Best Nigerian comedy series to bring some laughter into your life

Best Nigerian comedy series to bring some laughter into your life

Comedy shows are great for unwinding and bonding with loved ones after a long day at work. Nigeria has some of Africa’s most famous comics, who dedicate their talents to creating funny shows. These are the best Nigerian comedy series to make your days brighter.

Nigerian comedy series
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Nollywood has grown in the last few years. While the industry particularly excels at producing drama and thriller shows, writers and comedians have found a promising, unexplored field in comedy.

Best Nigerian comedy series

Local producers and TV writers make the most relatable shows for the local audience. They capture the struggles of the average Nigerian, producing enjoyable situational comedies.

The Johnsons

Nigerian comedy series
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Network: Africa Magic, Showmax

The Johnsons started in 2012 and has ten seasons as of 2022. It follows a Lagos family going through the average challenges of a Nigerian family. Chinedu Ikedieze, popular as Aki of the comedy duo Aki and Pawpaw, stars as Efetobore Johnson, the eldest son. He can be condescending as the most intelligent family member but is sensitive to comments about his height.

Ile Alayo

Nigerian comedy series
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Network: Wakaati TV, ST Nollywood Plus

Ile Alayo is a funny series produced by StarTimes. The show, which translates to “House of Joy”, has many crazy tenants renting a house together. Their dramatic adventures are different every week. The show stars some of the top comedians in Nigeria, including Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni.


Nigerian comedy series
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Network: Africa Magic

Dayo (Seun Ajayi), a young man from the village, moves to Lagos to chase his dreams. He makes acquaintances with a hostile landlady, a dubious roommate and disastrous neighbours. His gullible nature makes him the target of other characters’ shenanigans, fast teaching him to look out for himself.

My Flatmates

Nigerian comedy series
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Network: Showmax, Africa Magic

Four friends, Frank, Obus, Sammy and Wilberforce, share an apartment. They experience day-to-day chaos as they chase their dreams. The show is star-studded with Nigeria’s top comics, including Buchi and Basketmouth.

Papa Benji

Nigerian comedy series
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Network: Prime Video

Comedian Senator stars as Benjamin Egwuowun (Papa Benji) in this story about a pepper soup joint owner. Papa Benji’s wife is the area gossip who spends all her time focused on prayer and fasting. Papa Benji started in December 2020 and has two seasons as of 2022. It airs on Prime Video and Basketmouth’s YouTube channel.

Nigerian comedy series on Netflix

Netflix created an excellent avenue for filmmakers to present their art to a broader audience. Nigerian comedy series on Netflix may be made primarily for the local audience, but they appeal to viewers worldwide.

Becoming Abi

Nigerian comedy series on Netflix
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The situational comedy series tells the story of Abi as she navigates her new job at a top Lagos advertising agency. In this Nigerian comedy show, Bolu Essien, the star, creator and director, draws events from her real-life experience in Nigeria’s TV industry.

It’s a Crazy World

In this 2020 Netflix comedy, the two wives of a wealthy man compete to be his favourite. They find out, via social media, that he has gotten a third woman pregnant. Additionally, rumours that he has a wife in each of Nigeria’s 36 states further complicate their struggle. Although It’s a Crazy World stopped production after just one season, it is still available to binge on Netflix.

HQ Barbers

HQ Barbers blends comedy and live reality TV. Real estate developers threaten to run a locally-run barbershop out of business. The owners of the Lagos business are not ready to let go of their prize jewel and go to ridiculous lengths to stay afloat.

Crazy, Lovely, Cool

A group of university students from different backgrounds are forced together by the controversial reports of an anonymous blogger. From cult initiations to dead bodies turning up randomly, Crazy, Lovely, Cool has something for everyone. Although it is mainly a coming-of-age drama show, it features top-notch comedy.

Nigerian comedy series on YouTube

Like any film industry in the world, Nollywood has its politics, which may hinder the production and marketing of series made by less popular creators. YouTube stands in the gap and allows creators without the resources to go on TV to share their art still.

Ruth of Life

Channel: RuthKadiri247

This is a Nigerian comedy show with a slightly different format. Rather than short episodes of about 20 minutes each, Ruth of Life is a series of full-length movies. Each ‘episode’ is over one and a half hours long. The show mainly tackles romantic storylines starring Ruth Kadiri.

Skinny Girl in Transit

Nigerian comedy series on YouTube
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Channel: Ndani TV

This web series centres on the life of a young Nigerian woman, Tiwalade (Abimbola Craig) and her attempts at weight loss. Her mother repeatedly nags her about her weight because she believes getting skinny will help her get married sooner. The show has aired six seasons as of 2022.



The show is produced by Voxafrica and follows the life of a widower and his escapades raising seven daughters. It has only one season as of 2022. Paul Igwe is the director and producer of the show, featuring top Yewande Lawal.

Jenifa's Diary


Jenifa is a naive village girl who moves to Lagos in this dramatic comedy. In her desire to be less ratchet, she attempts to get a proper education but fails. Her escapades as she secures a job in a salon and meets different city characters deliver hearty laughs, with Funke Akindele at the helm as the titular character.

Papa Ajasco and Company

Channel: wapTVchannel

Papa Ajasco and Company is one of the longest-running Nigerian shows, premiering in 1996 as The Ajasco Family. It is produced by Wale Adenuga Productions and airs on the company’s YouTube channel, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Africa Independent Television (AIT).

The Men’s Club

Channel: REDTV

The web series created by Urban Vision premiered in October 2018. Four men tackle the challenges that come with relationships and everyday lives. Their stories include friendship, betrayal and love, and all the messy shenanigans in between. Efa Iwara, Ayoola Ayolola, Daniel Etim-Effiong and Baaj Adebule play the four central men.

Assistant Madams

Channel: REDTV

Three ambitious women hustle their way to the top in this dramatic comedy. Assistant Madams features a high-profile cast, including Osas Ighodaro, Sheyi Shay, BBNaija’s Cee-C Nwadiora and Timini Egbuson.

Everyone loves to unwind after a long day. The best Nigerian comedy series are relaxing and fun, allowing families and friends to create great memories. The above shows are worth binge-watching.

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