Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother

Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother

This time we have some special topic, we have prepared for you the best Islamic birthday wishes for your dearest persons. Congratulate your mother or father on their special day with these happy birthday wishes.

Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother
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Islamic birthday wishes for father-best birthday messages for dad

What can you tell your father on his special day? Here are some happy birthday wishes you can use:

  • May Allah bless your heart with happiness. You are the dearest person for me. Happy birthday, and many years of life for you dear father.
  • I always say that my father is Allah’s best gifts to me. I thank you for your wisdom and kindness. Happy birthday my father.
  • The Koran teaches us to value our parents. I bow to you my father with deep respect, and wish long life and strong health. Happy Birthday.
  • My father, I thank Allah for you. Today we celebrate your birthday with happiness in our hearts. I wish a long life to you.
  • May Allah protect you, may your faith guide you. My dear father, today we pray and thank God for you. Happy Birthday our beloved father.
  • Today our whole family has come together to congratulate our esteemed father. You are the blessing of Allah for us. We wish you happy days and good health. Happy birthday, father.

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  • My dear father, you always shared with me wisdom and knowledge, you opened for me the Koran and always supported me. Today I want to wish you to remain as wise and strong as you are now. We, your children, thank you and pray for your longevity.
  • Happy birthday, our dear father. Today the whole family gathered for a big holiday. Our father's birthday is an occasion for happiness for all of us. Our prayers are elevated to Allah, and our hearts are grateful to our father. What a blessing to be your children.
  • All of us, your children, are here today to congratulate you our dear father. Your faith and devotion to Allah have always inspired us, your justice and honour have always been an example for us. Today we are happy to congratulate you on your birthday.
  • Our family today is here to congratulate you, dear father. May your dreams come true, let them be strong and let Allah give you many years of life. Happy birthday dear father.
  • I remember how you taught me to be strong and courageous. On your birthday, dear father, we want to wish you success in business, love and health. We pray to God for your happy life.
  • It is so important to have a father who teaches his son to be strong and brave. My dear father on your birthday, I want to thank you. I thank Allah for such a father. Your wisdom has always fascinated me, your power has always been inspiring. I'm grateful to you my closest person, happy birthday.

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Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother
Source: UGC

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  • Your birthday is the happiest day for me. You are the most precious person for me. My dear father, you gave me faith in God, you taught me to distinguish between good and bad, your wisdom always fascinated me. Happy birthday, our beloved father.
  • Happy birthday to you dear father. Another year has passed, today your friends and family are here. We, your children, wish you success and all the best, we thank God for you.

Islamic birthday wishes for mother

Our top birthday wishes list continues with the congratulation variants for another dearest person on their special day. Take a look at these birthday messages:

  • We are so grateful to Allah that he gave us such a wonderful mother. On your birthday our hearts are full of happiness and good wishes. Happy birthday dearest mom.
  • Our childhood was happy, thanks to you, dear mother. May Allah protect you, may he give you strong health and many joyful days. We thank you and wish you happiness.
  • May Allah protect you from adversity, let him protect you from diseases. Dear Mom, we love you and are happy to congratulate you on your birthday.

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  • We always remember your care and love. We are happy that on this wonderful day our whole family came to congratulate you. Your beauty has always inspired us and on your birthday we brought flowers to express your love. We are thankful to Allah for such a wonderful mother.
  • We love you dear mom and thank God for you. On your birthday we wish you long life and good health. Mother is the most important person in our life, therefore we are here today to celebrate your birthday with you.
  • Today, flowers and gifts have filled your home. Our family is so happy to celebrate your birthday, the happiest day for us. Dear Mother, we thank Allah for you and pray for your happiness.
  • You are the most important person for me. You nurtured me and gave me faith. I congratulate you and wish you happiness, today all the family is here to thank you for the love that you gave us. May Allah protect you. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • God blessed us, he gave us such a wonderful mother. On your birthday we are happy to be with you. Your smile is like a ray of sunshine for us. Happy birthday mother, let your life be long and joyful.

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Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother
Source: UGC
  • How can I express my joy today? Today is the birthday of my mother. May Allah bless and protect you. Let there be a reason for joy in every day of your life. My dearest and closest person, happy birthday!
  • I believe that you are the blessing of heaven for us. We love you, and on your birthday we wish you success, good health, and lots of joyful moments. On this holiday, we are so happy to be with you.
  • There is nothing more pleasant to the heart than the smile of the mother. God has blessed us today because today is your birthday. You gave us life, you raised us. Dear mother, we love you and on this day we pray for your longevity.
  • May our dear mother always be beautiful and happy as today. I pray to Allah for you, you have always protected me and cared about me. I wish you long life and happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear mother. We, your children, cannot hold back tears of joy. We remember your faith and care and our hearts are full of love. May God bless you, our prayers are dedicated to your health and happiness.
  • You've always been my friend dear mother. You have always been for me an example of beauty and femininity. It's a blessing to be your daughter. Happy birthday the closest person.

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Those are our Islamic birthday wishes, try them and create your own. Remember that it is important to express your love to the people you love using the right words in the birthday messages and birthday quotes you send them.

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