33 major turn-ons for men to help you win over your crush

33 major turn-ons for men to help you win over your crush

Turn-ons may differ from one person to another. However, there are common turn-ons for men you can apply to impress your new crush. You must be wise when finding the right turn-on since it will determine whether you will keep or lose him.

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A crush is that one person who makes your heart skip, butterflies fill your tummy, and your mouth dry. You want to let him know about your feelings, but you are wondering what may turn him on. Worry no more because the following turn-ons for men will help you win him over.

Major things that turn guys on

There is a sea of exciting turn-ons that you can apply to your crush. Usually, it is recommended to start with common turn-ons and then progress to deeper ones as you continue to know each other.

1. Your scent

One of the biggest turn-ons for guys is the smell of a girl. Most of them are attracted to women who have lovely fragrances. If you have that beautiful smell, not only will he be aroused when you are around him, but he will be reminded of you every time he smells something of the sought.

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2. Eye contact

Eye contact deepens human connection. A naughty and flirty stare at him will make his heart race in seconds, and it will be a big turn-on for him. It signals to him that you like him.

3. Wearing a red dress

Visual appeal plays a significant role when it comes to turn-on for guys. There is something special for men with the colour red. Therefore, wearing an appealing colour, particularly red, is vital because it is associated with intimacy, love, and passion.

4. Tease him

Teasing a guy makes him irresistible to your demand. There are several ways you can tease him. For instance, you can walk past him while staring at him with a teasing smile and say 'excuse me' to him, which will turn him on immediately.

5. Skin-to-skin contact

Turn-ons for men
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No big effort is needed for this tactic. A simple touch on a guy's arm can send shivers down his spine or a lingering hug. Skin contact with each other transmits chemical impulses to the brain, which he can't consciously control.

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6. Do something fun together

Having fun together is the most crucial factor in the sense of friendship and commitment and the most significant influence on promoting intimacy. Make your dates enjoyable by engaging in fun activities together. It will make your crush associate you with a good time and always want to spend time with you.

7. Hair

Your hair is a highly sensual asset to a guy, and he will find it attractive and endearing when you mess with it. For instance, you can twist the strands at the side of your face or run your hands through its length to look s*xy.

8. Give him full attention

Men also seek attention. Ensure you give him undivided attention when he is talking to you. It will make him feel notable and boost his ego.

9. Flirt with him

Talking dirty to him over the text is one of the biggest turn-ons for guys. Guys are primarily drawn to girls who flirt because it makes them wish you were his. Anything that hints at the s*xual or makes him imagine something of the sort is what you need to send him and send it late at night.

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10. Doing yoga together

Yoga together serves as a mini-retreat or workshop to strengthen your relationship. It has a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond physical. It is a memorable moment that will turn him on every time he remembers it.

11. Invite him for dinner

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Once in a while, invite him for dinner and cook for him. He will be much attracted to you, and as the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through the stomach will be confirmed. He will feel loved and cared for.

12. Make the first move

Unlike in earlier days when men were expected to make the first move, women now take charge. There is nothing more relieving and attractive to a man than a woman walking up to him and initiating a conversation he has repeatedly been rallying to in his mind. It acts as an excellent turn-on for him.

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13. A smiling and laughing girl

When a guy sees you laughing and smiling, it will make him feel more connected to you. Ensure you either smirk, grin or give him a friendly smile. It leaves him knowing that he lights your world.

14. Give him a kissing whisper

A kissing whisper does wonder in turning him on. Pretend you are telling him a secret in his ears and cup your hands in front of them. Whisper something to him softly, ensuring that your lips touch his ear lobes a few times. It will make him feel helplessly aroused.

15. Maturity

While many ladies may think acting childish and immature to men is 'cute', it is a turn-off. Guys love mature girls, which is a major turn-on for them.

16. Being confident

A s*xually confident girl is an incredible turn-on for any guy. He enjoys getting that energy from you. Getting a chance to date a lady who can dominate and take control in bed is a fantasy that all men wish to have.

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17. Ability to hold deep conversations

Guys are always attracted to intelligent, well-educated ladies who can handle any topic. It will make him want to listen to you more and hence miss your company all the time.

18. Sensual voice

Vocal attractiveness may serve as an essential cue to physical attractiveness. When a lady's voice drops, it immediately attracts the attention of men. It will get more exciting for him when you accompany this voice with a naughty and alluring look.

19. Being kind

Kindness is a tool that you can use to win your crush. Kindness is a trait that most guys look for. Therefore, you should be kind and compassionate, making him feel better around you.

20. Hug him

Common turn-ons
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Wondering what turns men on? Try this tactic, and you will not regret it. Guys love close touch. Therefore ensure you hold the hug longer than you would with a friend. Try to make it s*xy by pressing your body firmly against his, rubbing his back a bit, and opting for arms under his as a chance to snuggle even closer.

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21. Laugh at his jokes

Wondering what turns a man on? Humour is attractive to men and women, even though not in the same way. Ladies like men who make them laugh, while men like it when women laugh at their jokes. Therefore, if he is a funny guy who likes cracking jokes, ensure you laugh at them. It will make him feel you are interested in him.

22. Allow him to take care of you

Men naturally love to take the role of protectors. For instance, if you can't fix a bulb in your house, reach out for his help, and he will be delighted to assist. He will feel that you recognize him in your life.

23. Pay the bill

Men are used to settling the bill by default. Surprise him by paying for it the next time you meet. This shift in roles will make him attracted to you.

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24. Leave an alluring note

This is another unique turn-on for men. Write him a letter with your fantasies, or make a romantic playlist filled with songs to get him in the mood.

25. Make him feel important

Biggest turn-ons
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This is an incredible turn-on for all guys. He wants to feel loved, cherished, and valued. He will feel like you understand and care for him and want to always spend time with you.

26. Bitting your lower lip

Licking or biting your lower lip when staring at his lips is one of the major turn-ons for him. He will find himself having an unconscious urge to kiss you.

27. Sit on his lap

Sitting on his lap is a moderate int*mate situation involving close contact between your body and his. He will receive extra attention from you, which is a major turn-on for him.

28. Close proximity

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Ever found yourself enclosed somewhere with a guy you like? If you find yourself with him, ensure you stand close to his side or behind him and allow him to feel your breath on the back of his neck. It will leave him with nothing to do to resist you.

29. Give him compliments

Give him genuine compliments, and he will be all over you. It will boost his ego and make him feel that he is desired. Complimenting him on his outfit or even congratulating him on a recent thing he did goes a long way.

30. Don't tolerate his bad behaviours

You might fear collecting his bad behaviour, but trust me, men find a woman that cannot stand any trash super s*xy. Let him understand that you love and care for him and find him s*xy, but you won't stand for any bad behaviour on his side.

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31. Wearing provocative lingerie

A s*xy pair of lingerie is like icing on the cake. You need attractive lingerie that turns your crush on to capture his attention. Therefore, adding the spice of a fresh, quirky pair of lingerie is the way to go; that will make it difficult for him to resist.

32. Adventitious b*ob graze

An accidental b*ob graze can happen when you hug a guy, or maybe you are about to fall, and a guy tries to catch you. It will leave him with a great memory that will always turn him on.

33. Subtle physical touch

Touch can intensely transmit a sense of being accepted and cared for. For instance, you can set your hand on top of his thigh or behind his neck when you sit next to him in the car, or you can sit side by side on the sofa, legs crossing one another's.

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Knowing several turn-ons for men increases the chance of winning over your crush. Let him know you are interested; this may be the beginning of your fairytale of happily ever after. Use the above major turn-ons and have fun when you finally fall in love.

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