All of the After movies in order: how and where to watch them

All of the After movies in order: how and where to watch them

The After movies are among the best romantic dramas you can watch with your significant other. You should watch After movies in order for a better watching experience and narrative coherence. These films are captivating with their storylines and their interesting characters.

After movies in order
All After movies in order. Photo: @After Movie on Facebook, @heroftfancorner on Instagram (modified by author)
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Films have profoundly impacted the entertainment industry, shaping and influencing various aspects of popular culture. They provide an escape from reality and offer a means of exploration, giving viewers different perspectives on cultures and beliefs. The After movie series is one of the films that have impacted this industry. Discover the best order of watching the films below.

About After movies

The After series is a collection of young adult romance novels written by Anna Todd. The inspiration behind the story comes from a boy band, One Direction, written from a Wattpad platform. The main character of the After movies series is a dedicated and responsible college student named Tessa Young.

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Apart from Tessa, there is a brooding and rebellious character with a troubled past called Hardin Scott. The two teenagers cross when Tessa begins attending college and meets Hardin, who she initially sees as rude and arrogant.

Watching After movies is very interesting. The films are carefully crafted in such a way that you are given a chance to witness the characters evolve and confront their deepest fears and insecurities.

All the After movies in order

Since the first romantic film was released in 2019 After movies have become a worldwide phenomenon with a vast fanbase. The best order of watching the films is by their release dates. Here are the After movie series in order of their year of release:

1. After (2019)

The 2019 film is the first in the After movies series. The storyline follows the story of Tessa Young, a dedicated student who begins her freshman year of college. Tessa meets Hardin Scott, who is notorious for his mysterious ways.

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The two are drawn together and start a toxic relationship that constantly puts them in trouble. Their connection is intensified when Tessa discovers the dark secrets of Hardin's past and tries to navigate the challenges of their relationship.

2. After We Collided (2020)

This is the second release of the After movie series. It was released in 2020, featuring Tessa and Hardin's complicated relationship. This edition was directed by Roger Kumble and written by Anna Todd and Mario Celaya. The storyline unfolds with the movie's main character Hardin, having a dream about his lover Tessa.

The instalment features the two having a volatile relationship, whereby Hardin misses Tessa while Tessa ignores his text messages. The film delves into the ups and downs of their romance, testing their trust and commitment to each other.

3. After We Fall (2021)

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In this segment, Hardin and Tessa try to amend their damaged relationship after having a vicious argument. The relationships depict insecurity that constantly ends their bliss even as they try to navigate the relationship.

4. After Ever Happy (2022)

This is After movie order number four and the last instalment as of now. After Ever Happy was directed by Castille Landon and written by Sharon Soboil. This segment still features Tessa and Hardin and how they are managing their romantic relationship in the most challenging times.

The plot revolves around Hardin understanding the truths of his parents' relationship, specifically his father. Tessa is at a loss for words as she tries to spare Hardin from his anguish, but each time she tries, he sinks deeper into despair. When Hardin discovers his family's heinous secret, he falls into a pit of agony from which he finds it difficult to escape.

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How many After movies are there?

There are four After film series, with the fifth film titled After Everything set to be released in 2023. Each instalment of this famous movie builds upon the foundation set by its predecessor, leaving the viewers in suspense. In the process, they create a sense of authenticity and reliability.

What is the order of the After movies?

Below is the list of the order of After movies and their release dates to enhance your watching experience.

2After We Collided 2020
3After We Fall 2021
4After Ever Happy 2022

Where to watch them After movies

To watch all After movie series, you can access them on Hulu. The series can also be found on all the other major online services, such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon. In addition, you can stream the rest of the After series from the second instalment on Netflix, but in select regions.

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Above is the After movies in order to help you understand the films better. These films present a compelling narrative that explores themes of romance, growth, passion, and the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of love. It is a must-watch for those seeking an out-of-world romantic experience and an immersive cinematic experience. also published an interesting article about 25 female anime characters every anime fan knows and loves. Female anime characters are attractive and intelligent. They have specific personalities that make them loved by fans.

They have become popular because of their humour, beauty, and powers. They bring you excitement and joy anytime you watch them participate in battles. Anime girls like Miko Lino, Sakura Haruno, and Hikaru Minamoto are some of the female anime characters that are loved.


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