Angie Varona bio: age, height, measurements and hot photos

Angie Varona bio: age, height, measurements and hot photos

Angie Varona is one of the most popular American ladies on the internet. She received world fame after someone hacked into her account on one photo hosting site and stole all the photos from there, placing them in the public domain. Are you ready to learn more? Read on, and find out the top facts about Angie.

Angie Varona
Image:, @angievarona
Source: Instagram

A resident of the United States Angie Varona accidentally became a sex symbol of the internet. She is called one of the most popular young ladies on the web. Meanwhile, beauty from Miami was not happy at all about such fame. According to Varona, this popularity ruined her life.

Angie Varona bio

The Instagram personality was born on the 29th of April, 1993, in the family of Juan Varona and Maria Varona. She is a single child in the family. There is no information about her primary and university education, but now she is building a model career. She looks so young that everyone is worried about her age. So, how old is Angie Varona? She is 25 now and soon will turn 26.

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Why did she become popular? It all started in 2007. The girl was 14 years old and posted her hot pictures on a photo hosting site for her boyfriend. However, her account was hacked, and Angie Varona hot photos appeared on the web.

In an interview with American television, the teenager admitted that after this her life turned into a nightmare: the girl was called the star of adult films, her photos appeared on adult sites and even began to be used in advertising. Currently, the search by keyword Angie Varona in Google gives out 1,030,000 results. There were a lot of accounts with her photos on different social networks.

There were also numerous photos of the victim, where she was depicted with a bare tit, but it was just Photoshop.

They Photoshopped one of my bіkini pictures, — she said. — I have the original and everything. They Photoshopped the top off.

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She regularly received many threats from strangers on the internet and was mocked and bullied even in real life. Because of such cruelty, the young lady had to change two schools. Some of the threats were so serious that her family even had to contact the FBI. The victim said the following:

People were telling me that I deserve everything that's going to come for me, that they're going to r*pe me when they see me because I want it and because I ask for it, — Varona said. — Someone found out my address and everything... threatening me, saying that they know where I live.

Because of the public pressure, Angie got depressed, began to use illicit substances, she even had thoughts of killing herself. She said sorry that she posted her photos on the web. For a long time, Angie had no accounts on social networks had a fear of being hacked.

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Angie Varona measurements

Our American beauty has a stunning fit physique, which attracts all the amazed starings. She loves doing sports a lot, and it has paid her off with an exciting figure. Do you wonder what Angie Varona height is? Being a symbol of female attractiveness, her body measurements are the following:

  • Body shape: hourglass
  • Height: 175 centimetres or 5 feet 2 inches
  • Weight:50 kilograms or 110 pounds
  • Breasts-waist-hips: 94-61-89 centimetres or 37-24-35 inches
  • Dress size: N/A
  • Bra size: 32DD
  • Hair colour: brown
  • Eyes colour: brown

So, who is Angie Varona? From what we can tell, she is a bright example of the fact that you can find advantages in any aspect of your life. This young woman has overcome bullying and dark times, experiencing pressure from the internet community, and still became really popular against all odds. She just turned the game in her favour, and now this fantastic and gorgeous beauty makes everyone go crazy.

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