Tacha’s Growth From Controversial and Disliked BBN Star to Becoming Fearless Activist and Top Celebrity

Tacha’s Growth From Controversial and Disliked BBN Star to Becoming Fearless Activist and Top Celebrity

Growth is a beautiful thing and one Nigerian celebrity who has stood out in that regard and drawn many new fans to herself is BBNaija Pepper Dem star, Natacha ‘Tacha’ Akide.

Being in the spotlight and handling fame is not something many people find easy to handle and some of them have even fallen off the bandwagon from becoming most loved to the most hated.

However, the opposite seems to be the case for BBNaija star, Tacha Akide. This young lady has no doubt moved from being one of the most controversial celebrities in the entertainment industry to becoming one of the most liked.

BBNaija star Tacha's growth
Tacha’s evolves from controversial BBNaija housemate to top Nigerian celebrity. Photos: DSTV Nigeria, @symply_tacha
Source: Instagram

How it started

Before Tacha finally got her big break on the Big Brother Nigeria platform, the young lady already seemed very intent on being in the spotlight and she made use of her social media page for this.

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Tacha started out by being known by her social media handle, Symply Tacha, where she posted a lot of raunchy and sexual content.

She was no doubt aware of her good looks and seemed to bank on it to get the much needed attention from people. After all, bad publicity is also publicity.

However, that was not all, Tacha also got people to talk about her by making controversial comments mostly about men who cannot perform well in relationships. As expected, this earned her a lot of backlash.

The young lady had also tried her hands at being a YouTuber before she became famous. She showcased her makeup skills online. See a video below:

Not stopping there, Tacha also tried to get the attention of one of the biggest music stars in the country, Davido.

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The young lady got a tattoo of Davido between her breasts and did not hesitate to share photos of it online. She seemed so hell bent on getting his attention that she tagged him to the posts on several occasions. Despite that, Davido did not pay her any attention.

Due to the nature of Tacha’s posts, she got a lot of influencing deals from sex enhancement drug brands who made her the face of their products.

During all this time, Tacha continued to leave a sour taste in the mouths of many online users who looked at her as a cheap lady who liked to reveal her nakedness on social media.

Tacha joins BBNaija Pepper Dem show

Tacha’s big break seemed to come after she became a participant on the much loved Big Brother Nigeria reality show.

By this time, Tacha had already built a social media presence and she had a sizeable following on Instagram. Her controversial ways already made her known on social media.

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On June 30, 2019, when the Pepper Dem show was launched, and Tacha was called out in stage, she almost immediately started to trend on social media, particularly Twitter.

BBNaija show fans are known to be great lovers of ‘vawulence’ and unrest and they felt Tacha would bring the much needed spice to the show.

However, soon after the show started, the Tacha fans expected was not what they got. Rather than see a lady who was always up and about while causing friction in the house, Tacha remained introverted and seemed to prefer staying on her own.

Before her emergence on the show, Tacha loved to show skin but on BBNaija, she was very different. She remained covered up at all times while minding her business.

Despite all these, she still seemed to get on the nerves of her co-stars mostly because of her abrasive attitude towards them. She always seemed on the defensive and was ever ready to fight people even over non-issues. Tacha had fights with Seyi, Omashola, Mercy, Diane and more before she was disqualified.

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These moments were what fans of the show lived for seeing as they made trending topics on social media.

The dislike other BBNaija stars seemed to have for Tacha appeared to increase her popularity outside the house and make her fans increase.

Nigerians undoubtedly love to be defenders of the hated (as seen in past BBN shows) and their reaction towards Tacha was not any different.


Tacha was arguably one of the most bullied BBNaija housemates, especially on social media. However, this only seemed to grow her popularity.

The reality star who already got bashed for her raunchy posts online before she joined BBNaija was also bullied even while attending the audition of the reality show.

Someone had made a video of Tacha walking past at the audition grounds and proceeded to mocking her and calling her an Instagram pros*titute. This video went viral before she was unveiled as one of the BBNaija Pepper Dem housemates and it already raised feelings of pity from social media users.

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See the video below:

Rather than side with the troll who made the video, many people sided with Tacha while condemning the bully. This appeared to be the start of her popularity on the show.

Some Nigerian celebrities such as Tunde Ednut and Zlatan Ibile were very open about their dislike for the BBNaija housemate but this also seemed to work in her favour and some fans wondered if it was the plan all along since Nigerians are known to side with the most hated reality star.

Zlatan even made a song that trended online as he mocked Tacha and claimed she had body odour.

Tacha’s disqualification

The BBNaija star was later disqualified from the reality show after she had a fight with another biggest contender, Mercy Eke, who eventually became the winner.

Tacha and Mercy had managed to steer clear of each other on the show until one fateful day when they both started to trade words and accused each other of having a bad smell or of having dark knuckles from bleaching.

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Their fight later became physical with Tacha pushing Mercy after the later had whipped her hair in her face.

This fight increased Tacha’s number of already acquired strikes to the maximum and she was sent packing from the show.

Tacha’s disqualification happened shortly before the show came to an end and her fans made sure to welcome her with open arms.

They showered her with great gifts, money, exposure and more.

TeeBillz and Tacha

Despite all the backlash and hate Tacha faced from some celebrities, popular talent manager and Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, TeeBillz, seemed to believe in her.

According to him, Tacha could be made to become Africa’s Kim Kardashian with the right management.

As expected, he later became her manager and they seemed to have a smooth run together till it was gathered that they fell out with each other and stopped being partners.

Despite this, both parties maintained the respect they had for each other.

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Tacha’s growth

After Tacha’s disqualification from the BBNaija show, she started to grow in leaps and bounds.

Her management seemed to start things off by laundering her image and gradually deleting posts on her former life before the show.

All of Tacha’s raunchy and sexual content was deleted and she started to post new photos that portrayed her as a strong woman who rose up after being ‘down in the dumps’.

She also started to get endorsement deals from reputable brands other than the ones she had influenced for in the past.

After her time on the BBNaija show, Tacha also participated in an international reality show that was aired on MTV Base. This move was highly praised by many and it also won many new fans to her side.

Tacha’s fans, the Titans, also grew to become one of the biggest fan bases in the country and they made sure the reality star continued to top Twitter’s trend table even up to a year after the BBN reality show ended.

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Tacha the activist

Another thing that seemed to help Tacha’s image was how passionate she proved to be about social issues. The reality star made sure to share her informed opinions on trending political issues and a lot of fans seemed to find sense in the things she said.

These videos of Tacha boldly speaking on issues became a recurring thing and internet users were able to see that she wasn’t just a pretty face who managed to become famous.

Tacha also participated in the End Sars protests that rocked Nigeria in 2020 as she continued to use her social media platform to speak on issues.

Tacha and Ebuka

Recall that Tacha and Ebuka did not have a smooth run on the BBNaija reality show especially after the show host asked her to share three characteristics of a winner and the housemate said: Tacha, Tacha, Tacha. This led to Ebuka giving her a hot reply that made headlines.

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However, after the BBN show, Tacha has now graced Ebuka’s Rubbin’ Minds show as a guest and they both seemed to have moved on from the BBN episode.

Tacha is now a big brand in Nigeria and this is a far cry from how she started off on social media. The reality star now rolls with big wigs in the Nigerian entertainment industry and was even recently spotted spraying bundles of cash on top singer, Tiwa Savage, at her 42nd birthday party.

Apart from being a social media influencer and an activist, Tacha is also a business woman. During one of her birthdays, some fans gifted her a bus and dispatch bikes to support her business.

Tacha’s growth is very beautiful to see and it has no doubt inspired many people.

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