress in the USA, and it is very likely that we will hear more about her quite soon.

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You can also keep track of Abigail Hawk by following her accounts on social media. She is quite active there and publishes new pictures and posts regularly. Just join the army of thousands of her existing followers and be the first to discover any exciting news about your favourite star.

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