60 greatest Rod Wave quotes about life, love, pain and friends

60 greatest Rod Wave quotes about life, love, pain and friends

Rodarius Marcell Green, popularly known as Rod Wave, is an American rapper who has become a household name in the music industry. On 1 November 2019, he released his debut album, Ghetto Gospel. Most of his songs have charted on Billboard's top 100 lists, indicating that many fans endear him. As a result, there are several Rod Wave's quotes about life, love, pain and friends from his music that can inspire you.

Rod Wave's quotes
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Rod Wave is an established rapper, singer and songwriter. He was born on 27 August 1999 in ST. Petersburg, Florida, United States. Some of his best songs include Tomorrow, Heart Break Hotel and Bag. Get inspired by reading and sharing Rod Wave's quotes on various life aspects.

Greatest Rod Wave quotes

Rod Wave has gained immense fame worldwide due to his inspiring songs. Check out some of the greatest quotes from Rod Wave that will make you feel inspired and motivated.

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  • If you are looking for someone perfect on earth, you'll never find them.
  • The wider my eyes open, the smaller the world gets.
  • Just cause they couldn't do it doesn't mean you can't.
  • An apology without change is just manipulation.
  • Sometimes it's too late to make amends.
  • You can break something in 2 seconds sh*t gone take forever to fix.
  • The only thing guaranteed is death; the most valuable thing we have is time.
  • Focusing on being better for myself.

Rod Wave's captions for Instagram

Rod Wave's captions on Instagram
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Captions are great when posting on social media, especially on Instagram. Here are some of Rod Wave's captions and quotes you could use for your next Instagram post.

  • Get some money travel see the world you will feel way better.
  • Before it gets better, it's gon to get worse.
  • It takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul.
  • I'm obsessed with becoming a better person and getting my life together.
  • It's like people focus on looking happy more than being happy.
  • First, it hurts. Then, it changes you.
  • God bless the child that can hold his own.
  • The secret to a good life is good days. Start with today.
  • An apology without change is just manipulation.
  • Before you get one win, you gotta take a thousand losses.
  • Yo reality is whatever u focused on.

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Rod Wave's quotes about life

Listening to motivating lyrics while going through difficult times can give you the courage to stand up again and face the world. Check out some of the greatest Rod Wave's lyrics about life that will help you to soldier on.

  • You only live one time. Don't spend it doing something you hate; chase your dream, kid.
  • I feel like I'm in this world alone, but this is the life I chose.
  • I hope you don't think because I got to change, that's what made me change. It's just this life got so strange that I had to switch lanes.
  • Nobody told me the road would be easy. I can't believe I made it this far, my whole life, I've been working so hard.
  • Life is too short to tolerate stuff that doesn't make you happy.
  • What's the point of life if you can't enjoy it?
  • Dreams come true, you gotta chase it.
  • I'm moving on in life, so don't ask me about no old sh*t.

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Rod Wave's quotes about love

Rod Wave's quotes about love
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Love is a sweet feeling, but sometimes it can be frustrating. You can trust and love somebody with all your heart, but they break your heart in return. Here are a few of his love-related quotes.

  • You said you love me, but you are leaving me. I guess love ain't what it seems to be.
  • It's okay to start over. Let someone else love you the right way.
  • I just hate feelings and getting attached. I just hate feelings and dealing with that. Love is a dr*g, and I've been attacked.
  • I give my heart to whoever they take it, and they run. Remember when I first confessed my love and I cried, I remembered when I asked you bout that ni*ga & you lied.
  • If loving me is hard. I apologize.
  • I'm a thousand miles away but look. Tonight you look so pretty.
  • Make every time feel like the first time, out of my presence, but still on my mind.
  • I've been so scared of love, got commitment issues. But somehow, some way, I fell in love with you.
  • I want no more love. I feel it's poison.
  • I've been looking for the right kind of love.

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Rod Wave's quotes about pain

Emotional pain is the worst feeling that a person could ever experience. Rod Wave sings about how life can be ruthless and unforgiving, sometimes causing pain. Take a look at these Rod Wave's quotes about pain.

  • Do I want to deal with the pain that tomorrow brings? I might grab a gun.
  • If you can't feel my pain, dat sh*t wasn't 4 u anyway.
  • I got skills in other things but rich off rapping pain. So much that came with all this fame, but I remain the same.
  • I remember everything, the shine and the struggle. I remember all the pain, all the grind, all the hustle.
  • I've been feeling pain for so long, I done become numb.
  • So much pain built up deep inside. I try to control it, but the anger builds up deep inside.
  • I don't need another broken heart or a sleepless night; God bless guide me, right?
  • Heart has been broken so many times. I don't know what to believe. Mama said it's my fault I wear my heart on my sleeves.

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Rod Wave's motivational quotes

Rod Wave's motivational quotes
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Rod Wave's life and career have come a long way, and he has encountered several setbacks. He has, however, never let challenges stand in his way to success. Here are some of his best motivational quotes you can use for inspiration.

  • Nobody's perfect; just admit you were wrong and get it right this time.
  • My darkest times taught me to shine.
  • Who can you trust in this cold, cold world? Better get a blanket.
  • Let nobody who gave up on their dreams talk you outta yours.
  • Even if that sh*t-eating you up inside, you gotta keep it G and move on.
  • Straight from the bottom, now we way, way up.
  • They turn they back, and they leave you; they gon' be back when they need you.
  • Just because they couldn't do it, it doesn't mean u can't.
  • Even if that sh*t is eating you up inside, you gotta keep it going and move on.

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Rod Wave's quotes about friends

Friends are an integral part of each person's life because, without them, you are lonely. In addition, your close friends are part of your family. You can learn a lot from Rod Wave's quotes on friendship matters.

  • Somehow I kept on all my friends; I came to a conclusion it's not them.
  • And where I'm from, it's an eye for an eye, nothing else (nothing else). Ain't no love, it ain't no help, every man for thyself.
  • Be scared to find out what's what. The ones that let you down be the ones you love so much.
  • We all wasted the best version of ourselves with someone who didn't give a f*ck.
  • Can't make everybody happy. They feel like I'm doing them dirt.
  • Only reason I keep going 'cause I know you n*ggas hate it and my real fans.

Rod Wave has demonstrated that you can succeed no matter what you face in life. Get inspired in your life with any of Rod Wave's quotes above. You can share them with your friends and loved ones so that they can also get inspired to chase their dreams.

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