50+ funny midnight thoughts that don’t make sense in the morning

50+ funny midnight thoughts that don’t make sense in the morning

Midnight thoughts are thoughts that keep you up at night or generally those that do not let you sleep at night. These thoughts often make sense at night; however, in the morning, you realize that they don't, and it is just for you to appreciate them. It is not easy to categorize these thoughts, and they are often more significant unanswerable questions.

Funny late night thoughts
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Midnight thoughts can result from anxiety, excitement, depression, exhaustion and other factors. Here are some funny midnight thoughts that don’t make sense in the morning.

Deep late-night thought

Late night thoughts are often bizarre weird and can question anything about life. However, the best thing about them is that they can make you question everything around you, think deeply, ponder and contemplate them. The following are some of the deep late night thoughts.

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  • Why is it that ‘All together is written separately but ‘separately’ is written all together?
  • Not feeling thirsty after you drink water or hungry when I eat. But why do I feel tired after I sleep?
  • We all have two hands. One hand can perform anything but the other cannot even hold a pencil.
  • What if ageing is a disease and planet earth is quarantined, which is why aliens have never visited us?
  • Imagining the teenage version of your parents; their way of dressing, behaviour, interaction etc.
  • Maybe some of us find it difficult to sleep at night because we are not depressed, tired or maybe excited. It is because we were meant to live on the other side of the planet.
  • It is weird for people to eat different meals for dinner, but it is strange to order the same meal at the restaurant.
  • I'll speak to my lawyer is an adult way of saying, 'I'll tell my mom.
  • In hospitals, the people there are either those with the best day of their life, the worst day of their life, the first day of their life or the last day of their life.
  • Dentists earn their income from treating a bad tooth, and we use the toothpaste they recommend. How is that?
  • People say it was sweet revenge. But has anyone ever tasted it?
  • Isn’t it weird how we say that eyelashes prevent things from entering our eyes, but it is the eyelashes that tickle the eyes most of the time?
  • Your first birthday is your second one because the first one happened the day you were born.

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Funny late night thoughts

Random late night thoughts
Man lying on a bed. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro (modified by author)
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People tend to have funny thoughts at night more than during the day. Some of them will make sense at night, but when you try to think about the same thing in the morning, you wonder why things turn out to be different.

Why do people overthink at night? People overthink due to the brain processing what happened during the day. Here are funny late night thoughts you may find relatable.

  • If we pop a bubble wrap made in China, the air that comes out is from China.
  • The only time the word 'incorrectly isn't spelt incorrectly is when it is spelt incorrectly.
  • What if life is just a hallucination caused by breathing oxygen, and that is why when you stop breathing it, your life ends?
  • According to paranormal experts, if one looks into the mirror at 3:17 am and shout blood Mary 3 times, they will hear their dad shouting "soja bsdk”
  • Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. If you read the name 'Neil A' backwards, it becomes 'Alien."
  • It is easier to sleep on the couch unintentionally but challenging to sleep in bed intentionally.
  • The voice in your head can scream louder, whisper and speak in a normal voice, but it's always at the same volume.
  • When you are being criticized for being short, the worst thing said about you is that there isn't more of you.
  • If watermelons exist, then fire melons, earth melons and air melons should also exist, the elemelons.
  • People get in a car but get on a bus. Why is so?
  • Reading is just staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating.
  • It is funny how everybody remembers what you did when you were young except you. Were you drunk?
  • How do vampires look so tidy if they can't see themselves in the mirror?
  • Why don’t we consider babies 12 months old when they are born since they stay in the womb for 12 months?
  • Do we forget what we look like if we stop posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram?

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Late night thoughts about life

Deep late night thoughts
A man in a white shirt sleeping on a bed. Photo: pexels.com, @ekaterina Bolovtsova (modified by author)
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Late night thoughts can be about events around us, what life would be like in the future and your expectations about life. However, some of the ideas you have may not apply in the morning when you wake up. Do you know any deep late night thoughts about life?

  • Why do people say that life is short and the reality is that the longest thing we will ever experience?
  • What if the air we breathe is a drug that enables us to see a dazed version of the world we live in, but when people take real 'drugs' and trip, they see the real world, which is why they are considered illegal.
  • What do people compare life with when they say ‘life is hard?’
  • Life should have been like a movie with background music to alert me when something is about to happen.
  • Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face for all the mistakes I have committed in life.
  • Sometimes people make mistakes in life. However, mistakes also make people.
  • If we could record dreams, they could be the most remarkable thing on YouTube.
  • What if Adam decided to eat the apple but blamed it on Eve? And that is why men have Adam's apple stuck in their throats because Adam lied.
  • What if there are many souls in your body, but you are the most powerful one, and the voices you hear inside your head are the weaker souls talking to you

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Random late night thoughts

Late night thoughts about life
A woman lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Photo: pexels.com@cottonbro
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Sometimes you can find yourself staring at the ceiling at midnight, wondering about several issues that will probably not make sense when you wake up in the morning. These thoughts are called random or weird thoughts. Why do we have late random thoughts? Sometimes it is to add some spice to our thinking minds.

  • What if we wake up one morning and the sun doesn't rise, and it is all darkness around. What will the world look like?
  • Why do people celebrate Valentine’s day with red roses, red lipsticks, red dresses and everything red? Will it sound odd to use another colour instead of red?
  • The word 'incorrect' is spelt incorrect in a dictionary.
  • How would your handwriting be if you wrote using the less used hand?
  • What happens to poison when it expires? Does it become more poisonous or no longer remain so?
  • Twins are like buy one get one free.
  • Do dentists go to other dentists to have their teeth removed?
  • Why do people say, 'I slept like a baby, and babies wake up now and then?
  • The letter ‘ee' is silent in the word 'bee.'
  • We say noses run, but the reality is that they are fixed in one place
  • Dogs are more intelligent than you because they understand what you say to them, but you don't understand their barks.
  • If you enjoy wasting time, then why should it be a 'wasted time?'
  • The word dictionary is present in a dictionary.
  • Are towels dirty when we wash them? We only use them after cleaning ourselves.

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Midnight thoughts captions

Midnight thoughts captions
A woman in a white sweater lying on a bed. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro (modified by author)
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The following is a list of some of the midnight thought captions you can use for your late-night posts.

  • My dreams, my goals, who the hell are you to say no to follow it
  • Real dreams are those which can’t let you sleep at night.
  • I think that tossing and turning at night should be considered an exercise.
  • I want to sleep, but my brain won't stop talking to itself.
  • Am I the only one who calculates how much sleep I can get before going to bed?
  • I am being kidnapped by a comforter, sheet and pillow. There is no need to call the police because I will be released in the morning.
  • What would life be like without Facebook? Imagine having to phone 428 people every night to let them know I was ready for bed.
  • Treat me like a joke, and I'll leave you like it’s funny.
  • My bed is a magical place where I remember everything I forgot to do during the day.
  • Some people don’t sleep because they have insomnia. I can’t sleep because I have internet connections.
  • Darkness is the vision to see the light.
  • I put my phone in airplane mode, but it is not flying.

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Midnight thoughts can be about anything or anything, depending on the individual's daily activities and experiences in life. They make a person think deeply about the events happening around them. However, they tend not to make sense in the morning compared to how they may make sense during the night.

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