Top 10 most popular Imagine Dragons songs of all time, ranked

Top 10 most popular Imagine Dragons songs of all time, ranked

Imagine Dragons is a popular American pop-rock band formed in 2008. Renowned for their energetic performances, the band has produced several successful chart-toppers, cementing their status as one of the most popular bands of the 21st century. Whether you are a die-hard fan or have just discovered them, here are the most popular Imagine Dragons songs.

popular imagine dragons songs
Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, and Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons perform during Eighth Annual Tyler Robinson Foundation Rise Up Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Jesse Grant
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Since breaking into the limelight in 2012, the band of four has received 150 nominations and 50 awards. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, it has sold over 74 million records and continues to sell out arenas worldwide. Which are the most popular Imagine Dragons songs that have turned the band into a cultural phenomenon?

Top 10 most popular Imagine Dragons songs

Imagine Dragons' music blends rock, pop, and electronic elements and has been featured in numerous commercials, TV shows, and films. Here are the 10 top Imagine Dragons songs of all time, ranked based on their commercial success and cultural significance.

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1. Radioactive (2012)

Radioactive, released as part of the band's debut album Night Visions, is undoubtedly Imagine Dragons' biggest hit. The track topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and remains their most iconic and commercially successful song.

The hit single blends alternative rock and electronic elements, and its spirited melody and thought-provoking lyrics are guaranteed to leave you humming along and tapping your feet.

Moreover, its multi-platinum hit status prompted numerous covers and parodies by famous artists, including Jason Derulo and Lady Antebellum. In the US, the song achieved 14 million certified sales, winning a Grammy Award (for Best Rock Performance) and a Billboard Music Award (for Top Streaming Song) in 2014.

2. Demons (2013)

Demons is the band's second hit single from their debut album Night Visions. It stands out as a deeply emotive and introspective song whose theme that explores vulnerability and self-doubt instantly struck a chord with listeners worldwide.

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The song has a deep message that easily resonates with fans, but its critical and commercial success is, however, down to its intense instrumentals. The track hit the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three months straight after its release and became the band's second song to maintain a spot in the Hot 100 for a year.

Among other awards, Demons won the Alternative Rock Song of the Year in 2014 and remains one of Imagine Dragons' biggest hits, if not a defining one, in their discography.

3. Believer (2017)

Believer is a testament to the band's ability to produce anthemic tracks that empower and motivate. With over 2.4 billion certified streams on Spotify, the hit single is the group's third most commercially successful hit.

Soon after its release, it was ranked top 10 in the US and Canada. The song became a global sensation thanks to Dan Reynold's passionate vocals and percussive beat.

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The song was featured as a track in movies and TV shows like Inhumans, Riverdale and Murder on the Orient Express. Its uplifting message and catchy melody made the track a staple at live performances, cementing its position as one of the best Imagine Dragons songs ever.

4. Thunder (2017)

Thunder is the rock band's second-most-streamed song on Spotify, boasting 1.9 million streams. After its release, the track maintained a spot on the top 10 list in the US, Canada, and Australia for five months straight.

Its infectious and upbeat anthemic melody and electro-pop track spurred the song to become the ninth best-selling in the US. The song garnered an incredible 40 million streams in Sweden, but its Diamond certification in the US solidified it as one of the most popular Imagine Dragons songs of all time.

5. Whatever It Takes (2017)

Whatever It Takes was released as part of the Evolve studio album. The song's electric beat and empowering lyrics exemplify the band's ability to infuse music with a powerful sense of resilience.

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The song received widespread acclaim after its release, featuring number one on the Hot Alternative Rock and ranking at position 12 on Billboard Hot 100.

6. Natural (2018)

Natural is a hit single released in 2018 as part of Imagine Dragons' fourth studio album, Origins. The song features emotive and introspective lyrics coupled with soaring vocals from lead singer Dan Reynolds.

The track explores the complexities of human perception, and its signature blend of alternative rock made it an instant hit. In particular, its chorus phrase "You're a natural" – which inspires self-acceptance and resilience – easily resonated with fans and is presently a defining track in the rock band's discography.

7. Warriors (2014)

Warriors, released as part of the rock band's album Smoke + Mirrors, is one of the best Imagine Dragons songs. The track was an instant hit, featuring as the official theme song for the 2015 League of Legends online arena and at the FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada.

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Its anthemic tone and intense instrumentals were a global sensation, cementing its position on the top 10 Imagine Dragons songs list.

8. It's Time (2012)

It's Time is the group's eighth most successful track of all time. The song first had an unofficial release in 2010 on YouTube but was officially released in February 2012.

As one of their earlier releases, the song introduced the band's distinctive voice and instrumentals to a wider audience, helping to establish their identity and setting the stage for the future.

The hit single was featured on numerous US and beyond TV commercials and received a nomination for Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2012. The song boasts over 2 million certified sales in the US.

9. Bleeding Out (2012)

Bleeding Out, released as part of the band's Night Visions album, hit the ground running to deliver a message of triumph over adversity. It perfectly captures the group's ever-optimistic spirit, which became infectious among its massive fan base.

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By 2013, the song had racked up 1.2 million certified sales and streams and had become a popular parody among artists. It ranks 58 on the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs and is certified platinum.

10. Bones (2022)

Bones is another of the rock band's bangers with massive critical acclaim. The song was released in March 2022 as part of their latest studio album; Mercury Acts 1 & 2.

Its official video followed up in April of the same year and has garnered over 123 million views on YouTube. The song ranked number six on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs, surpassing 1 million streams in Greece.

The popular American rock band has released 27 hit singles along with 6 studio albums and 4 live albums, most of which are certified platinum. The songs listed herein are the popular Imagine Dragons songs that have achieved commercial success and left a lasting impact on pop culture.

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